Best Sewing Classes Madrid Near Me

1. Historias Hiladas Madrid - Arganzuela

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Historias Hiladas Madrid
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Address: C. de Arganda, 14, local izquierda, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM Fri

Business type: Needlework shop

Historias Hiladas Madrid: what do users think?
Diana Elaine Miller
Diana Elaine Miller: Fantastic class! I went with no knowledge of sewing and very quickly grasped the basic understanding. Very small class size makes it easy to ask questions and not feel overwhelmed. Great instructor. She is very skilled and has some lovely examples to see in the workshop. Her prices are more than fair and I will definitely be going quite frequently. 100% recommended.
Response: Thank you!! It was lovely having you here Diana! We are so glad you found in sewing a new way to have fun and make new friends! See you very soon!!!
Wairimu Magdaline
Wairimu Magdaline: Beautiful country
Loreto Martínez Alía
Loreto Martínez Alía: It is the best sewing academy!! Teachers Laura and Karu know a lot about everything, and they are very patient. Thanks to them I have been able to make the most beautiful project a reality: a wedding dress for my best friend, and another for a guest. Totally recommended ♥️
Response: Thank you Loreto!! It has been without a doubt a projection and a super memory for us to see you work on the suit (the suits!) and that you tried on the bride at the academy. Making your friend's outfit in her day is not easy! Congratulations! Nothing can resist you anymore.
Carla G
Carla G: I did the Mara bralette course with Karu from @Studiocostura and I learned a lot! It is the first time that I dared with a lingerie garment and I liked seeing how the piece was constructed. Karu had many options when it came to choosing materials and even helped me step by step with fittings to try and get the size right before cutting the gorgeous stretch lace. You leave the class with your garment ready and on if you want! If you like sewing, have experience using the sewing machine and want to learn something new then this is your course. Thank you Karo!
Response: Thanks to you Carla!! We are very glad that you liked it and we hope that it will be the beginning of many more lingerie items! You'll see how hooked!!! A hug!!
Nerea Jiménez Funcia
Nerea Jiménez Funcia: After having gone to two particular cases to learn how to use a sewing machine (I did not know anything) I can say and I am delighted, with Laura I went to the classes and I decided to make a beautiful Totebag in the course of 4 hours with Karu. Surely the thing does not end here and we continue to see, because it is sooooooooooooooooooo to learn! 🤗
Response: Thank you very much Nera! Both you and your sister are lovely and we hope you have become hooked on sewing!! Thanks for the pictures! It has been perfect for you!!! Be proud that in no time see what you've done!! Lots of kisses for both of you!

2. Tricotosas & Punto - Tetuán

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Tricotosas & Punto
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Address: Pl. de Castilla, 3, 28046 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 620 00 60 33

Business type: Sewing machine store

Tricotosas & Punto: what do users think?
Stylish Brows
Stylish Brows: This is an excellent place if you want to learn how to knit!!😍 I have learned to knit and I am very happy! I live in Miami and I had doubts at first with the Online Course, but the videos are very clear and they explain everything step by step. I had never knitted before and it has helped me a lot in this quarantine, knitting has helped me feel calm during the times we are in right now and happy of learning something new, I’ve done many lovely pieces so far and feeling very proud of myself😃 if you wanna learn how to knit go for it! But do it here because you’ll learn the right way. Overall very pleased with the experience. Thanks for your courses, Greetings from Florida! - -Leslie
Response: Leslie, thank you very much for your comment, your evolution has been very surprising and we are pleased that despite the language you were able to follow the course through the videos successfully. She has been a student eager to learn and has achieved her goal. Congratulations! Any questions do not hesitate to write to us. Sincerely Knitting and Knitting
Gabriela Fdz
Gabriela Fdz: I followed the course online since I live in Denmark and it was a great experience! Super nice teacher and the course contents were easy to learn :)
Response: Thank you very much for your comment Gabriela. Greetings from Madrid
Nuria de Salvador
Nuria de Salvador: It has been an intense course from which I have come back eager to improve. The only thing I regret is being so far away and not being able to continue attending weekly, and more calmly. Otherwise everything perfect. A great atmosphere.
Response: Hello Nuria, it has been a pleasure to share such intense days, we will keep in touch through videos so you can continue learning with the knitting machine. I hope to go to Barcelona soon, I'll let you know in time. Cheers
Inma Barea
Inma Barea: After a week doing the intensive course in the mornings and the card course some afternoons, I can only say that I am delighted and extremely grateful, thanks to Mirtha, she is a super professional with a lot of experience, kind, friendly and a very good teacher. I have learned a lot and it has been a great experience, I will surely repeat, I recommend it 200%. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏🙏🙏
MariaTeresa Granada
MariaTeresa Granada: I recommend this school 100%, Mirtha is a beauty and a very good professional...
Mª JESUS VELASCO GARCIA: The machine is very good and the teacher Mirtha is a charm. Gives very good explanations. Thank you so much for your patience.
Response: Thank you for your comment, we are very happy about your interest in learning and that the explanations have been clear. For any question or doubt, we will be in contact. Sincerely
Isabel Peña
Isabel Peña: I find myself doing the Knitting Course from Chile, being the first time I decided to take a course in this modality I was scared not knowing what to expect, I just wanted to knit and understand my machine, which was super difficult for me because the pandemic issue find someone or seek information on how to use it, for which I am eternally grateful that of course I recommend Tricotosas y Punto 100% they have helped me a lot and their videos are so clear that even a child understands it. Greetings from Chile.
Response: Hello Isabel, I appreciate the trust you had from the beginning and we are pleased to see that each class understood it and put it into practice perfectly, its evolution is very favorable, we will continue with more models and we hope one day you will visit us in Madrid and get to know our school . Sincerely
Mioara Mariana Muresan Ciuciuc
Mioara Mariana Muresan Ciuciuc: I bought the machine without seeing it and without knowing how it works. While I was in the presentation workshop I fell in love with the machine (which is a bomb) and the teacher who is a saint, very professional, very patient and extraordinary. Thank you for clarifying all my doubts and being there. I recommend Tricotosas & Punto.


