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Address: Yoofit Boutique Gym Experience, Estación de Chamartín, s/n, 28036 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 11PM ⋅ Opens 6PM Fri

Telephone: +34 656 96 28 41

Business type: Guitar instructor

Laura T
Laura T: Amelia is a wonderful teacher. With her passion for flamenco and teaching, she gets her students to give the best of themselves every day, in intense and at the same time very fun classes. Classes that are completed with guitar, percussion and live singing, from the first level, motivating and giving meaning to what has been learned. Finding her has been a true gift. Unbeatable.
Response: Thank you so much Laura!!! With students like you it's very easy ❤️
Mateo Gonzalez
Mateo Gonzalez: Amelia is for me one of the best (if not the best) teachers on the current flamenco scene. His classes are very entertaining and varied in which you learn from the origin of each flamenco style, to use the bully, the fan and even the bata de cola!! His choreographies are spectacular. A real luxury to be able to take classes with her..., and if we add that these classes are also accompanied by singing and the guitar of the incomparable José Arenas, each class is a spectacle!! Super recommended.
Response: Thank you very much Sandra It is a pleasure to have you in our classes!!!
Rachel A-R
Rachel A-R: She is the best flamenco teacher of all, with whom I have been A great person and a much better teacher of the art of flamenco, he has infinite patience and takes care of everyone and each one of his students, with total personal dedication. It is a GREAT LUXURY also to have in the classes, to the great MAESTRO of the guitar JOSE ARENAS, and his singers CHALECO, MAYTE.. Every day I learn something new from all that GREAT KNOWLEDGE that they teach you. It is indisputable that his classes are short. THANK YOU FOR TEACHING ME SO MUCH
Response: Thank you for walking through the door of my class... Happy to have you in our little family
Pilar Escamilla de Tu Casa de Español
Pilar Escamilla de Tu Casa de Español: Taking classes with Amelia marked a before and after in my work with flamenco, I greatly improved my body silhouette, which for me is very important in women, in addition to working with the beat and the meaning of each flamenco style. I love the classes because every minute is taken advantage of and together with guitar and cante you learn a lot. She is very professional and obviously with a lot of art, but above all very close and knows how to get out of us what we ourselves do not believe we are capable of. 😍😍😍
Response: Thanks Pilar !!! We are all capable and you show it with your progress
Cristina Martínez
Cristina Martínez: Excellent professional and teacher! I had not been dancing for several years when I signed up for her classes. In a very short time I regained my level and learned new things, with Amelia I discovered that flamenco is not what I believed, but much more! And she is able to pass it on to students as very few teachers do. I totally recommend it !! After each class you leave with a sensation in the body of having taken advantage of time and having learned something new If you have the possibility of going to see her act, do not hesitate to do so!
Response: Thank you very much It is a pleasure to lead a class with students like you.
Pepa De Los Mares
Pepa De Los Mares: Flamenco classes with a teacher who not only dances very well but is also very didactic, she has been on stage and teaching for many years and knows how to adapt very well to all kinds of students and levels, a real pleasure to learn with Amelia Vega. And the place is great, large, clean facilities with a very nice staff.
Response: Thank you very much Pepa !!! It was a pleasure having you in class
Juan Ramon Campo
Juan Ramon Campo: Amelia Vega is the flamenco teacher with capital letters. It is a luxury to learn by his side and dance accompanied by guitar and singing. Being able to dance right now in your classroom with all the security measures is priceless. Well, it does and it certainly makes up for it :)
Response: Thanks Juan Ramon ... Our pleasure is to have you in class !!!!
Carolina Lo Go
Carolina Lo Go: Amelia is an excellent teacher. It corrects you and encourages you to continue. Her classes hook and she is a full-blown curranta. You do not get bored. That if ... is demanding and always asks you to go further. Whether you want to attend their classes informally or professionally, you will always find a time to dance and disconnect from the daily stress.


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Address: C. del Marqués de Cubas, 25, local, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +34 918 44 80 80

