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1. MERY Make Up - Agency and School of Professional Makeup - Chamberí

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MERY Make Up - Agency and School of Professional Makeup
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Address: Calle de Modesto Lafuente, 60, LOCAL bajo, 28003 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 605 93 95 15

Business type: Vocational school

MERY Make Up - Agency and School of Professional Makeup: what do users think?
Sara Ennatiji
Sara Ennatiji: I have been looking for a long time for an academy where I can train, But of course it has been my best decision Merymakeup. From the first day I went to see the academy, MERY, who is the director, was super kind and close to me, she gave me a lot of confidence, she gave me all the information I needed. Once I started classes I felt at home CRISTINA, who is our teacher, is super nice, funny, professional and kind. I am learning a lot from the best professionals. If you are looking for where to train, this is your best option, here you can fulfill your dream.
Response: Sarah! How wonderful! Thank you and thank you a thousand times for your trust and for everything you contribute in class. To continue putting on make-up and this does not stop;). For more makeups!!! Kisses and super your review.
Maria De la peña
Maria De la peña: Definitely a 10!!! The makeup master at Mery Makeup is the best decision I could make to train myself; Authentic professionals in the sector. Super complete training, direct treatment and with a team of teachers totally updated and with a lot of involvement. The facilities are incredible, cared for in every detail; Thank you very much for your effort and dedication.
Response: Thank you Maria for your love, dedication and trust. We are always very excited about reviews ;). To continue learning, practicing and most importantly, never give up. Let's go for it! Huge kisses.
Monica López
Monica López: An incredible experience; Sonia is an exceptional professional, she teaches you easy makeup tricks, she gives very useful tips to apply them on a daily basis, money well invested because you leave with a good taste in your mouth knowing that the goal has been achieved, all my life putting on makeup and today I have been aware of so many mistakes🤦🏻‍♀️Thank you very much Sonia for your professionalism, closeness and good people!! You have a guaranteed victory, we will be back for sure!! Thank you
Response: We'll wait for you whenever you want, but first you have to practice to the fullest ;). We keep in touch and thank you very much for your review. Thank you always.
Soledad Pérez
Soledad Pérez: I found this makeup school on Google and chose it based on the reviews. It has been a complete success. Five of us friends went to the “self-makeup” course and we spent three wonderful hours. We were with Sonia who explained everything wonderfully well. She is charming and very professional, she gave us great advice and we left super happy. I will recommend it to everyone. Many thanks.
Response: Soledad a pleasure for us and to continue practicing. Anything we are in contact. Huge kisses and brushes up!!!
Ana Horta Hernandez
Ana Horta Hernandez: I did the 4-hour self-makeup course with my daughter and we were delighted. The teacher, Cris, explained everything to us calmly and resolved our doubts. Time went by fast! A great place to learn how to put on makeup and take care of your face.
Response: Hello Ana, Thank you very much for your review and we are glad that you have learned a lot and resolved your doubts. Anything you need you know where we are ;) Greetings and see you soon
Alba Valenzuela
Alba Valenzuela: I have been here for 4 months now and I can only say that I feel at home. It is my place of disconnection where I spend very good moments with my colleagues and teachers, apart from learning all the techniques. The treatment received is always very close and I have very good moments and lots of laughs together... apart from all the advances regarding makeup. Merry Christmas to the entire Mery Makeup team and all my colleagues.
Response: If you are very pretty Alba. Merry Christmas from the whole team and for more moments!


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Address: Casa Palazuelo, C/ Mayor, 4 - 1ª Planta, C. del Arenal, 3, Puerta 3, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 27 81 50

Business type: Beauty school

CREATIVE MAKE UP: what do users think?
Ana ortiz
Ana ortiz: The school itself is wonderful and those who make it up are 10, mainly my teacher is the best, the truth is super attentive and good at teaching, I will do the following modules later, thanks for everything you are wonderful
Response: Thank you very much Ana, our students and students if you are wonderful!!!!!.
Sara Berenguer
Sara Berenguer: My experience at this school has been very good. I had already studied at Alberto Dugarte, and at Harpo, the training here is much more complete, it has more hours and they focus more on teaching you different techniques. The teachers are super professional and attentive. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED : )
Response: Hi Sara, thank you very much for your comment.
Beatriz Iglesias
Beatriz Iglesias: My experience with this school could not have been worse. I called to find out about the creative set hairdressing course and after calling me several times telling me that there was only one place left, they gave me an appointment to attend the school. Yesterday I went and the man who attended me was rude and rude. I asked him for information: photographs or a website where I could see the work of the professional who taught the course, since no hairdressing images appeared on the social networks of said school and he told me that it was not possible, that I was asking for private data. ..) How?! Come on, in a few words you have to pay 1,200 euros without knowing what the professional who teaches it is like and if you would like to do it there... that is, 0 transparency. I told him that I had had bad experiences with other courses and that I would not enroll in any without having clear references and in a very bad way he insisted that it was not possible. I told him that he had wasted my time and he dared to tell me that he had already realized what I was like. I have tried to comment on the treatment received from the person who contacted me for this course, and their response has been that this gentleman is the director of the school and that I was on the list (shameful and unfortunate). It does not seem to me a serious or professional attitude that a school does not have total transparency in the information of the courses it teaches, if you add to this their rudeness when it comes to serving potential clients, the result is not recommendable.
Response: Hello Beatriz, You posted a review with not very good intentions. Although we respect all opinions. From our point of view, from what happened the day you came to school, to reality, there is a lot of distance. You requested information for the set hairdressing course, you were in contact with us many months before your visit. We inform you by email and telephone of the agenda, start dates, social networks, teachers, etc. We also explained that to reserve the place it was necessary to register. You visited the center 2 days before the course started, and upon your arrival we were attending to another person (who is now a student of the Master). Given this we told you that you will wait your turn to be attended, and in that you interrupted in bad ways, saying that you came to enroll. Once we spoke with you, we told you that the start date was very close and there were no places left in that course but that you could enroll on other dates. What was our surprise when we saw that you threatened to criticize us on social networks, etc ... Something we see you carry out. We want to tell you that we have been training professionals with the greatest dedication for many years. In this time we have always had very positive results and opinions (we understand that that is why you were interested in us and visited us). We hope you find a course that suits you soon and learn a lot. a cordial greeting
Makeup Dreams
Makeup Dreams: About 6 years ago I studied with them the master, FX, plate and airbrush hairdresser, and although afterwards I have studied in other schools for me without a doubt it has been the best.