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Address: C. Imperial, 12, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 913 66 50 34

Business type: Fabric store

TEJIDOS BOBER: what do users think?
Bernardo Kaiser Ruiz Del Olmo
Bernardo Kaiser Ruiz Del Olmo: Ok
Lourdes Ibiricu
Lourdes Ibiricu: If you want to buy a quality lining, not synthetic and in a wide variety of colours, this is your place; For that alone it is worth the visit, although they have other types of fabrics, some unique
David Rubio
David Rubio: Great modern and old fabrics, very nice owners
Teresa Dal Re
Teresa Dal Re: Very good experience. Impeccable customer service. Highlight the skill with which the gentleman cut the piece of cloth that he needed perfectly. What a good professional. The truth.
pilar tevar
pilar tevar: They have many beautiful fabrics at a great price. I always buy there and I always repeat.
Response: Thank you very much''
Julieta Galli
Julieta Galli: Small, very neighborhood, fair fabrics. But highly recommended for interlining. They have all kinds, knitted, raised, other 2 thicker interlinings that are great for tailoring, shirts. Good price
Elvira Ospina Sánchez
Elvira Ospina Sánchez: Good service and better prices in the area. The price difference is considerable compared to other stores: in my case I bought several meters of waterproof fabric at € 11 per mt when in other stores they charged me € 17 for exactly the same. Of the quality of the raincoat that I bought I can only say: unbeatable.
MÍRIAM CANTERA: For many years, I have found specialized material for my profession there. Always well attended and when I have had doubts, I have found help from her. A place of reference
Elo Alvarez
Elo Alvarez: One of the few fabric stores that are left. They guide you very well and have a large assortment. It brings back many memories since as a child I used to come with my mother. thank you so much for your attention

4. IED Madrid - Centro

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108 reviews
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IED Madrid
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Address: Palacio de Altamira, C. de la Flor Alta, 8, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 914 48 04 44