Business type: Flamenco school

Guillermo Marín Hdez
Guillermo Marín Hdez: One of the best flamenco schools in all of MADRID. They have a very good teaching staff, the attention is to feel at home from both the management and the teaching staff and reception. It is a school that never disappoints, with very complete classes. Without a doubt, a wise choice always.
B M: I have done the summer course in this school. from July 4 to 10. During the week we have had Carmela Greco and Juan Andrés Maya as teachers and we have learned a lot and very well. The musicians are also great and the school is very clean and nice. The weekend with Antonio Canales has left a lot to be desired. He changed our schedules but he has not respected them, he has been tremendously unpleasant with the initiation students and he has not arrived on time. He has been disrespectful with comments and a generally quite despotic attitude. A pity because being the last day leaves a bad memory of the course. The school, however, has reacted very well and has offered us reimbursement for these hours with this "teacher" (to call him in some way). It has also given us the possibility of going to another master class without having to pay the difference. Overall great experience. Everything has been positive except for Antonio Canales whom I would not recommend at all and I would not go to see his shows either because art without respect ceases to be art. There are too many artists to go see and trust to waste our time and money. Thanks to the school, my friends and the teachers and musicians. The good always remains and is what you have to stay with.
Romina Aguilera
Romina Aguilera: We went on Saturday for flamenco and the attention was excellent with a pretty good flamenco show. We had a good afternoon. Very rigorous with sanitary measures. In the room there is space for a maximum of approx. 20 people, not including staff. (The bailaor one pass)
asuncion1971 contoneo
asuncion1971 contoneo: Delighted and amazed both with my classmates and with the school teachers and if they get the singing classes for the coming course, complete happiness. Congratulations. And what can I say about Susana, who always has a solution to any problem and my Carmela, the greatest
Amor Lucena Medina
Amor Lucena Medina: A unique center with committed teachers who create a fantastic harmony in the classes and who are the key piece of this school. In addition, they offer classes with live music, so important to understand and enjoy learning flamenco. I recommend it!
Cristina Rivas Vos
Cristina Rivas Vos: Totally recommended! Great school, with great professionals and with a super close treatment. I go to flamenco classes where we learn and have fun thanks to the professionals who are there, capable of adapting to each of our needs.

3. Escuela de Guitarra Flamenca Fernando Mejías - Centro

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Escuela de Guitarra Flamenca Fernando Mejías
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Address: Del Mercado De Anton Martin, C. de Sta. Isabel, 5, 1ª planta, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Fri

Telephone: +34 913 32 97 45

Business type: Music school

4. School of Flamenco and Spanish Dance Isabel Quintero - Centro

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15 reviews
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School of Flamenco and Spanish Dance Isabel Quintero
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Address: C. de la Libertad, 7, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Telephone: +34 676 00 92 78

Business type: Dance school

School of Flamenco and Spanish Dance Isabel Quintero: what do users think?
Gloria Gómez Muñoz
Gloria Gómez Muñoz: Magnificent school to learn and dance flamenco. Isabel and Asunción Quintero are very good teachers so they enjoy each class a lot.
Clara Rodriguez
Clara Rodriguez: Incredible academy to learn to dance flamenco. Asun the teacher is always available to help us learn and each class is special. Totally recommended!
Estefanía Ramírez Espinosa
Estefanía Ramírez Espinosa: The best school to learn to dance flamenco and Spanish dance, the classes with Asun are wonderful.

5. ARS Escuela de Música y Danza - Latina

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23 reviews
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ARS Escuela de Música y Danza
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Address: C. de Navas del Rey, 7, 28011 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed

Telephone: +34 642 07 72 72

Business type: Guitar instructor

ARS Escuela de Música y Danza: what do users think?
Vanessa: Very good teachers, excellent academy directors. The camps are always different and wonderful for children and they try very hard to make sure their dancers are okay. I was there for a long time and I have returned because it is like a second home.
Hugo Encinas
Hugo Encinas: Very good instructors and very friendly environment
Jesus Arconada
Jesus Arconada: Phenomenal !!! strict protocol of covid_19 (I am a sanitary assistant), excellent professionals, exquisite treatment, personalized attention, the best option to exercise your body with an artistic discipline or practice your favorite musical instrument and have a pleasant and fun time in a safe environment. I recommend it. A success.
Response: Thank you very much, Jesus! Words like yours encourage us to continue offering the best of ourselves in these uncertain times 🙏.
Jesús Fernando Arconada LLinás
Jesús Fernando Arconada LLinás: PHENOMENAL !!, I have been a month and a half and I am crazy with happiness!, The teachers are very good, the professional classes but at the same time pleasant and human, nothing to do with bad faces or bad gestures, I came for the ballet and I am currently very hooked! !, the teacher (Dalia) 5 stars (because there are not 12), they make you love art, a multitude of disciplines ... simply if you have never practiced or want to try a new place I recommend it, without a doubt, a success! !
Response: Thank you very much Jesus! We only do our job in the only way we know how, with passion and dedication 😊💪.
Marta Blanco
Marta Blanco: The ballet and pilates classes are wonderful. Professor Dalia is magnificent. And the lovely school hosts
Response: I think we all agree on how wonderful Dalia is 😍. Thank you very much, Marta, from the whole team!
Jonathan Oliver
Jonathan Oliver: Fantastic academy of music and dance !!! Great atmosphere and super professional and attentive teachers. 100% recommended academy, with multiple disciplines
Levin Ocaña
Levin Ocaña: A great school to learn music, dance, theater ... my children and we are all delighted with the professional level and an unbeatable human cast ... thanks Ars for making our neighborhood a better and more artistic place ...
Nati Ra
Nati Ra: Organization is terrible. They came at the appointed time, they were being repaired, although the administrator could have called to inform about the changes. I do not recommend. Irresponsible.
Response: Dear Natalie, we are sorry that your experience was not as good as we would like. We are a neighborhood family school and the satisfaction of our students is the most important thing. Due to local problems we had to close for a few days in September and we notified all the students of the incident. Unfortunately, it is possible that you did not receive the notification as you have not been registered yet and we do not have you in the database. For trial classes, we always recommend that you confirm your attendance a few days in advance, especially in these times. Again, we are very sorry that you could not try the class that day and we will double our efforts so that coming to our school is always a positive experience, as our 30-year history and thousands of students demonstrate. Sincerely.