3. Køhl School - Escuela Profesional de Maquillaje, Estilismo, Patronaje y Peluquería - Chamberí

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61 reviews
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Køhl School - Escuela Profesional de Maquillaje, Estilismo, Patronaje y Peluquería
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Address: C. de Meléndez Valdés, 14, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 912 38 23 12

Business type: Make-up artist

Køhl School - Escuela Profesional de Maquillaje, Estilismo, Patronaje y Peluquería: what do users think?
Miriam Mora
Miriam Mora: Thanks to the school I have fulfilled my dream of being a professional make-up artist. They help you with everything and make you feel at home. They are a great family, the teachers are great and great professionals. I recommend the school 100%. Practices help you gain more confidence in yourself, and once you finish training you still have the team by your side. I am very happy with my experience at the school. 🤗❤️
Response: Miriam, when we read reviews like yours, it makes us want to continue working and working hard. There are many students who go through the school, and your opinion and experience is invaluable to us. Thank you from the whole team!
Ángel Román
Ángel Román: Kolh School is the place where beauty becomes real and the space for future styling and makeup professionals to prepare optimally 💄 Very practical training with highly experienced teachers.
Chloebynaza: Finish the first year of Makeup and Characterization in December 2021. My experience with the school and in general cannot be called anything other than excellent. It has been, is and will be my second home because that is how I have felt it until now. I must say that it is a school where people of different ages enroll. In my opinion, people who are especially young lack a sense of responsibility in this sector, since it requires a daily commitment and not everyone is willing to have it. As in all schools, the teachers, -as their own word says-, are teachers and not educators. They have always been very involved with us, they make you believe in yourself and your work by putting all their effort into teaching. Demos wonderful, fun, and different. To say that I have made very nice friendships within this School. Regarding internships, say that I have made up Fashion on the catwalk (Madrid FassionWeek) in Spanish Fashion Week, in Editorial for Vogue, in charity galas in emblematic buildings in Madrid that I could never imagine... In summary, a School that offers many possibilities as long as you are willing to know how to take advantage of them. Thank you family KOhl school
Response: Naza, we help each other a lot by sharing your vision as a student, and you have our most sincere thanks. You have moved us with your words. Feeling that you are happy with our work makes us want to keep working hard.
Rocio Borgoña Pinares
Rocio Borgoña Pinares: I compared the schools in Madrid and I opted for this one because of the teaching team and the content of the course. I have taken the makeup and characterization course and I feel that I have learned new things and polished my technique a lot. I would highlight the humane and affectionate treatment of all the staff and the involvement of the teachers. At all times they have been a guide and support for me. They are incredible makeup artists and hairdressers but above all they are good people. All a success.
Diego Millán Martinez
Diego Millán Martinez: Very close and personalized treatment. The classes are participatory, dynamic and it shows that the teachers are working and that they have a specialty. The price is scary at first, but if you compare it with the other schools, you end up understanding it. The material is of quality, they have continuous cleaning so the classes and spaces are very clean. The staff and atmosphere is very nice. I would clearly highlight the teaching staff and the internship bag. I also chose this school because of the success stories among its former students. There are few places in Madrid that are committed to what they teach at this level.
Response: Thank you, thank you and thank you! In this SO tough year this message is more important than ever. You give us back our motivation and enthusiasm. THANKS.

4. NBL Nail Beauty Lash Academy - Carabanchel

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30 reviews
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NBL Nail Beauty Lash Academy
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Address: C. Vía Carpetana, 207, 28047 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 604 35 89 31

Business type: Beauty school

NBL Nail Beauty Lash Academy: what do users think?
Jessica Garcia
Jessica Garcia: After taking courses in several academies, which did not meet my expectations, I came to this academy. All my questions were answered, the teaching methodology is excellent, the work material is of the highest quality. I recommend it 100%, it has helped me improve my work a lot. Thank you Rossy, you are an excellent professional 😊.
Response: I am very happy with what you write. First of all for you, because you kept looking for the best for you trying many academies until you found the right one and I am also happy with my academy because it met your expectations! We always try to do our best and having an appreciation like yours means that the path we have taken is the right one! Our goal is to give the best of ourselves and transmit all our knowledge to you! Thanks again
Daniela Avram
Daniela Avram: I am very happy with the academy, you learn very well and it is very well communicated The girls are very nice and help you understand the practice very well. Thanks for everything Rosy. The products are of very good quality, I have learned a lot about nails 😘😘😘 I recommend it 100% Rosy gives you a very complete course deserves to try it 😘😘
Response: Hi Daniela, thanks for taking your time to rate us, it encourages us to to improve! Cheers!
Denise Sirley Guisao
Denise Sirley Guisao: I am grateful to the academy since it has given me great knowledge and every time I am better in nail art, grateful to all the girls and especially to Rosy who teaches each one of us with great love and patience.
Response: When there are girls like you who love this job and work hard to improve, it's a joy to teach! Continue to put passion in what you do, you will always be better! Thank you for your words, the satisfaction of girls like you, inspire us to always give our best!
Oralia Troncoso
Oralia Troncoso: Very good academy, I like the teaching of the teachers since it is implied that you learn everything they teach and you come out as a teacher.
Response: Hello Oralia, we are very grateful for your positive score and it encourages us to continue providing the best service! Cheers!
Vanessa Navas
Vanessa Navas: Excellent course, very professional and dedicated to the student, it is worth continuing with him and learning more every day. Totally grateful. 100% recommended
Response: Hi Vanessa, we are very grateful for your positive score and encourage us to continue giving the best service! Greetings!
mariana rojas duran
mariana rojas duran: Very happy with my nails done by a girl from the academy, the spectacular treatment and attention, without a doubt I will do them again there, very professional and wonderful women ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Response: The satisfaction of customers like you, who appreciate our work, fills us with joy! Thank you for trusting us and thank you for writing it!
Nerea RP
Nerea RP: I have done another course and I have not learned anything, but with them I am learning and improving a lot, I am very happy with the treatment and the way of teaching. Thank you very much 😊
Martha Llerena
Martha Llerena: I loved how they teach the classes, in detail, they are always watching and evaluating our evolution and technique. Super happy, I recommend it. thanks rosy
Response: Thank you Martha for your review. We hope to see you soon!
Ramona Cucu
Ramona Cucu: A unique experience, I am very happy with the academy and with the products we use, I have learned many things about nails and it deserves to be done. Thank you!🤗😘
Response: Hello Ramona, we are very grateful for your positive score and it encourages us to continue providing the best service! Regards!