Business type: Art school

IED Madrid: what do users think?
Maicol Herrera
Maicol Herrera: I made in 2018 the master Fashion Management and and I was surprised by the lack of technology and new teaching methodology. In a few words, it was like going back to the fashion school at the beginning of the century, sitting in a chair to listen to theory where the most technological thing they offered was a PDF. For that price I recommend looking for another school!
G D: Studying at IED Madrid was a great experience :) If you are looking for a professional fashion school I would certainly recommend it !!
Cristina Montesinos
Cristina Montesinos: I went here in 2007. In hind sight there are 3 huge red flags. 1-The program was so badly organized the students filed a formal complaint, on a specific class. The teacher dis get laid off but the class was never replaced and she later admitted that she they had insisted that she should teach it as students wouldnt be aware of her lack of knowledge in the subject matter. 2- I am from the US and now several years later I need a transcipt. The told me that they do not keep records of grades and also cant generate transcripts. 3-This is a for profit school. The dont want to educate. They are seeing it as a business
Response: ​Hello Cristina, Your case is being processed and we are currently contacting you through different means in order to find a solution​. However, if you have any other queries you can always get in touch with​​ ​​ and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Kind regards,
Regina Cuadra
Regina Cuadra: For that price I recommend looking for another school
Alberto Ballarin
Alberto Ballarin: Positive: ProfessionalismGreat design school!
TERESA GUZMAN BELLIDO: My experience was not very good… In general, my class was not very happy with the Product Management Master. We had to complain about many problems (disorganization, practices, schedule changes... etc). After COVID, blended classes lost a lot of quality and there was chaos in the organization of classes and schedules. There were no trips nor was there an internship offer. The product master is very focused on purchases and very few people were able to do internships according to what we were studying. The teachers are also not good (many ex-students). I think that for the price it has, which is very expensive, it does not offer quality education nor does it give you job security. They sell you a lot of smoke.
Sofía Cuevas García
Sofía Cuevas García: I enrolled in the Fashion Design degree at IED Madrid last year. Since the start of the course, September 2021 has been a constant disappointment. The management of the center leaves a lot to be desired. To begin with, in my class it was difficult that one day we were 6 people in class, and not because people did not go, since we were only 10 people on the list and they did absolutely nothing to be able to redirect us to other classes. This, apart from the social part, affected the performance of both mine and my classmates, the fact of being only 5 people in class makes you stagnate and do not want to give more of yourself, said by teachers of the center. Absences, regulations that the IED Madrid has which always tell you that it is imposed by the community of Madrid when they imposed it since people previously were absent a lot, that you sprain yourself and take classes online, that they run over you, that they have to operate… ALL are unjustified absences, they do not care exactly what circumstance you are in, they leave you unevaluated. They are only interested in money, I paid for the 2022-2023 course and I realized that I do not want to continue paying 12,000 euros, which for me is a lot to a center with these conditions, when not even 20 days had passed since making the deposit, they told me that they did not return all the money to me, that the tuition (2,500 euros) was kept by them. From a course that starts in September. All this was in June. Charge for something that I have not even studied. of shame Finally, add that a private university, with the money it gets from each student, is not enough to put a cafeteria in the entire center? Really, complete disappointment, I promise that going to the IED Madrid was my dream and in less than a year everything has been dismantled.

5. Arreglos Ropa Madrid - Centro

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99 reviews
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Arreglos Ropa Madrid
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Address: Calle del Olmo, 27, Bajo A, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Business type: Clothing alteration service

Arreglos Ropa Madrid: what do users think?
Christy Chen
Christy Chen: I had a wonderful experience with Mariana, who is professional and friendly and offers her services for amazing prices. She helped me alter this zippered formal dress for a wedding from a US size 4 to size 0 and fixed one of the straps. I am absolutely thrilled with the result! 10/10 recommended and will definitely be coming back for any alteration needs in the future!
Cristina Vélez
Cristina Vélez: Mariana is amazing! I have been working with her for a number of years and I love everything she does! Super professional, quick turn around, bilingual, unbeatable prices and she is so nice! I had a sweatshirt that I have been wanting to get cropped for a long time and I dropped it off and she had it ready for me in 3 days. I love the finished product! Muchas gracias Mariana!
Isabella Skovira
Isabella Skovira: Mariana recently repaired split at the pocket stress-point of a favorite pair of jeans. Not only is the work beautifully done (from the outside you can barely tell there was a repair), but working with Mariana was very pleasant. It was easy to schedule a time to meet with her and her location in Lavapies is easily accessible. Mariana speaks English and Spanish, which made doing business with her very easy for a guiri like me! Her prices are very reasonable for the work that she does. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mariana at Arreglos Ropa Madrid.
Response: Wow, I've read this as a poem. It's such a beautiful review. Thank you very much!
Claire Vittori
Claire Vittori: Mariana did an amazing job altering a bridesmaid dress for me. The turnaround time was so quick and the dress is absolutely perfect! She also speaks English and is very professional. I will be sure to use her services again in the future :)Service: Alterations
Emma Porter
Emma Porter: Mariana repaired and reinforced wear and tear in a bunch of pairs of pants I have, she was quick, affordable, and I’m super happy with the repairs she made! I can wear each pair of pants 2-3 times longer now thanks to her. Highly recommend her services!Services: Alterations, Pants alterations

6. Topaz Bellas Artes y Manualidades - Chamartín

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78 reviews
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Topaz Bellas Artes y Manualidades
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Address: TOPAZ (local), Pl. de Peru, 5, 28016 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:45AM Fri