6. Anthony Ocaña: Clases de Guitarra - Centro

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5 reviews
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Anthony Ocaña: Clases de Guitarra
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Address: C. de Calatrava, 7, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Fri

Telephone: +34 650 92 23 20

Business type: Guitar instructor

Anthony Ocaña: Clases de Guitarra: what do users think?
Gabriela Pieschacón
Gabriela Pieschacón: A magnificent teacher, he has a very practical and dynamic teaching method.
Agostino Paredes
Agostino Paredes: I love your classes!

7. Spanish Flamenco Guitar Society - Salamanca

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13 reviews
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Spanish Flamenco Guitar Society
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Address: 28028 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +34 656 53 21 59

Business type: Flamenco school

Spanish Flamenco Guitar Society: what do users think?
André Vallendar
André Vallendar: I am following 10 classes offered by SFGS. Currently I am in my fifth class and I have to say it is just brilliant. Communication is really easy via Skype and the content which gets covered in the lessons is ultimately also send to you so you do not forget anything and you can always look it back up. My teacher is Jose and he is doing an excellent job of conveying the idea of Flamenco music. I am a novice so he also adapts the lessons to my level. He makes the lessons very enjoyable and he has a very friendly nature. Jose is a real professional. Keep up the great work!
Antoine Leclair
Antoine Leclair: This flamenco guitar school is super nice. I have my lessons by Skype with José and I visited Madrid for lessons in person a few times. José is a professional guitarist and really knows his trade. He is also the author of a few books. If you want to learn flamenco guitar, this is the school.
Simon Andrade
Simon Andrade: I have been having lessons with Jose for nearly a year as a part of the Diploma. They have been extremely enjoyable and my playing has changed dramatically. I feel that I understand flamenco guitar much more now and I look forward to continuing my lessons. Jose is an excellent and very conscientious teacher. He is also very patient! The Skype online lessons work very well, almost as if he is in the room with me. Simon Andrade. Australia
Takis Kordonouris
Takis Kordonouris: I have been having online guitar flamenco lessons with Jose Deluna the past year and the experience is fantastic! Jose is a great teacher and an exceptional flamenco guitar player! I strongly recommend him as a teacher!
Thangmo Andria Dopp
Thangmo Andria Dopp: José is amazing! He is fluent in English, although I do find joy in being able to practice with him in Spanish. We practice more contemporary and traditional exercises which makes the lessons fun and authentic. His method encourages you to feel the music and train the ear which is an approach that honours the richness and emotion behind Flamenco music. Learning via Skype makes the lessons accessible from your own home so if I want to keep practicing after I can! He always sends me some whatsapp videos of our exercises as a follow up and is always available at a click away if I have any questions. Muchas gracias José, nos vemos este miércoles!
giovanni de rosa
giovanni de rosa: Hi I been take flamenco lessons over 1 year with Jose de luna he is really a good teacher and a cool guy I been learn so much I really recommend this school if u want understand flamenco from a real Spanish teacher!
Gary Barber
Gary Barber: The courses are highly instructive and well structured to suit the needs of the novice and the more advanced players.. Jose, as well as being a player of the highest standard has a relaxed and enjoyable way of passing on the information in the traditional way. Overall 10/10 highly recommended. Many thanks Jose.
Mehmet Erkan
Mehmet Erkan: I strongly recommend Jose to the people who really want to understand the fundamentals of flamenco(rhythm, harmony, technic etc.). Clear curriculum and as well professional guidance for all above areas.