5. Academia Peluqueria Madrid Baranda - Retiro

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94 reviews
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Academia Peluqueria Madrid Baranda
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Address: C. de Antonio Arias, 17, 28009 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 914 09 43 03

Business type: Beauty school

Academia Peluqueria Madrid Baranda: what do users think?
Arancha García Robles
Arancha García Robles: I tell you my experience in this academy. AWFUL!!!! I have been following them for 2 months to inform me and start a manicure course. They literally tease me. By wasap they sent me the information. I told them I was interested and there is no way. Do you no longer take courses? I RETRACT EVERYTHING I SAID. F has contacted and everything solved. My fault. Sorry it was totally a misunderstanding. I made a mistake with the cell phone of another academy. Academia Baranda has contacted us and everything is perfect. We started courses with them. Sorry for what happened
Ada H
Ada H: Completely grateful for having learned from Yoselin, an excellent professional from head to toe, the theoretical knowledge she has translates perfectly into practice, patiently teaching one by one and always with a smile, thank you for your teaching and for helping me take the first step to enter the world of nails
Carolina Bueno
Carolina Bueno: I have given the complete 60h nail course. The treatment has been unbeatable and the teachers are very professional. I feel that I have learned everything I need to start more professionally with technical data on permanent manicure, gel, acrylic and decoration. Very good value for money, you receive a kit to practice. Highly recommended, I am looking forward to taking another course with them at this academy. Thank you for the warm and welcoming atmosphere 💝 see you soon
Anita hairstylist
Anita hairstylist: Hello!! I did the 2 make-up courses with teacher Mayela and what can I say... everything was magnificent, she taught me a lot of things, many techniques, she is charming, apart from being an excellent teacher. The academy is super nice and very attentive, without a doubt I recommend it 100% in fact, in the future I will take a course at that academy again.
Gina Alejandra Lopez
Gina Alejandra Lopez: I took a nail course with the teacher Yoselin, she is very professional, close and fun, I will surely repeat the experience.
Suamy Ordoñez
Suamy Ordoñez: I just finished the manicure course, previously I also did the makeup course. In my personal opinion it is a very good academy. With what they teach you, it is up to you to practice and learn more to be a great professional in what you like the most. My two teachers were Mayela and Yoselin. Mayela a talented Malliquista, I love her makeup. And Yoselin a great manicure teacher. You can tell that she loves her job, she makes you feel so good and so comfortable, during all class hours (she also corrects you harshly, when necessary). And one of the most important advantages is that they provide you with the basic material for your practices. So during the course you acquire your personal material little by little.
Maribel Moral
Maribel Moral: Hi, I love studying at the academy, my experience is very good, every day I learn something, my teachers are wonderful and my classmates are very nice, I already know how to do almost everything in the world of hairdressing and beyond, thanks for everything, I love you infinitely, Lourdes and Ana.
Tamara Llases Martos
Tamara Llases Martos: I give 5 stars to this academy only and exclusively because of the manicure teacher Yoselin is a charm, professional, the classes with her are wonderful, she teaches you very well, she treats you very well, she is fun. I am delighted with the courses that I have done here thanks to her, if I have to do any more I will not hesitate to go with her.
alba laderas laureano
alba laderas laureano: I could not be happier with the course and with Professor Yoselin, a charming, affectionate, very pleasant professional. He spends all the necessary time with each student, apart from that he explains very well. A marvel! Thank you very much for everything.💜

6. Consuelo Silveira Estética Profesional- Cursos Estética - Salamanca

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63 reviews
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Consuelo Silveira Estética Profesional- Cursos Estética
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Address: C. del Duque de Sesto, 34, 28009 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 75 09 69