Telephone: +34 913 59 94 15

Business type: Art supply store

Topaz Bellas Artes y Manualidades: what do users think?
Adel Nagi
Adel Nagi: I would like to thank Javier for his concerns and help to make my art exhibition in Oviedo -Spain complete in display. I contacted Javier from United States to order stretch bars for my canvas, he completed my order in the perfect time and in the perfect measurements. Few words fit for Javier and his business; Very professional, great quality and helpful!!!
James Larcey
James Larcey: Great art shop with a good range of products. Very knowledgeable staff.
Response: Thank you James. Great talking with you.
يوزع كورة
يوزع كورة: happy
Response: Thank you for your review.
belen YESTE PEDREGOSA: I discovered this fine arts company very recently and I am delighted with the materials that are precious and different, they have a lot of variety and very good quality, with very good prices. The entire team is super efficient and attentive to everything you need, especially Javier, who is very helpful and professional, providing you with everything you need. I will continue buying, thank you very much
Response: Thank you very much Belén for your kind review. We strive to try to give a good service. Also in Internet purchases like yours. That is what can make us different from other companies. Best regards.
Eva msc
Eva msc: Hello. I love the store, I have bought several figures to paint, several meninas ... An elephant ... Wooden boxes to "tune" and make boxes for infusions for gifts ... They advise you perfectly in this case Alejandra assisted me, many Thank you!! You are a sweetheart.
Response: Hello Eva. I transfer your congratulations to Alejandra. Thank you. We will continue looking for new figures, boxes and objects to paint and decorate. All the best
Pilar Engelmo
Pilar Engelmo: I have known the headquarters store for years, from the beginning I liked it a lot, they have guided me in everything I have ordered. Both Javier and the girls who are in Topaz are always ready to clarify my doubts. Difficult things have been framed for me and they have come out perfect. I learn a lot when I go shopping, I like it because I always come up with new ideas and new projects.
Response: Thank you very much Pilar. We also learn from you. You always have interesting ideas.
Carlos Martinez Perez
Carlos Martinez Perez: I wanted to redecorate furniture and not only do they have many types of treatments and paints but they also advise you very well. They are very nice and friendly, they know the product they sell and they enjoy their work. They beat me!!
Response: Hi Carlos. We really like the color combination you have chosen. Thank you very much. All the best.
Isabel D.D
Isabel D.D: I have been pleasantly surprised and delighted with the store. They have infinity of materials to do all kinds of jobs, plus there are things made with which gives you ideas of the finishes you can give to your own jobs. But above all I liked it is the treatment received FROM TEN. Greetings.
Borja Goitia
Borja Goitia: I went this morning to buy paints for my daughter, to do pyrography, and they spent 20 minutes explaining how to do it. Step by step,... and with an illusion. I give them a 10. It shows that they control their business a lot and they like what they do..., and they transmit it that way. All the clients with whom I have coincided, have left delighted..., and they will return....., just like me...

7. Máquinas de Coser Mila

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50 reviews
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Máquinas de Coser Mila
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Address: Ronda de la Constitución, 111, 28110 Algete, Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Fri

Telephone: +34 916 28 20 58

Business type: Sewing machine repair service

Máquinas de Coser Mila: what do users think?
José Ramón Lavado Barroso
José Ramón Lavado Barroso: We arrived at the store with no other references than those on the internet and I must confess that they have superior service and attention. I took a machine of American origin, they not only repaired and tuned it up, but they did me the enormous favor of giving me the power adapter so I could use it in Spain. Widely recommended.
Carmen Pereira Pedreira
Carmen Pereira Pedreira: I am very happy with the arrangement of my machine, the store is very welcoming and Mila is charming. Highly recommended. We will buy a dream sewing machine again. Thank you!
Angeles Gomez Aceña
Angeles Gomez Aceña: As I have read in another review, I do not give them more stars because there is no . My sewing machine comes out like new. Mila is charming and creates a select and close atmosphere. Highly recommended 👏👏
M.Nieves Ruiz Hernandez
M.Nieves Ruiz Hernandez: Attention, help and problem-solving capacity 100% Mila is charming, she knows what she is doing. If there were more stars I would give them.
Andrea Pijackova
Andrea Pijackova: Establishment chosen by reviews and I was 100% correct. Owner Mila very nice and helpful. They fixed the machine in 9 days. Thank you very much for everything.
Francisco Martinex
Francisco Martinex: I have known the Mila sewing machine store since its inauguration, I can confirm and confirm that there is no other of its kind in the entire region that can surpass it, I must add the professionalism of that woman Mila, who with education, respect and a lot of affection knows treating its customers, that is why the clientele increases day by day, and now I encourage all those who have not visited it in some time to go and contemplate the beautiful decoration that they have carried out. Well-being is breathed, due to its light, color and peace inside. My sincere congratulations go to you Mila. And good luck on your long walk.
Ana Barrio Díaz
Ana Barrio Díaz: If there were more stars I would give them. I needed an urgent arrangement for a wedding, and I found two wonderful people who helped me without thinking. THANK YOU

8. Estudio Sampere - Spanish Language School in Madrid - Salamanca

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68 reviews
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Estudio Sampere - Spanish Language School in Madrid
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Address: Calle de Don Ramón de la Cruz, 83, 28006 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 914 31 43 66