8. Scenia Sanchinarro School of Dance and Music - Hortaleza

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59 reviews
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Scenia Sanchinarro School of Dance and Music
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Address: Calle Isabel Clara Eugenia esq, C. del Alcalde Redondo Aceña, 28050 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM Fri

Telephone: +34 685 86 70 04

Business type: Guitar instructor

Scenia Sanchinarro School of Dance and Music: what do users think?
María del Carmen Antón Berenguer
María del Carmen Antón Berenguer: Decidimos ir a la academia Scenia para que nos enseñaran una coreografía para la canción con la que queríamos hacer nuestro primer baile y fue todo un acierto!. Eva creo que coreografía muy vistosa que tenía en cuenta todos los cambios de ritmo y momentos de nuestra canción y que fue capaz de enseñarnos en solo 3 clases, permitiéndonos dedicar la 4 a pulir los detalles y perfeccionar el baile. Además la experiencia fue super recomendable, ya que es una persona super cercana, que se adaptó a todas nuestras necesidades y horarios. Nuestros invitados se sorprendieron mucho, sobre todo porque nunca antes habían visto a mi pareja bailar. Muchas gracias Eva! We decided to go to the Scenia academy so they could teach us a choreography for the song we wanted to do our first dance with and it was a success! I think Eva had a very showy choreography that took into account all the changes in rhythm and moments of our song and that she was able to teach us in only 3 classes, allowing us to dedicate the 4th to polishing the details and perfecting the dance. In addition, the experience was highly recommended, since he is a super close person, who adapted to all our needs and schedules. Our guests were very surprised, especially since they had never seen my partner dance before. Thank you very much Eve!
Alba: Eva hizo que nuestro baile de boda fuera todo un éxito, los invitados se emocionaron mucho. Los dos somos bastante malos para el baile pero Eva nos preparó una coreografía a medida y en 3 clases teníamos el baile preparado. Muy muy recomendable! Eva made our wedding dance a success, the guests were very excited. We are both quite bad at dancing but Eva prepared a custom choreography for us and in 3 classes we had the dance ready. Very highly recommended!
Cristina Guinea
Cristina Guinea: Todo un acierto preparar el baile de nuestra boda con Eva!! Fue genial, desde el principio nos preguntó qué queríamos hacer, las canciones que queríamos bailar, etc. Se adapta a la perfección a los gustos y al nivel de cada uno! Y lo mejor de todo es que lo disfrutamos un montón!! Siempre recordaremos las clases con un cariño especial y el resultado final fue increíble!! :):) en resumen, gran profesionalidad y cercanía, te sientes cómodo aunque el baile no sea lo tuyo!! Muchísimas gracias Eva!! Ignacio y Cristina A success preparing the dance of our wedding with Eva! It was great, from the beginning he asked us what we wanted to do, the songs we wanted to dance to, etc. It adapts perfectly to the tastes and level of each one! And best of all, we enjoyed it a lot! We will always remember the classes with a special affection and the final result was incredible! :):) in short, great professionalism and closeness, you feel comfortable even if dancing is not your thing!! Thank you very much Eve!! Ignatius and Christina
S A: Preparamos el baile de nuestra boda con Scenia y fue todo un acierto. La profesora Eva te prepara desde cero, y en pocas clases consigues tener controlada la coreografía y sentirte bien bailando. Lo hace sencillo y acorde a los gustos y personalidad de la pareja. Sin duda lo recomiendo a futuros novios que quieran preparar un baile para un día tan especial. El nuestro salió genial, gracias Eva :) Sergio y Laura. We prepared our wedding dance with Scenia and it was a success. Teacher Eva prepares you from scratch, and in a few classes you manage to control the choreography and feel good dancing. It makes it simple and according to the tastes and personality of the couple. I definitely recommend it to future couples who want to prepare a dance for such a special day. Ours turned out great, thanks Eva :) Sergio and Laura.
Juan Ba
Juan Ba: Hemos estado preparando un baile exprés durante 3 sesiones para nuestra boda y Eva ha conseguido lo que parecía imposible, sacando lo mejor de nosotros y adaptándose en el baile a nuestras aptitudes. Ha sido un aprendizaje muy fácil y sobre todo muy ameno y divertido. Muchas gracias. Juan y Pilar. We have been preparing an express dance for 3 sessions for our wedding and Eva has achieved what seemed impossible, bringing out the best in us and adapting to our skills in the dance. It has been a very easy learning and above all very enjoyable and fun. Thank you very much. John and Pilar.
Marta Tapitxu
Marta Tapitxu: Si las cuentas no me fallan mi hija mayoe lleva ya 8 años en esta academia...y otros tantos la pequeña. Su profesionalidad, su trato, su esfuerzo, su constancia son tales que jamás me plantearía cambiarlas a otro lugar. Es danza y son valores. Y es una sensación para mí, como madre, única. Nunca cambiéis, aunque os dejéis la piel en cada segundo. Gracias de corazón. If the accounts do not fail me, my oldest daughter has already been in this academy for 8 years...and the little one for as many. Their professionalism, their treatment, their effort, their perseverance are such that I would never consider changing them to another place. It is dance and they are values. And it is a unique feeling for me, as a mother. Never change, even if you leave your skin every second. Thanks from my heart.
Eva Martín
Eva Martín: Hicimos con Eva la coreografía para nuestro baile de boda y quedó estupenda! Además, las clases fueron muy amenas y lo disfrutamos mucho. Lo recomiendo! We did the choreography for our wedding dance with Eva and it was great! In addition, the classes were very enjoyable and we enjoyed it a lot. I recommend it!
Jorge García Aguejas
Jorge García Aguejas: Hace dos meses y medio, nos apuntamos mi novia y yo para practicar un baile para nuestra boda. Eva nos aconsejó algo acorde a nuestro nivel, guiándonos durante 4 clases en la que disfrutamos un montón, para luego compartir con nuestros invitados el momento del baile. Bonita experiencia, clases amenas y una gran profesora. Two and a half months ago, my girlfriend and I signed up to practice a dance for our wedding. Eva advised us something according to our level, guiding us through 4 classes in which we enjoyed a lot, and then sharing the moment of the dance with our guests. Nice experience, enjoyable classes and a great teacher.
Maria Garcia Herrero
Maria Garcia Herrero: Gran profesionalidad y flexibilidad para adaptarse a cualquier horario, necesitad y nivel. Muy buen rollo desde el principio que hizo que aprendiéramos la coreografía para nuestra boda sin darnos cuenta, disfrutando, pasándolo bien tanto que finalmente acabamos haciendo mucho más de lo que pensábamos al principio. la gente en nuestra boda alucinó con el baile!!! Muy muy recomendable sin duda alguna! María & Antonio Great professionalism and flexibility to adapt to any schedule, need and level. Very good vibes from the beginning that made us learn the choreography for our wedding without realizing it, enjoying ourselves, having so much fun that we finally ended up doing much more than we thought at first. the people at our wedding were amazed with the dance!!! Very highly recommended without a doubt! Mary & Anthony