Business type: Beauty school

Consuelo Silveira Estética Profesional- Cursos Estética: what do users think?
Max M Navarro
Max M Navarro: The best
Aitana Pagán
Aitana Pagán: It has been a precious stage learning a profession in a beautiful and disciplined way. Incredible treatment, both Consúelo and the teachers, close and very professional. Coordination is wonderful, any problem you have is solved quickly and efficiently. From this course I take more than classmates and more than teachers, this school remains in a large part of my heart. I could never be so grateful. Thanks to the director, Consuelo Silveira, for having formed this school that is a small family for us. To the teachers; Desirée, Isabel and Ainhoa, for teaching us every day in the best possible way. To its coordinators, Marina and Eli, for being at the foot of the canyon and willing to resolve any setback. Thank you all for everything, I could spend hours writing and still fall short, I appreciate you very much. One of the most beautiful of this profession 💜
maria josé Vaquero
maria josé Vaquero: Today we have had a master class, an experience worthy of the best aesthetic school in Spain. Consuelo and her team turn the learning of this beautiful profession into passion and pure art.
Rut Saldaña Romero
Rut Saldaña Romero: I was looking at many centers before deciding on Consuelo Silveira and I am delighted with the decision I made. The teachers are SPECTACULAR. All the training is super practical and with very good quality materials. Thanks to that, it is very easy to acquire the necessary knowledge to be a good professional. Consuelo is very involved with the students and in the day to day of the school. Without hesitation I recommend it 100%, they are a great first division team. ♥️ Thank you for everything ♥️.
Daniela Belli
Daniela Belli: I loved my experience at the school! 😍 totally practical from day one, excellent for your work outing! I have already left my training for a month and I have already found work in the sector, the teachers and all the girls who work there are great, I highly recommend it!
Yesenia Arce
Yesenia Arce: Gratitude is a small word for all the effort, professionalism and commitment that you dedicate to all your students, trained by you throughout these years. It is clear that your profession is born from the soul. Thank you for inspiring me to always give my best and making me see that there are more worlds to discover, to be able to live in the now and enjoy the moment for all your teachings. for your creativity, ability and perseverance. The best things are not forgotten, so I give you millions of thanks because when I thought that everything was lost, with your tender smile, your sweet look and your sweet but firm voice you have made me see that despite everything, it was worth it continue. Thank you consolation! I will always carry you in my heart wherever I go.
ROSA MARIA MAÑAS OLIVER: The best school by far, the quality of teaching is outstanding given by professionals backed by years of experience in the world of aesthetics. They also adapt to your schedules to be able to train you, in my case I combine a full-time job from Monday to Friday with intensive training on Saturdays for the comprehensive aesthetics course. From the first moment they put at your disposal the practical learning of all the treatments and the most innovative equipment on the market, making us feel like professionals from the first minute. Apart from the human quality of all of them is another important aspect to highlight, they care for and advise the student and are concerned about their professional future, especially Consuelo Silveira herself, since the school has a constantly renewed job bank and large firms students ask. Thank you so much for everything! 😍

7. Hair & Beauty Academy Gerbel - Vicálvaro

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46 reviews
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Hair & Beauty Academy Gerbel
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Address: Pl. de Antonio Machado, 4, 28523 Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid, Spain

Telephone: +34 914 99 13 35

Business type: Beauty school

Hair & Beauty Academy Gerbel: what do users think?
Jose Antonio de Soto
Jose Antonio de Soto: I can only speak highly of this site. In Rivas you have everything in the same place, hairdressing and beauty. Every time I have been, I have been treated very well by both Raquel in aesthetics and her students for a skin cleaning or fixing the eyebrows for example and Laura is wonderful in hairdressing. I agree as they have said in other reviews, I think that no one has ever cut my hair with such care and delicacy as she.
Ingrid E
Ingrid E: I usually go to this hairdresser because of its treatment of the public and its prices, which are very competitive compared to any other center. In addition, they are a training school for beauty and hairdressing professionals, although now, due to the pandemic, there are only tenured teachers. Still, the quality and prices are still very good. Laura is a very detailed hairdresser and treats you with great care and delicacy. Both sisters are very nice and professional. I recommend this place!
Tere Suska
Tere Suska: It is a quality academy, where you can learn both the profession of hairdressing and aesthetics, in my case I did a course of acrylic and gel nails. Raquel is a first-class teacher who knows how to transmit her knowledge and cares about the good learning of the different techniques. They made a custom course with a lot of dedication and good practices. Very grateful to the training and experience received.
ima giu
ima giu: The aesthetic teacher Raquel is a very good professional and apart from that she is a love of a person, she works with elegance and a lot of patience. The one who wants to learn will learn, and always helps you in everything, reassures you when you are nervous the first time when you start the practices with clients and you learn a lot from it. The hair girls also great. I have taken my aesthetic technician course and now I am working on what I like.
Mar Sanjulian
Mar Sanjulian: I took the aesthetic technician course I loved it I recommend it 100 x 100, the teacher Raquel apart from being a great person is an excellent professional, she teaches everything with passion and great techniques, always ready to help you in everything. The girls in the hairdresser are exactly the same, very good professionals. I loved living that experience surrounded by such good people.
Adina Pop
Adina Pop: Fatal. You pay the same as in a professional hairdresser but you are attended by some students who barely know what they are doing and learn with your face, and I repeat, for the SAME price as in a professional hairdresser. The first time I went I stayed almost two hours for a simple eyelash lift that was a total HORROR and the second time almost the same time with a different student who did half the steps she did wrong and it was like not going Not at all. I do not repeat even if they give me all the services for free. If you want to help some girls to learn the profession, this is the right place, but prepare to pay the same as in a professional site with people who have years of experience and also prepare yourself not to see results after leaving the store and paying the money that they charge you. you have left
Noelia Ruiz
Noelia Ruiz: I always go to this salon, I do things sporadically and they have good prices, attention and results!
maya cuqua
maya cuqua: I was very happy and I am waiting for more courses, the teachers are charming and the classmates are also very nice, the super personalized classes for all kinds of learning, I hope to return soon!

8. Condé Nast College Spain - Chamberí

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102 reviews
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Condé Nast College Spain
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Address: P.º de la Castellana, 9-11, Planta Baja, 28046 Madrid, Spain