Business type: Language school

Estudio Sampere - Spanish Language School in Madrid: what do users think?
haifa Alandas
haifa Alandas: Amazing school, very nice teachers and helpful staff. I stared my classes in September with 0 spanish and now I am B2 in spanish going C1 by the end of the month. and a lot of activities, last week we went on bicicleta tour around Madrid
Response: Thank you very much, Haifa! We are very proud of teaching students like you!
Holly Cordray
Holly Cordray: I had a marvelous experience with Estudio Sampere Madrid. Over a month, the program improved my Spanish skills immensely, and I also had the opportunity to explore the city and other regions of Spain. The best part of my time at Estudio Sampere was my host placement: my host was incredibly kind and welcoming, and more than two years later, we still talk almost every day. As a college student, I highly, highly recommend Estudio Sampere Madrid!
Response: Holly, thank you very much for your kind words. We are very pleased and proud to receive reviews like this! Take care and come back soon!
Ananya Tiwari
Ananya Tiwari: I joined the evening classes a couple years ago and these classes definitely helped me get a better understanding of Spanish. I did not really know how to speak Spanish and had just moved to Spain for work. I managed to talk to the people at Studio Sampere and they immediately found me a class to join as soon as possible which was great. The teaching was also very professional and learning with other students made it easier to practise.
Response: Thank you very much, Ananya, for your kind words! :)
Ann Lewis
Ann Lewis: I have twice followed 50+ Spanish courses at Estudio Sampere and was very impressed each time by the quality of the experience. The teaching was of a consistently high standard, excursions were excellent and the arranged accommodation was completely satisfactory. I would strongly recommend Estudio Sampere. They are a small organisation who take personal and supportive care of their students. Ann Lewis
Response: Ann, hello! We are very pleased that you have enjoyed your staying with us and liked your 50+ program. We highly appreciate your review, and will work hard on giving you the same quality of teaching when you come back for the third time! ;)
Karan Bozkurt
Karan Bozkurt: I was diverted to Sampere by a friend of mine who took 6months of Spanish classes with them. I personally took private classes from Aida and Raquel every weekend for about 4months. Also have been in contact with Alicia throughout my course. They all were extremely helpful, very friendly and professional at the same time. Both my teachers had a customized approach for my needs. Very structured teaching method and easy to digest, with enough repetition and practice. Studio manager would also call me once a month to follow up. I had to quit in the middle for personal reasons and I was refunded the remaining course fee with zero hassle. I genuinely think good people are managing and working in this place. Good as in person, and very good in their profession. That’s a rare combination.
Response: Thank you very much, Karan, for your review! It was a pleasure for us to have you as a student. Best regards, and come back soon!
Penelope Harley
Penelope Harley: My son and I have been part of the Estudio SAMPERE family in Madrid for over five years. We have returned for classes many times from London during school holidays. I always love my group classes. Estudio provides superb individual lessons for my son. Estudio is unfailingly helpful and efficient to deal with, including offering advice on travel and accommodation. We have missed the team very much during these last months and really hope we can return soon.
Response: Penelope, thank you very much for your review. We appreciate very much your words, and we are here to teach your son more Spanish! please do come back! :)
Rebecca Powelson
Rebecca Powelson: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, ValueI had an incredible experience at Estudio Sampere. I live in New York City and was fortunate enough to spend a month in Madrid improving my Spanish. The materials were great, instructors were fabulous (especially Ado) and I felt that my language skills really improved. I hope to return another time!
Response: Hello, Rebecca! It is very pleasant to hear from you! Thank you very much for your words. We have some videos where Ado teaches the most common mistakes in Spanish, pleas have a look, and keep improving your Spanish! Take care and we send you besos from Madrid!
Alex Bale
Alex Bale: I’ve been lucky enough to attend an intensive one month course at Estudio Sampere in Madrid about 11 years ago. What can I say? Its been an AMAZING experience, one of the nicest of my life so far. They offered me an accommodation in a very central shared flat, not far from the school, with other international students. The teachers and the staff were super friendly and they provided me with all the exercises books and anything I needed to progress with my learning. The location was stunning: just a few steps away from the gorgeous Parque del Retiro, where I was spending most of my free time between classes. They were also organising extra activities such as day journeys to Valencia, drinks, social moments to share with the other students/teachers, and so on. I already knew some Spanish before starting my course, but I have to say that during those 30 days my language skills boosted in no time, especially pronunciation and new vocabulary. The difference I noticed between the boring traditional university classes and Estudio Sampere was that with them I learnt practical, daily expressions I could use in my daily life. After leaving the school I decided to move from Italy (my home country) to London, where I still use my Spanish every day for work and in my personal life. I’d love to go back to study with Estudio Sampere one day. If I only had the time I used to have 11 years ago.... :) I would definitely recommend Estudio Sampere to everyone who’s in need to learn or to improve their Spanish knowledge!
Response: Alex... Thank you very much for your words! We hope you will come back before another 11 years passed.

9. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía - Arganzuela

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46850 reviews
new review
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía
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Address: C. de Sta. Isabel, 52, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 917 74 10 00

Business type: Store

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía: what do users think?
Michael Viart
Michael Viart: This is the BEST art museum that Madrid has to offer. It is truly exceptional. My wife and I spent about three hours here and still did not get to see it all. You need multiple visits to truly experience everything. One day we will come back to Madrid and finish what we started.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes …More
Irwin Mier
Irwin Mier: One of the most famous art museums in Europe, the Reina Sofia has iconic works of modern art from famous painters such as Dali and Picasso. Guernica even has its own room! Other modern artists have pretty impressive art pieces hanging on the walls of this museum as well. The halls are spacious and the building itself is quite large. It’s a good place to spend a few hours in. There was a long line to buy tickets, so I simply stood outside and opened their website on my phone. I bought my tickets right away and with that, I entered the museum without waiting in that long line. Buy your tickets online if you can.
Paul S
Paul S: I arrived at 10 am and left at 2:00 pm. The museum is enormous so plan on at least three hours to go through it. Magnificent museum in a beautiful building. Both Modern and classical paintings displayed, including Picasso’s “Guernica” in addition, unique exhibitions covering political repression in Latin America and the fight for freedom around the world. Extensive Spanish history rooms, I could of used even more time!
Jen S
Jen S: The best contemporary art museum I’ve been to. It’s ginormous and I couldn’t go through the whole building. The exhibition rooms don’t end. It was confusing navigating the museum. The 2nd floor had the famous paintings from Picasso, Dali and Miro. Was not allowed to take photos of those paintings unfortunately. The temporary exhibits were fantastic too. If you can, come visit more than once. Definitely need multiple visits to absorb the whole gallery.
Detjona Muco
Detjona Muco: Great experience. One of the hugest museums ever been. Be prepared to walk miles through galleries inside the museum. Surrealistic and realistic art galleries. The most important, on Wednesday it had free visiting hours for anyone from 19:00-21:00. No need to pre-reserve online. You just take the free ticket and enjoy the experience.
Adams_coffee: An incredible museum and a must go if you’re in the city. The museum is a bit of a maze but after a few minutes you’ll figure it out. Amazing architecture and of course, Guernica is just a stunning piece of art (and history). Must go.
Anca-Raluca Popescu
Anca-Raluca Popescu: Very interesting museum, I think if you are interested in this kind of art you should take you time and really read about everything and maybe if you have time watch some of the short movies playing. Reminded me of The Centre Pompidou in Paris. You can also see some Picasso and Dali paintings. The entry is free from 19 to 21, but you should definitely take the free ticket online as there are 2 separate lines and the one for the people with tickets is shorter and moves way faster.
Rose: Fantastic artwork, the different rooms are well laid out and wasn’t too crowded at 11am but 2 hours later when I came out, massive queue! I like the fact that they have so many different modern art and the artists are quite varied.

10. TILDE MADRID-Spanish School for Adults - Centro

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48 reviews
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TILDE MADRID-Spanish School for Adults
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Address: Pl. de la Encarnación, 3, 2ºDerecha, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 646 92 92 34

Business type: Language school

TILDE MADRID-Spanish School for Adults: what do users think?
Martina Sahre
Martina Sahre: This is a really great school for learning Spanish! I have been taking classes at this school via Skype, which works really well for me. I have also been at the school for in-person classes and that, too, was a great experience. The teachers at the school are all experienced and really invested in teaching Spanish. The class sizes are adjusted, so that there are enough students to interact, learn and practice, but not too many to be able to teach efficiently. In addition, there are activities to help you practice, such as guided walks through Madrid and morning newspaper discussions; both really helpful ways to apply the knowledge you gained in class. I am really glad I stumbled across this school in a google search a couple of years ago!
Response: Martina, thank you very much for leaving your comment here. We are glad that you continue learning Spanish and enjoying your classes at a distance. It is a pleasure to have you in our Spanish family :)
Dan Hendry
Dan Hendry: Tilde Madrid is an excellent small Spanish school with excellent supportive teachers. I chose them for their location in Madrid, and the medical spanish course which is something quite rare. Every morning I had 4 hours of classes over the course of 5 weekdays and the hours flew by as it was so enjoyable. Discussing the news of the day over a coffee every morning is a great touch, as are the included excursions in some of the afternoons which are of a high quality and adjusted to the level of the students who attend. Very highly recommended!
Response: Thank you very much, Dan. We are glad that you enjoyed the Spanish course. Your visit to our school was a pleasure for us. We hope to see you very soon! A hug