9. La Escuela de Canal - Chamberí

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37 reviews
new review
La Escuela de Canal
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Address: Gta. del Gral. Álvarez de Castro, 1, 28010 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed

Telephone: +34 914 38 44 79

Business type: Guitar instructor

La Escuela de Canal: what do users think?
Sergio González
Sergio González: Excellent teachers
Jesus Vallejo
Jesus Vallejo: A wonderful school. My daughters are delighted, they teach them to love music from the first moment, with games and laughter. Super recommended!!
Hugo Encinas
Hugo Encinas: Fantastic! The best place for my son to develop his talent in music and improve in general. It is a privilege to be here!
Elena Peña Riquelme
Elena Peña Riquelme: The whole family has been going to different classes for years and all the teachers are great, they teach very well and are charming.
Maribel Duro
Maribel Duro: Very cool music group for babies and children! And teacher Susana is a love!
Daniel Mayor
Daniel Mayor: Neighborhood music school with very good teachers that adapt to your level of learning. The pedagogical method seems very good to me and they worry a lot that you can recover classes that you have not been able to give. A luxury to have met you.
Marta Esmorís
Marta Esmorís: Dance school (and music) 100% recommended. The flamenco classes are very entertaining and the teacher is wonderful with patience, enthusiasm, and above all a lot of art.
Response: Thank you very much for your comment Marta !! Greetings and have a good summer!!
Lorena Maqueda
Lorena Maqueda: A first class attention, facilities and great equipment. The attentive, close and patient teachers. I recommend it 100% for both children and adults.
José Javier Sevilla Mayoral
José Javier Sevilla Mayoral: I love the passion that the teachers show and I have discovered that any age is good to learn music and enjoy it (and they do concerts on top of that).
Isabel De Jesus Lozano
Isabel De Jesus Lozano: Friendly, professional team; what a good atmosphere! Looking forward to the next class!!

10. Escuela de Guitarra de Madrid - Clases de guitarra en Madrid - Centro

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50 reviews
new review
Escuela de Guitarra de Madrid - Clases de guitarra en Madrid
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Address: C. del Caballero de Gracia, 2, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 688 40 73 02