Business type: Graduate school

Condé Nast College Spain: what do users think?
Andrea Tabata
Andrea Tabata: Condé Nast for me was a three-month expedition in which I enjoyed every day. I met incredible people that until now, I keep in touch. I learned a lot about my biggest passion, fashion. All the professors are very dedicated to their subjects and I really liked that we always had internships outside the Condé Nast headquarters, where we could perceive what the dynamics were like in other companies, and learn beyond the theoretical. Without a doubt, I highly recommend the Condé Nast courses, if you want to have a fun experience and at the same time with a high level.
Response: Hi Andrea, thank you very much for your comment. We are very glad that you enjoyed your experience!
Cristina Flores Moleón
Cristina Flores Moleón: I am Cristina and with Condé Nast College I had the opportunity to take the Journalism course specializing in Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle. It is the first course that I have taken and without a doubt I am clear that I am going to study more, because it also seems to me that they have a wide range of courses. The teachers were not only experienced but also friendly and eager to teach. Studying remotely is not easy, but I think Condé Nast College gives you the opportunity to do it and keep up with the pace every week. I definitely recommend it.
Response: Hello Cristina, thank you very much for your great assessment of the online courses. We have a special validation program for online students who want to study another, you can write to us at to find out more. A hug!
Helena Gelabert Fernandez
Helena Gelabert Fernandez: Going to Condé Nast has been one of the best decisions of my life. This summer I took the fashion styling course, and learning something new every day has excited me and motivated me to continue learning about the world of fashion. I would like to add that I loved being able to attend classes with professionals from this world. I am very grateful for the opportunity they have given me. I am looking forward to repeating the experience!! I would recommend the Condé Nast courses a thousand times.
Response: Hi Helen, thank you very much for your comment. We are very glad that you enjoyed your experience! We hope to see you again soon :)
Sandra Alemany Roig
Sandra Alemany Roig: COOL. Having studied at Condé-Nast has given me just what I was looking for. A very deep theoretical learning focused on practical cases similar to reality. Now I feel ready to face the world of work with confidence, although this is only the beginning. Thank you!
Response: Hello Sandra, thank you very much for your comment. We are very happy to read your lines. Many successes in your professional career!
Alexandra Klein
Alexandra Klein: It was a very complete course. Having different teachers and external talks makes it very entertaining and helps the course content to be varied. The talks of the externals seemed very interesting to me, as well as the different visits we had. I would definitely recommend the diploma.
Response: Hi Alexandra, thank you very much for your comment. We are so glad you enjoyed your experience with us!
Andrea Merencio
Andrea Merencio: My experience studying one of the Condé Nast College courses has been very positive. I have learned a lot, the teachers care a lot about each student, they are always available to answer questions and problems, they help you with everything they can and make the experience even more favorable. The way in which they teach the contents is very interactive, letting the students participate at all times and asking us our points of view, in this way we apply the syllabus in each of the classes, which makes it very easy and simple to learn and internalize the content. The syllabus is very well taught and the contents that are made available to the student are perfectly explained and clear. Without a doubt, I would repeat with them.
Response: Hi Andrea, thank you very much for your review. We are glad that you are so happy with our academic methodology and with the course you have taken at CN College. A hug!

9. MicroBelle Madrid - Centro

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83 reviews
new review
MicroBelle Madrid
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Address: C. de Manuela Malasaña, 24, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 910 41 75 28

Business type: Beauty salon

MicroBelle Madrid: what do users think?
Hazel Deen Gasacao
Hazel Deen Gasacao: Positive: QualityLeandro is so friendly that I never get bored when I first had my microblading experience and the second time I went for a retouch. The work is so amazing that even my friends in the Philippines commended me for having such perfect brows!
Response: Thanks lol 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Autodidact-Man: MicroBelle was recommended to us and it was a success. My wife had permanent eyeliner done and the result is fantastic. Leandro is a true professional, his advice was key to choosing the best option. The color is intense and very natural. We definitely recommend it 100%.
Response: Thank you very much 🙏🏻✨
Olga Ramirez
Olga Ramirez: I recommend this aesthetic company for its professionalism and value for money. A one hundred percent recommended site.
Response: Thanks a lot
VILMA OLMEDO GIMENEZ: I am delighted with my eyebrows, a job of ten by Leandro, very professional in his work, I recommend microbelle.
Response: Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 darling
Arellys Suárez
Arellys Suárez: I repeat and repeat with MicroBelle because they always leave me perfect eyebrows, first-class care, there is no pain... I recommend
Response: Thank you very much for everything 🙏🏻
Maca Vet
Maca Vet: I 100% recommend any treatment done at MicroBelle. Leandro is an excellent professional and the dedication and criteria that he puts into each treatment is unique. He advises you the best treatment according to the objective sought and so that everything looks natural. In addition, he highlighted his excellent treatment and peace that he transmits that makes one feel safe and happy. In my particular case I did microblading and I am amazed with the result, super natural. Do not hesitate to go, recommended with your eyes closed.
Response: Thank you so much, goodbye!!!
karly villa
karly villa: I have been doing microblading on my eyebrows for years and I am delighted, Leandro is a very good professional and as a person he is charming 🙂
Response: There are many thanks always welcome
Daviana Gonzalez
Daviana Gonzalez: When you love what you do is reflected and transmitted and that is you Leandro. I am in love with the result of my eyebrows, I love them every day, so the wait for four years was worth it 😍. You are a being of light. Thank you for everything, you are very professional in what you do and transmit confidence and peace. I recommend it blindfolded 100%. Blessings always and much success in everything you undertake.. Thank you, thank you and thank you
Response: Thanks to you for trusting in MicroBelle Madrid, we have finally achieved it!! A hug !
Maryi Isabel G
Maryi Isabel G: Excellent attention and professional ecxelente in his work. Recommended 100% I am fascinated with the result. 👌
Response: Thank you very much 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

10. Le Cordon Bleu Madrid

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57 reviews
new review
Le Cordon Bleu Madrid
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Address: Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, CARRETERA MAJADAHONDA/M-515, 28223, Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Fri