11. Academy don Quijote - Chamberí

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48 reviews
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Academy don Quijote
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Address: C. de Baltasar Gracián, 4, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 913 60 41 33

Business type: Language school

Academy don Quijote: what do users think?
Verena Barusic
Verena Barusic: This school is located in the city center, it is a beautiful building. I was very lucky with my teachers, Paloma and Amanda, we were only three students, so I could improve a lot. The oral classes in the afternoon should be organised in another way. Two levels were mixed (A1/A2). In the afternoon/in the evening/at the weekend the school did not offer any activities. It was very tough to meet other people.
Marche' Maine
Marche' Maine: I withhold my recommendation of this school and advise others to read all the reviews with healthy criticism. My primary complaint with this school is the obvious disregard for your proper placement in a level of Spanish class. I was placed in a class with the majority of students who had a greater capability in speaking Spanish so the professor accommodated that higher level for the other students. I was continuously left behind in understanding and became increasingly frustrated. I became a dead-weight on the other students, that is neither fair nor correct. It is bad a pedagogy. The professors were very nice but failed to provide a preparation list of new words to learn and did not slow down AT ALL to explain context. As others have said, the text book is used very, very quickly if at all. Don Quijote seems just wanting to gouge you for 45€ There is no linear process in the teaching which makes for terrible confusion and frustration. That is not good pedagogy. I was told to wait for after the first day because it is "normal". Also, I was told that if I moved class, I would waste another day taking a test. That is not language instruction, that is test taking. It not normal to waste 1/5 of your experience because Don Quijote failed to do proper placement. When I made mention to the office manager Pedro he attempted to blame me for doing well on the placement test even though I told them I can understand the gist of Spanish but need serious help in speaking Spanish. The conversation class (which is extra € of course) was less conversation but more ask and tell. There were too many people in the class to have successful dialogue skills. Don Quijote seems to be a business scheme, one that works aggressively to sell you a product then fails to deliver properly. I am a retired professional and have experienced quality educational programming and content in my career.
Munira Reed
Munira Reed: This is a wonderful school in a great setting. I have attended for one or two weeks every year for a number of years. The teachers are outstanding, I have found them to be knowledgeable and flexible with different levels of learning. Very patient with all personality types. I especially enjoy the variety of ages and countries of origin I find here.
Response: Thank you very much, Munira!! We're very happy you enjoyed our school!
Mike Baclacian
Mike Baclacian: Very expensive. I made a mistake with my flight, and they did not allow me to make up that day. They do not care about you achieving, they just want your your money. For 13 pages of exercises you will do in their book in one week, they will make you pay 65 Euros for the book. They have no idea about customer service, and the director and the other person under him, who work in the front office, are very rude. They do not want to hear your questions or to be bothered. The teachers want to just take it easy and chat for the class to take up the time. The teachers text on their phone while they tell you to do some exercise in a group. I heard good things about Enforex.
Response: We want to express our sincerest apologies for your experience with us in Madrid, if you have a specific complaint about any of our staff or facilities, we encourage you to write to our department of customer service at They will respond as soon as possible and will work with you to solve any issues that may have occurred. Once again, we are sorry that you did not have the experience you were expecting.
Selena Moore
Selena Moore: I did a course here a few years ago in 2016 and found the teachers keen and excellent. The location is central and I would return again.
Kramer Seinfeld
Kramer Seinfeld: +teachers were great, equipment is alright, the building is fine, well located, free internet -Just two toilets for all students is not enough (I was there at Xmas time when not a lot of students were there. I can imagine during busy summertime it is worst) It is difficult to get in touch with other students that are not in your class because there is no lounge, common room or patio.
Response: Thanks for your feedback Kramer, we will take it into account
YUQI GUO: One of the best spanish schools in madrid for sure!!

12. Fnac - Centro

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34007 reviews
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Address: C. de Preciados, 28, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Business type: Department store