Business type: Guitar instructor

Escuela de Guitarra de Madrid - Clases de guitarra en Madrid: what do users think?
Santiago Redondo
Santiago Redondo: Escuela de Guitarra de Madrid is the best place to learn how to play de guitar in Madrid and even in Spain I would say. Matthieu is an excellent guitar teacher. He enjoys teaching and seeing how his students improve. He is also very creative and is constantly developing new learning methods, innovative workshops, activities and focused learning lessons on especific matters that help you progress on your guitar learning. His classes are very entertaining with a mix of self and shared practice with the rest of the class. You will have a lot of fun while playing with other students. If you would like to learn how to play the guitar in a dynamic fast-pace environment while having fun and learning the basics along the way Escuela de Guitarra de Madrid is top-notch, best-in-class guitar academy.
Response: Thank you very much Santiago! It is always a pleasure to have you in class and see you progress each week.
Miguel Mena
Miguel Mena: Perfect school to learn to play or evolve and improve the guitar level whatever your style. I had been to other schools before but had failed to learn or find the motivation. Matthieu is involved in teaching each of us to achieve our goals and challenges us continuously seeking continuous improvement. In class you are with people of different levels that makes you feed back and motivate yourself by listening to others. There are a lot of additional activities that the school organizes: student concerts, guitar jam sessions, outings with students to rooms, guitar weekends, ... In short, in my opinion it is the perfect school, I have managed to learn to play the guitar and evolve in each class in just 9 months.
Response: Thank you Miguel, like Leticia, having gone up in front of more than 200 people, after barely 3 months starting from scratch, to play Every Breath You Take with professional drummer and bassist, shows that when you remove the barriers that we all we put, everything is possible :). Now that you're 1 year old, it's going to seem even "easier" for you to play No Puedo Vivir sin Ti at the next school concert :).
Alex Prellezo
Alex Prellezo: A year ago I signed up for the Madrid Guitar School to try, and my expectations have been far exceeded. The classes are enjoyable, the teaching of quality and the teacher adapts the objectives of each student. In addition, he knows how to motivate you to reach your goals whatever they may be. Outside of classes, you do not stop learning. There are always free complementary activities such as jams, music appreciation sessions, and even concerts organized by the school so that the students get on stage regardless of our level. For me it is not just a guitar school, it is a meeting place to share the passion for music with other people, not to say friends by now.
Response: Thanks Alex, the logical consequence of your effort and your perseverance with practice is that today when people see you play they cannot believe that you have only been 15 months. Keep it up :)
Blanca Arregui
Blanca Arregui: The Guitar School of Madrid is essential for all those who have always wanted to learn to play the guitar. You learn a lot already from the first month. Matthieu is an excellent teacher, and it shows that he is also a coach, because he teaches you according to the objectives that you have set for yourself ... and you meet them sooner than you can imagine.
Renata Turino
Renata Turino: I started classes at the Guitar School with Matthieu in October/2017 and, despite never having played before, today I already have skills that I did not expect to have in just 7 months of classes. I already have the ability to learn new music alone, play in a group, do intermediate aprpeggios, play and sing at the same time, and other things. Matthieu is always very dedicated to motivating his students with new challenges and always bringing activities to part of the classes such as concerts, jam sessions, festivals, etc. I really like doing classes here.
Response: Thanks Renata! It is a pleasure to have you as a student and see you progress so much each month :).
Leticia María Sánchez
Leticia María Sánchez: Like many, I always dreamed of playing the guitar. I was looking for a school or a teacher with a different methodology, one that was above all practical and would encourage my creativity. And that motivated me. For me the best thing is the way of learning (totally personalized) and feeling part of a musical community with which to play and grow. Matthieu (the teacher) is involved to such an extent that you no longer know if your achievements make you or him happier! And on top of that there are always new activities! I would choose her again a thousand times more.
Response: Thanks Leti! Seeing that you have been able to play and sing "Someone Like You" by Adele in front of 220 people after just 3 months of class starting from scratch, is an example for other people who dream of doing it but don't dare. Keep it up, let's fulfill this dream you have with music together :).

11. Alberto Espejo, guitarrista para eventos y bodas - Salamanca

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3 reviews
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Alberto Espejo, guitarrista para eventos y bodas
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Address: C. del Gral. Oráa, 76, 28006 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 659 35 59 28

Business type: Musician

Alberto Espejo, guitarrista para eventos y bodas: what do users think?
Marian Cayuela
Marian Cayuela: I started guitar classes online with Alberto during confinement and since last year I have been taking them in person. I love his method, which is based on learning with songs that I like. I have a great time and I notice that I advance with each class. I recommend it 100%.
Response: Thank you very much Marian. It is a pleasure to have you as a student and I hope we continue learning for a long time!
Guillermo Martín Martínez
Guillermo Martín Martínez: A few weeks ago I was at a concert of his and his partner Pablo at the Nicolás Salmerón cultural center. It was spectacular. His music is felt and enjoyed without a doubt. I will see them again when they act without a doubt
Response: Thank you William. It will be a pleasure to receive you in our next performances. All the best!
Susana Rivas Paraiso
Susana Rivas Paraiso: I feel happy that Alberto has crossed into my life, a great teacher and, above all, a great person. His classes are enjoyable, he teaches you at your own pace, always adapting to you, with a lot, a lot of patience and always looking for techniques that help you learn and improve, making the difficult easy. Always with a smile and a very good mood, he transmits his passion for the guitar, infecting you with it in each class. There should be a sixth star to rate people like him.
Response: Thank you very much for your words Susana!! I have to say that it is also a pleasure for me to have you as a student and hopefully we can continue learning together for a long time.