Telephone: +34 917 15 10 46

Business type: Hotel management school

Le Cordon Bleu Madrid: what do users think?
jakob bonat
jakob bonat: God will be giving me a gift that i can attend lcb one day.amin
Jose de dios
Jose de dios: I already have several diplomas from the Cordon Bleu, Paris and Madrid. And I have been applying what I learned for a long time. And I have to say that it seems to me to be one of the best cooking schools. I think that it corresponds much more to people with certain experience and ambitions, that is, with an interest in learning, with concern and attitude. In practice, just visit people in Madrid who work and set up their business after going through the Cordon Bleu, and see that they are exemplary, that their products, recipes are the best. I strongly support the idea of ​​training in the Cordon Bleu. Thanks.
miki droira
miki droira: good education, you learn cooking techniques very quickly, but the schedules are very poorly thought out, the administration rarely helps or solves the problems of the students despite the fact that the courses are very expensive. It seems that they only care about the prestige of the school more than the well-being of the students.
Nicolas GelDe balada
Nicolas GelDe balada: The facilities are d10 and the staff more than a pleasure my sight
Álvaro José García Tejedor
Álvaro José García Tejedor: I have attended several short cooking courses. The organization is impeccable. Materials and facilities, too. The chefs at the school are very attentive and willing to explain and repeat all the explanations. And in the end you can eat my that you have cooked !!!
Response: Thank you very much, Alvaro Jose. We hope you continue to be encouraged to enjoy haute cuisine with our short courses ;)
ana fernandez cerdan
ana fernandez cerdan: Monographic Christmas course, about to end, spectacular, I loved, surprised and excited. Thanks Franck, and to all who have made it possible.
Response: Thank you very much Ana. We are glad that you liked it. We are waiting for you in future courses that we do at the School.
Daniel Garmendia
Daniel Garmendia: A close human team with a lot of professionalism. From the moment you enter the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school you realize that everything is geared towards excellence
María Carmela Guerriero
María Carmela Guerriero: One day ... GOD will give me this gift ... to go to meet and maybe even take a course ... in this "CULUNARY CATREDRAL"
nico elguapo
nico elguapo: It is my dream to study in this emblematic center. I hope that one day it will become a reality.

11. Spaneasy Spanish School - Spanish Lessons - Centro

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85 reviews
new review
Spaneasy Spanish School - Spanish Lessons
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Address: Cra de S. Jerónimo, 5, Planta 3 - Puerta 3, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 691 51 33 80

Business type: Language school

Spaneasy Spanish School - Spanish Lessons: what do users think?
Tim Halliday
Tim Halliday: I have tried a few schools in madrid and a few different private teachers.. then I tried Spaneasy and I can honestly say there is zero comparison. I found the classes, structure, methodology and teachers all worked better than any other school or teacher I had tried before. The teachers are friendly, open, communicative and are flexible – they follow a structure, but they are able to allow the conversation, class and student to divulge – which can be very conducive to the learning process, and the teacher does maintaining control and relevance. Often any “side conversations” re incorporated into future examples and lessons – it’s a difficult skill to practice. In other schools and with other teachers, there was never time to divulge, it was always “follow the script” and a little robotic. But spanseasy made it easier – and when your trying to learn a new language, you need all the help you can get! The first couple years of trying to learn Spanish were such a challenge for me – I couldn’t remember, or engage with things! But Spaneasy changed all that – ellos son super buenos, super listos y muy simpaticos y cinco Estrella no es justo… por favor google, quiero poner diez o mas! 😊
Response: Thank you very much for your opinion Tim, we are very happy to see that you are so happy with our methodology and the results obtained. All the best.
Cathy Lynch
Cathy Lynch: I can´t recommend Spaneasy enough. With lockdown in place in Madrid, I took the opportunity to improve my Spanish. I spent 5 months doing the intensive B1 and B2 courses. There were only 4 other students in my class so we all had an opportunity to speak in conversations and debates. The classes are all in Spanish so you are fully immersed! always thinking, speaking, and listening in Spanish. Overall the classes are very informative and enjoyable, the teachers and staff are very fun and friendly and the price is great for what you´re getting. So if you´re looking for a Spanish course, look no further, Spaneasy is the place to be! :)
Response: Thank you so much Cathy for sharing your opinion 😀
Erik Simon
Erik Simon: I took courses with Spaneasy for 8 months and was very happy with both the results I saw and the fun I had while learning. The class sizes are nice and small, so you not only get to really know your teacher and classmates, but also ask questions and make sure you understand what is being taught. I would highly recommend Spaneasy to anybody looking to learn or improve their Spanish.
Response: Thank you so much Erik for sharing your opinion 😄
Denisse Grullon
Denisse Grullon: “Spaneasy is located in a great place and each classroom has an amazing atmosphere for studying. Gotta love the Madrid subway themed classrooms. The teachers are very professional. The front desk staff is also nice and supportive. Araceli is a very kind person, profesional and will make sure you have the best experience possible while studying Spanish.”
Response: Thank you so much for sharing your opinion Denisse! ❤️
Robert Barnett
Robert Barnett: We took classes with Spaneasy for about two months. The instructors were very good and knowledgeable. The staff at the school was also very nice and helpful. It was fun to have students from other countries in our class. We learned a lot. We had to leave Madrid for a few months but now that we are back, we hope to get back to our classes once we get settled. I was really impressed at how quickly they got us doing online classes when the lockdown occurred. (See photo) Thanks Spaneasy!!
Response: Thank you so much for your feedback! Hope to see you soon again, take care!! 🙂
Anna Radomirovna
Anna Radomirovna: I liked Spaneasy a lot! I took a course of 2 weeks to make a quick preparation for Dele B2 because my time was limited. I chose 4 schools in Madrid, I was a bit worried about making all on time and Spaneasy was the only one who accepted my request considering my special dates, schedule and price. The guys there answered on all of my questions about the program and helped me to book it. I had individual classes and it made my progress grows fast. People there are really the professionals. They will provide you with any info you need, give you all the material and make your knowledge be good. Also, want to note that besides all that, they have an incredible location. Totally worth it! ♡
Response: Thank you so much Anna! We are so glad you passed your B2 DELE exam! Congrats and thanks for choosing us! ☺️
Revé Fisher
Revé Fisher: Spaneasy is a fantastic school with great teachers and staff. I first was introduced to Spaneasy through a culture and history workshop. We had a bunch of tapas and drinks during the event, and they even gave us a nice bottle of olive oil as a gift. I enjoyed it so much I went again, and they were gracious enough to give me another bottle of the olive oil, lol. The following year, I enrolled in their intensive (4-hr/day) C1 class for several weeks over the summer. My classmates and I had a great time in class, learning, laughing and improving our Spanish in the heart of Madrid :)
Response: Thank you Revé! 😍
Raphaela Josi
Raphaela Josi: After looking at a couple of Spanish schools in Madrid I found that Spaneasy had a perfect timetable (for example, intensive course 2 hours per day) for a very fair price and cheaper than many other schools. But what really makes Spaneasy great are the people working there. Everyone is super friendly and they make you feel welcome from the very beginning. The teachers make an effort to make class interesting and diversified each day. So I learned a lot in a very fun and relaxed way! Also all the materials are covered by Spaneasy and you get a lot of print outs of grammar explanations and exercises. Would totally recommend Spaneasy to everyone looking to learn Spanish in Madrid!!
Response: Thank you so much Jules! You are really kind :) we loved meeting you and hope to see you again! take care and continue practising Spanish, you improved a lot
Elise Khoury
Elise Khoury: I had a great experience in Spaneasy for the past 7 months. I started in an intensive plus course with other young people, which was extremely fun, we were learning through activities; going out to the center, eating churros and chocolate together and talking about everything in Spanish. Then I had one to one classes with amazing teachers, I felt comfortable talking, laughing, joking and debating in Spanish. Spaneasy is unique, you learn without realising and you are able to start speaking fluently, really! The classes are at good price and I have learned a lot. I would definitely come again for more!!!!!!! I had the chance to know most of the teachers: David, Amanda, Rosa, Christina, Juan, Irene and Nacho:) Francesca & Lucia super friendly and helpful with any document I needed! I thank a lot Francesca for her patience and help in my student visa. A big thank you to the school manager Araceli Marqués!
Response: 😍 thank you sooo much Elise! We will really miss you, it was a pleasure to meet you. Hope to see you soon again ☺️