Fnac: what do users think?
Natalie Samake
Natalie Samake: Although the people at the store were generally friendly, we were very disappointed as we wanted to buy a computer they had on sale. They told us they had no more in stock but that they would order them and the computer would guaranteed be available for pickup on Monday. We paid the full amount and trusted that we could come back for it two days later. On Monday we returned in the late morning and were told that the computer was not available and would not be in time for us to pick it up before continuing our travels. Had we known that, we could have found other computers during our weekend as this was a weekend of sales and now we feel we missed out and had to settle for a computer that was more expensive. Not what I expected from fnac.
Digital Redesign
Digital Redesign: love the diversity and variety of products, from books to electronics, to kids toys . Great place to choose a birthday or Christmas present.
Response: Thank you Digital Redesign! Your review is very important to us. See you soon at Fnac Callao. Remember that you have all the culture and technology available 24 hours a day at Regards!
Mike Slovak
Mike Slovak: Really cool layout. There is about 3-5 levels that all go towards different things. One level was all music and then the next was books, etc. Prices are fair as well
Response: Cool! Mike Slovak thank you for your review. We hope to see you again soon at Fnac Callao.
Mira: Nice store full of gadgets. I wanted to buy new laptop but all keyboards were with spanish letters and none in store with international one which was disappointment.
Response: Thanks Mina! Your review is very important to us. See you soon at Fnac Callao. Remember that you have all the culture and technology available 24 hours a day at Cheers!
Jack Ceballos
Jack Ceballos: Amazing place !!! Sound, play games,tech, music.... Is a perfect store
Response: Thank you very much Jack Ceballos! We are very happy that you enjoyed your experience at Fnac Callao! At Fnac we share with you the passion for culture and technology. Regards!
Sardar Wasi Uddin Al Ahmed
Sardar Wasi Uddin Al Ahmed: Fnac is a big departmental shop located at C. de Preciados, 28, 28013 Madrid which is the center of Madrid city. The shop is 5 floors like one floor is for electronics and gaming items, another floor is for Books etc. The only problem is nobody speaks in English here! So you have to ask them in Spanish if you want any help! A bit challenging for a tourist 😀😀
Response: Thank you Sardar Wasi Uddin Al Ahmed! Your review is very important to us. See you soon at Fnac Callao. Remember that you have all the culture and technology available 24 hours a day at Cheers!
Mark Edward Cooper
Mark Edward Cooper: Fantastic for books and stationary. A bit crowded but I guess it was Saturday 6 weeks prior yo Christmas!
Response: Thank you very much Mark Edward Cooper! We are very happy that you enjoyed your experience at Fnac Callao! At Fnac we share with you the passion for culture and technology. Cheers!

13. Walmart - Centro

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17 reviews
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Address: Calle Ote 6 No. 1156 Colonia Centro, Mexico

Telephone: +52 800 000 0096

Business type: Department store

Walmart: what do users think?
Vivian Montaño
Vivian Montaño: This place does not exist!! There are no Walmart stores in Spain.
Pol cornudella castro
Pol cornudella castro: Amazing convenience store! Everything you need!
Carlis Rejon
Carlis Rejon: Fake news
Hermann Fegelein
Hermann Fegelein: Love it!
Mai Daniel
Mai Daniel: Fake
MiMi Hill
MiMi Hill: Doesn’t exist!!!!!!
Shushy: There is not yet, but I would like them to open the Walmart store in and around Madrid when they have the opportunity
Nature First (Outdoor & Survival)
Nature First (Outdoor & Survival): There is no Walmart!!! No Walmart!!!
Cristian: Fraud

14. Fnac - Arganzuela

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5479 reviews
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Address: C. C. Plaza Río, C. de Antonio López, 109, 28026 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Business type: Department store

Fnac: what do users think?
Zen Uru
Zen Uru: Absolutely must visit for nerds. It has everything starting from manga, comics to PC games and posters. However mostly everything is in Spanish.
Response: Thank you very much Gabriel Uru for visiting Fnac Madrid Rio). We are glad that you had a good experience and we hope to see you soon. We remind you that you have the entire Fnac universe: books, technology, gaming, home, music, movies and much more at your fingertips 24 hours a day at
Margaret Tipton
Margaret Tipton: The staff was helpful, but took awhile to find someone to actually help me initially. Once I found someone, they were very attentive and honest with me in regards as to which product to buy when looking for a new phone.
Anna S
Anna S: Small store with a good selection of books, music,and games.
Response: Thank you very much, Anna S, for your review! We hope to see you again soon at our Fnac Madrid Rio store. Greetings!
Rawandee: Lacks organization, many products/shelves missing price tag. Did not find any service or answers. Variety of products and brands.
Response: Hello Rawandee! Thank you for your feedback. We hope to see you again soon at Fnac Madrid Rio and continue improving your experience. Greetings!
Denise Hrastel
Denise Hrastel: Fnac Barcelona Arena - Big store with good products
Response: Denise Hrastel thank you for your review. We hope to see you again soon at Fnac Madrid Rio.
Abdou Elsafi
Abdou Elsafi: I traviling around morocco and spain i like discoviring places and sharing photography metting ...

Madrid is a great place to learn the art of sewing. With a variety of sewing workshops available, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sewer, you can find a workshop that suits your needs. From basic sewing techniques to more advanced projects, you can find a workshop that will help you hone your skills. With experienced instructors and a supportive atmosphere, you can learn the basics of sewing and create beautiful garments. With a sewing workshop in Madrid, you can learn the skills you need to make your own clothes and accessories.

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