12. Clases de Guitarra Carlos Vicent - Latina

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36 reviews
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Clases de Guitarra Carlos Vicent
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Address: C. de Juan Antón, 32, 28011 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Business type: Guitar instructor

Clases de Guitarra Carlos Vicent: what do users think?
Luis Alcolea
Luis Alcolea: I always had the illusion of learning to play the guitar. When I decided to start this learning adventure and put this incredible instrument in my hands, I had no idea how to start this path. Starting classes with Carlos clarified that path and it is being an exciting experience, now I advance with meaning and progressively, I learn guitar and music. Carlos is a magnificent teacher, he explains the concepts, guides you along the way and encourages you to gain confidence and motivation, as well as being a person worth knowing. He is a highly recommended teacher. Thank you very much Carlos
Peereezosoo: Carlos is an excellent teacher and guide for anyone who wants to learn and expand their knowledge about the guitar. Work on numerous styles, exercises and techniques at all levels, adapting to your needs and your level with the instrument. With a warm and friendly treatment, it will help you develop and evolve your skills as a musician. Thanks!
Luis Cornago Bonal
Luis Cornago Bonal: Carlos is an excellent teacher who pays attention to the musical concerns and aspirations of the student. He is open to different styles and techniques and always tries to prepare exercises so that the student can progress on his own. The classes are very diverse and balanced and you always want more. In addition to being a great teacher, Carlos is also very nice and close in personal treatment.
Patricio Ossandon
Patricio Ossandon: Absolutely recommended! If you want to take your guitar level further, Carlos is the one. There may be other musicians with the mastery that Carlos has over the instrument, but surely very few have the ability to teach and transmit knowledge that Carlos has. If you want to take your knowledge of guitar and music in general to another dimension, Carlos Vincent is the one!!!
Carlos Cano Lanzadera
Carlos Cano Lanzadera: He is an excellent teacher, very didactic, who adapts to the needs of each student. He manages to transmit the passion for the instrument to you, and what is very important, he continually cares about teaching you how to study so that you get the best out of your hours of practice with the guitar.
Pablo Garcia
Pablo Garcia: I have been playing the guitar self-taught for many years, studying theory books, learning new solos and I have always had the feeling of being stuck... Thanks to Carlos, he has not only put order to all those concepts that I have been learning over the years years, it has also helped me improve as a musician and expand my musical knowledge. He is a great teacher.
Ruben Lizarralde
Ruben Lizarralde: It will be a year and a half since I started giving classes via Skype with Carlos, the experience could not be more satisfactory, Carlos makes you see where you are and you decide where you want to go, emphasizing that in learning the instrument there are no shortcuts, no rush but without pause you will achieve your goals. His method adapts to each student according to their needs, I recommend it 100/100.
Juan Carlos Mancebo
Juan Carlos Mancebo: For someone without music theory, being able to learn harmony through the guitar gives you the key to understand the instrument and the music itself. Carlos Vicent always adapts to your level with an open and personalized method and little by little the concepts are internalized and things start to come out. At first I was a bit skeptical about the online classes but from my experience I totally recommend it.

13. Guitar classes Miguel Rivera - Salamanca

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20 reviews
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Guitar classes Miguel Rivera
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Address: C/ de Francisco Silvela, 90, 28002 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 667 66 50 03