12. Miami Ad School Madrid - Escuela de publicidad y creatividad - Chamberí

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58 reviews
new review
Miami Ad School Madrid - Escuela de publicidad y creatividad
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Address: C. de Sta. Cruz de Marcenado, 4, Local 4, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 917 54 03 75

Business type: Art school

Miami Ad School Madrid - Escuela de publicidad y creatividad: what do users think?
Agustina Lavignasse
Agustina Lavignasse: Miami Ad School is the best place where anyone pursuing an advertising career can be. For me, it was a before and after in my personal and professional life. The two years you’ll spend at this school are definitely an opportunity to have real-world experience (worldwide), connect with important personalities in the industry, and work your a** off to pick some awards up, thus get the job you’ve always wanted. I absolutely recommend Miami Ad School if you want to be a creative and work for an advertising agency. It won’t be easy, but it will be totally worth it.
Response: Thank you for sharing your experience! It's wonderful to hear you are so happy :)
caro s
caro s: At Miami Ad Madrid, you learn to think in a different way. Creativity is something most are born with, but this school fosters it and pushes you to become the best creative you can be.
Response: Hi Caro!! Thank you very much for your words, SO TRUE: creativity is something everyone can develop :)
Sofia Minoli
Sofia Minoli: The portfolio program is excellent. Between the teachers and the support you get from the school for future endeavors, it gives you the opportunity to truly grow professionally.
Response: Thanks a lot for your words, Sofia :)
Ignacio Gonzalez Sbiglio (Nacho)
Ignacio Gonzalez Sbiglio (Nacho): Excellent place to develop creativity and improve your ideas. Undoubtedly, one of the best decisions I made in my life was to study here!
Response: Thanks for your review, Ignacio! :)
pamela bianda
pamela bianda: A perfect environment to practice creativity, network within the advertising industry and make great pals. Top, top, top.
Response: Thanks Pamela! You are also very top, top, top! :)
Natasha Pramanik
Natasha Pramanik: The portfolio program is great, the opportunities and exposure is massive.
Response: Thanks for your comment Natasha! :)
Juan Carlos Martín
Juan Carlos Martín: As soon as I graduated in Advertising and PR, I decided to enroll in the Miami Ad School and it was a success in every way. Not only did I learn from the teachers (who are the top professionals in the industry), but I also learned from my colleagues. It is a school in which, in addition to educating me well, it helped me open my mind thanks to the cool people I met.
Response: Thank you very much, Juan Carlos! We are very happy to know that your experience in our school was so positive. It is a pleasure for us to have had students like you. It will be a pleasure to see you again, even for a visit!


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137 reviews
new review
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Address: C. de José Villena, 16, 28017 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 914 05 47 33

Business type: Barber school

GROOMING SCHOOL ALICIA ROMAN: what do users think?
Mayte Martinez Sanchez
Mayte Martinez Sanchez: Quality and professionals. I went with a color problem, they advised me and helped me correct it. Since then I go every time I need it since I have found great professionals and above all very nice people, both the teachers and the students. THE TREATMENT IS EXCEPTIONAL and very humane.
Response: Mayte thank you very much!
Rocco Antonio Rutigliano
Rocco Antonio Rutigliano: Excellent everything... Good people. Good vibes. They serve you very well. I love coming to this place...
Response: Thank you very much!!!!
María José Moyano
María José Moyano: The first time I go and it has been a success. Very well organized, friendly and professional. They put me with a student who treated me wonderfully, advised me and explained the best for my hair and physiognomy. The teacher was very attentive, guided and finally congratulated for the work done. I left very happy and they are already listed in my favorites to repeat. Quality and attention of 10.
Response: Thank you very much Maria Jose!
Carmen Barbara
Carmen Barbara: Today I have been in the training that Joan Louis David does in provallance, Javier who is from Córdoba has done the haircut for me last week, it could not have been better, everything was perfect, Ana who is the teacher, also great
Response: Thank you very much Carmen!
Victoria Rincon
Victoria Rincon: I liked it a lot. Economical and the students work very well.
Response: Thank you very much Victoria!
Mar Garcia
Mar Garcia: They advise very well and Alex as a hairdresser and Cristian as a teacher are charming.
Response: Thank you very much, Mar!
Mari Jose Gomez
Mari Jose Gomez: Good treatment, the students are great and the teachers are very professional
Response: Thank you very much Mari Jose!