Business type: Guitar instructor

Guitar classes Miguel Rivera: what do users think?
Enrique Almaraz
Enrique Almaraz: Miguel is a great musician and a great teacher. He has the knowledge, the ability to transmit it and the patience to lead his students. His classes are enjoyable and his method is casual, with which you discover that you learn and evolve almost without realizing it. My experience is that of someone who has started from scratch, does not dedicate himself to music or has time to practice too much. Thanks to Miguel I have lost my fear of the guitar and I am learning many musical fundamentals. To highlight the close and personalized treatment and I insist, the fun and light-heartedness of the classes.
Response: Thanks Quique! With students like you it is easy for classes to be enjoyable, a big hug!
Antón Bernabeu
Antón Bernabeu: All my life regretting not having signed up for guitar lessons and, finally, with 47 years and no idea, I join classes with Miguel. It has the ability to keep you motivated and entertained while you learn the basics almost without realizing it, combining the classes with the exercises to practice at home at the pace you can. If you are looking for a good guitar teacher, I recommend it.
Response: Thanks Anton, this year we are going to master the acoustic blues and the slide as the masters of the delta, the classes cannot be more interesting. A hug!
Alberto Potenciano
Alberto Potenciano: Many positive things could be said about Miguel, but above all his passion for music stands out. He lives music, he likes what he does. Excellent guitarist, teacher and person. He knows how far he can demand from each student since not all of us have the same skills or the same time to practice. If you like the guitar and are willing to put in your effort, tenacity and perseverance, Miguel will do the rest.
Response: Thank you Albert! The method makes perfect and you know how to apply that principle very well. A hug!
Pako Arroyo
Pako Arroyo: I found Miguel through the Internet, the first impression was very good, he gave me peace of mind and took away my fear (I thought I would not be able to play a single note since I had no idea of ​​guitar). After 2 years my advances have been spectacular. Use a unique method and without realizing progress, progress and progress. Miguel is a great teacher, great musician and excellent person.
Response: Thanks Paco! Constancy is key to learning and you are a great example. This year we are going on tour with AC/DC👍🏻
Santi R. M.
Santi R. M.: What makes Miguel different from other teachers, is undoubtedly the great variety of musical styles that you can master with him, the ability he has to motivate his students and make the classes enjoyable and the great level he has in both Electric guitar as in acoustics. In addition, it teaches you harmony so that you are able to analyze songs and even get to compose your own songs. Without a doubt the best guitar teacher I have ever had.
Response: Taking you from O to master level has been one of the greatest educational pleasures of my life. We should do duo tours! A hug!
joaquin_fontenla: After ten years in different classes I finally found continuity in learning the guitar with Miguel. It tells you about any musical style or doubt you have so that you can see it in its simplest form, and all with an unbeatable atmosphere from the beginning.
Response: Thanks Joaquín, now I'm scared that you will become my rival on YouTube😂. 6stringsonFire !! You are a big!
Pepe del Campo
Pepe del Campo: I started a year ago, setting out my goals. Is a crack! He has managed to adapt his methods to the form that I needed, adapting the exercises to my musical tastes. He is a professional through and through, but also as a person he is great and the truth is that it is a pleasure to attend his classes, since they are developed in a relaxed and calm way. His studio is perfectly adapted, full of guitars and great energy. I would recommend 100% classes with Miguel.
Response: Thanks Pepe! We look forward to your new themes! You are a crack!
Carlos Bermejo
Carlos Bermejo: Great find Michael. He controls and knows a lot about the world of the guitar, when the class ends you leave with the feeling of: I want more, I want to continue learning more. Pleasant and very interesting classes. 100% recommended👍🎸🎸🎸🎸
Response: Thanks Carlos! It's a pleasure to spend time with a music lover like you. A hug!

14. Guitarreria MARIANO CONDE - Centro

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68 reviews
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Address: C. de la Amnistía, 1, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 21 81 55

Business type: Guitar store

Guitarreria MARIANO CONDE: what do users think?
Jules Jones
Jules Jones: Happened upon this store en route to tour the Palace so took a chance and stopped with my kids to see if we might get to watch or learn about the art of making a guitar. The young man there stopped shaving the piece he was working on and graciously showed us the process and the tools and described the different types of woods, tools and designs that can be incorporated in each signature piece. It is truly an art! It was a sentimental highlight of my trip because for a few minutes I got to commune through the smells and the sounds with my sweet Daddy who had his own guitar made in Spain!
Farhang Shariati
Farhang Shariati: The true heirs of the Conde family. High quality guitars and excellent personal treatment. The workshop in sight and working both Marianos day by day as their ancestors did. Mariano Conde and his son the only and real option in the guitars Conde!!
Richard Morbey
Richard Morbey: Lovely food place
Juan Miguel Muñoz
Juan Miguel Muñoz: His guitars are true works of art. Who appreciates the artisan 100% values ​​M.C. and those who understand the guitar are amazed at how their guitars sound. Traditional and 100% Spanish artisan product in danger of extinction. Also, father and son treated me divinely. I take a jewel M.C. that I will keep for the rest of my life with great satisfaction. A hug to Marianos father and son. All my support and admiration to these artists.👏👏👏
Claudia Bonani
Claudia Bonani: Handicraft manufacturer of classical guitars
Ismael Heredia
Ismael Heredia: Ten out of ten the treatment, the work, the quality are unique, two magnificent father and son guitar players.
Tinogonzalez65 gonzalez aguilera
Tinogonzalez65 gonzalez aguilera: Flamenco guitar of the best and a very special attention humble simple and guitars with a beautiful timbre
paco fernandez
paco fernandez: The word is spectacular, the treatment of the client, the courtesy, the humility, how they advised me, informed me and showed me the workshop with the photos of the great masters, it is a pleasure that such an important person in the world of guitar crafts try like this and there is only one word for the cypress guitar that I bought, what I said SPECTACULAR, thanks for all master. Paco Badalona.
Marina Sarno
Marina Sarno: They have treated me very badly. A young guy who works is rude. I did not like. I borrowed a tool to try to repair a small part of the guitar and he practically kicked me out of the store. I hope you have a better experience.

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