14. LAE Madrid - Spanish Language School - Salamanca

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333 reviews
new review
LAE Madrid - Spanish Language School
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Address: C. de Montesa, 35, izq 2 izq, 28006 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 912 19 69 91

Business type: Language school

LAE Madrid - Spanish Language School: what do users think?
Sarah: Phenomenal experience with LAE! I am taking group classes and one-on-one, and learning faster than I’ve ever learned another language. The teachers are engaging and create a calm, fun environment. Classes are dynamic with games and lots of interaction (standard classes are 6-8 people.) My individual classes are fast-paced and entirely catered to what I want/ need to dive into. And my favorite part is the sense of community. It’s an open space to meet new people, make friends, laugh, and get to know Madrid. For people of all ages and backgrounds, this is an amazing place to learn & grow.
Byron Espinoza
Byron Espinoza: From the front desk staff to the instructors, LAE Madrid exceeded all of my needs and expectations. My Spanish has significantly improved in such a short time. I not only learned more Spanish but was given the tools to take ownership of the language and feel confident to speak it. I highly recommend taking any of their courses. Having also been a part of the TtMadrid TEFL program I can have a well rounded experience of all this school has to offer. Their help and support extends just beyond the four walls of their building which is a gift to someone just moving Madrid.
Bryan Woodward
Bryan Woodward: I am A2 level, approaching B1 level in Spanish and live in the US. I would eventually like to reach C1 level. I have been to a few Spanish Immersion schools in various places (Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and most recently Malaga) over the last year, each for only 1-2 weeks. I did this to see how I liked the programs and how I liked the locations, with the idea that at some point, I would commit to a longer time frame (a few months or more) living in these locations and learning Spanish. I only did 1 week at LAE Madrid prior to going to Malaga. But after leaving LAE, I felt like this may be the place I want to come back to for a longer period. The school is in a vibrant area of Madrid, and the school itself is a vibrant, bustling place with students all over the world. During the week I was there, I met people from Tunisia, UK, Germany, Nigeria, US, China and some other countries. I loved meeting these people and learning a little about their stories. Everyone is very friendly. In this school there are students at all levels of Spanish language skills; small classes with 5-6 students (generally) per teacher, and also private one-on-one teaching scenarios. They do a good job of matching up the students. During breaks between classes, after classes, and during “cultural activities” it is easy to meet these many varied students. There are students with short stays, students who are there for 6-12 months, and even some people that live in Madrid and want to improve their speaking skills. The teaching is excellent. They run a tight ship, but they also seem to be flexible in helping students customize their learning. I have a feeling I will be back to LAE Madrid for a longer period of time in the future. Bryan Woodward
Gesemia Nelson
Gesemia Nelson: Totally worth it! From beginning to end the staff was professional, responsive, and friendly (especially Diego and Carmen who greeted every student by name as we walked through the door) My instructor, Susana, was amazing!! She used lots of different techniques to help us improve. She also gave practical tips directly relevant to the our activities outside of class. Would highly recommend LAE Madrid!
Response: Thank you so much for these words Gesemia! You were an absolute joy to have around and we are happy tou had a lovely time her. We are also delighted to keep having you with us in the online format so you can continue with your progress! :)
Clare Duckworth
Clare Duckworth: The staff and teachers are amazing at this language school. I took 1 on 1 classes with Nacho for 4 months in preparation for the Instituto Cervantes C1 exam, and I passed it thanks to his hard work and preparation! Special shout out to Karmen for always having a smile on her face!
Hannah Heveran
Hannah Heveran: Couldn´t recommend this school highly enough! The staff are so friendly and welcoming, and my Spanish has improved to no end. I now have confidence in my ability to hold a Spanish conversation, and that wasn´t the case at all before LAE. Thank you!
Elisa E
Elisa E: Best Spanish school in Madrid. Every teacher I had was so motivated and it made lessons so much fun.As a side note, It helps that Karmen has an amazing taste of music and you can jam out to 80s music with her before class.
Response: Thank you so much for your lovely words Elise. It was a lot of fun updating the school playlist with you while you waited for your class! ;) We're happy that you've enjoyed them and we hope to see you here again in the future!
Austin Martin
Austin Martin: Amazing school! I attended a total of 4 weeks and learned a ton. All of the staff are incredibly nice. Not only is it a great school, it’s also good place to meet new people, and participate in cultural activities. I wouldn’t look any further, you’ve found the best school for you!
Zehra Ahmed
Zehra Ahmed: Extremely disappointed with the way the school administration treated us. After talking and confirming with Karmen, we booked an apartment close to the school for my two children. But after confirming our stay we never heard back from her until much later saying she was away for an emergency. I understand life happens but we never heard back after that. Fortunately we found an excellent alternative.

15. TILDE MADRID-Spanish School for Adults - Centro

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48 reviews
new review
TILDE MADRID-Spanish School for Adults
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Address: Pl. de la Encarnación, 3, 2ºDerecha, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 646 92 92 34

Business type: Language school

TILDE MADRID-Spanish School for Adults: what do users think?
Martina Sahre
Martina Sahre: This is a really great school for learning Spanish! I have been taking classes at this school via Skype, which works really well for me. I have also been at the school for in-person classes and that, too, was a great experience. The teachers at the school are all experienced and really invested in teaching Spanish. The class sizes are adjusted, so that there are enough students to interact, learn and practice, but not too many to be able to teach efficiently. In addition, there are activities to help you practice, such as guided walks through Madrid and morning newspaper discussions; both really helpful ways to apply the knowledge you gained in class. I am really glad I stumbled across this school in a google search a couple of years ago!
Response: Martina, thank you very much for leaving your comment here. We are glad that you continue learning Spanish and enjoying your classes at a distance. It is a pleasure to have you in our Spanish family :)
Dan Hendry
Dan Hendry: Tilde Madrid is an excellent small Spanish school with excellent supportive teachers. I chose them for their location in Madrid, and the medical spanish course which is something quite rare. Every morning I had 4 hours of classes over the course of 5 weekdays and the hours flew by as it was so enjoyable. Discussing the news of the day over a coffee every morning is a great touch, as are the included excursions in some of the afternoons which are of a high quality and adjusted to the level of the students who attend. Very highly recommended!
Response: Thank you very much, Dan. We are glad that you enjoyed the Spanish course. Your visit to our school was a pleasure for us. We hope to see you very soon! A hug

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