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1. 四川饭店-Restaurante de Sichuan - Centro

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四川饭店-Restaurante de Sichuan
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Address: C. del Caballero de Gracia, 8, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: +34 914 26 64 53

Business type: Sichuan restaurant

四川饭店-Restaurante de Sichuan: what do users think?
Evan Kuo (Taiwanese in Madrid)
Evan Kuo (Taiwanese in Madrid): The place is quite big and well decorated. All the dishes were really delicious and good amount with fair price. They have a big menu with a lot choices, so you can always find something you would like better. The service was really fast and nice. We have been coming here for more than 4 years, even the price is a bit increasing, but I think it is still good for what they offer.
Ajay Rao
Ajay Rao: Staff are really quick and friendly. They give recommendations that are genuine as well. Restaurant accepts all card types. The dishes are made to your requirement. We asked for spicy and we were served a Bomb. Thoroughly enjoyed the lotus stems steamed along with the prawns and that gravy was amazing as well. Good to go on dates and in small groups. Interiors and ambience are top notch and attractive. Temperature is very well maintained
Hana Ngo
Hana Ngo: Awesome meal 🥘 Very tasty! We came here for our second lunch hence we didn’t order much. Dumplings 🥟 are very tasty and not soggy, perfectly made. The wontons are very spicy 🌶, Sichuan kind. So tingling tongue. The gong poa chicken was tasty as well. We ordered medium spicy, it was delicious! AC isn’t working properly or it’s just too hot from the peppers 😂. Nice quick service and great options for drinks 🍹 Felt authentic. And price is very low! We had this food including two rice bowls and 4 drinks for 40€
Wang: Very bad experience, there is no zero star…. To the owner: I know you want to earn as much as possible but this is way too low, right?人要脸树要皮,这么做生意恐怕不长久。 Been pushed to pay even you haven’t finished eating. Been told “we have more guests wait outside, can you?” When you still drinking your soft drinks. They just could not wait to push you outside of their place, this is not fast food, even fast food restaurants have manners.
Katie: Our friend is from Sichuan and invited us here for dinner, it is his favourite restaurant in Madrid. The food is absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to eat here again 😁
Chi Ieong
Chi Ieong: Very quick service. The staff are very polite, friendly and well trained. Our food were tasty, we ordered the spicy chicken and prawn dumpling.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Hannah Karmann
Hannah Karmann: Wonderful food and lovely staff. It’s a very busy place so if you want to be sure to get a table without waiting a bit first then is it a good idea to make a reservation. We came from the street and we had to wait for maybe 15 minutes but it was definitely worth the wait. The food is a little spicy but colorful and delicious. They make an excellent Long Island ice tea drink so be sure to get one of those too after your food
Duc Anh Nguyen
Duc Anh Nguyen: Brillant chinese in Madrid, probably the best.Delicious spicy food for a fair price. Super friendly, english-speaking staff.
Lavender Looi
Lavender Looi: Absolutely satisfied with this place. The crispy pork was amazing, also loved the shrimp with glass noodles and mapo toufu. Will be back for more!
Angela Cocca
Angela Cocca: Nice place in the center of Madrid. The food was pretty good but it was a bit oily for my taste. Perhaps it was what I ordered. Good price for menú del día. We left full. Service was nice.

2. Sichuan Kitchen - Centro

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Sichuan Kitchen
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Address: C/ del Maestro Guerrero, 4, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: +34 910 25 16 05

Business type: Chinese restaurant

Sichuan Kitchen: what do users think?
Grace Peng
Grace Peng: the pork belly, eggplant were very tasty. Chongqing noodle was tasty but only very little noodles, bongbong chicken was so so. we went to this restaurant again, ordered garlic pork, kongpao chicken, pepper beef were all good! we went to the third times on Nov 11, kongpao chicken and kongpao shrimp were so sweet and made us a little disappointed. the service was great!
John Carlon
John Carlon: One of my favorite restaurants in Madrid. The food has FLAVOR!!! And I’m sorry, but a lot of Spanish foods are bland for my taste and I miss spicy food when I’m in Spain. This restaurant fulfills those cravings. We tried a lot of different dishes on the menu. Everything was great, but some of my favorites were the dry beef, the eggplant dish, and the one with shrimp. I can’t remember the exact names, but those ones were delicious. It’s hard to miss here honestly. If anything I would say the dessert was my least favorite out of any of the food, but overall the place is 5 stars in my opinion. I’d recommend coming here with a group of people who likes to share food so you can all try several things!
Filip Lauridsen
Filip Lauridsen: This place is a real gem if you are looking for authentic Shichuan food. They serve a broad variety of dishes and everything I tasted was super delicious. The staff were very attentive and the atmosphere was great. The only cons was that the menu was only available in Spanish and Mandarin, but it turned out to be a good opportunity to brush up my rusty mandarin ( combined with Google Translate ;) )
E V: The kindest staff, very central location, convenient closing times (midnight). The food is exquisite and fresh, and the wonton and jiaozi dough is light, soft and thin. We can see those dishes were made from scratch, not frozen. I highly recommend this restaurant.
Zeng Cheng
Zeng Cheng: Speaking as someone who was born in Sichuan, this is one of the best Sichuan restaurants in Madrid and probably the whole Spain. Sichuan food is never just about being spicy. It’s about the fragrance, and the food here got it.
Alfonso A
Alfonso A: Authentic Sichuanese flavor , delicious. Also some regular Chinese cuisine for the less intrepid. Good atmosphere , kind staff and great value for money. Will come back for the 3rd time and add some pics!*Edited with pics of our 3rd visit.
Fifi Sin dormir
Fifi Sin dormir: It’s ok but not outstanding .. cozy environment, fully booked after 9 o clock dinner time in weekend so you’d better go earlier or book before you go , 18€ each
Rosalie B
Rosalie B: This is such a good restaurant! One of the best Chinese meals that I had in my life! Would definitely come back if I would visit Madrid again!
Wylie Mayo
Wylie Mayo: This place is fantastic!!! Seriously some of the best Chinese food I’ve had in Spain. Servers were very friendly and attentive. Can’t wait to return to this place next time we’re in Madrid.
David Mapletoft
David Mapletoft: Located next to one of my base bustops I’ve finally decided to try it out. I usually don’t eat Chinese, having grown up in Australia and been overwhelmingly over this cuisine outside of China. However, the dish I tried today was excellent. Wan tan Spivey - and for Spain it was TRULY Spicy. Totally satisfied. I shall return to sample more.

3. Hot Pot de Sichuan - Centro

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1109 reviews
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Hot Pot de Sichuan
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Address: C. de Trujillos, 7, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Business type: Hot pot restaurant

Hot Pot de Sichuan: what do users think?
Matt C
Matt C: Wonderful! Here you pick the broth and then decide from a huge variety of meats, vegetables, and noodles. The choices are plentiful - from comfortably tender beef or exotic chicken parts. There are also a variety of sauces all flavorful and available in a low or high spice level. The decision is yours but in the end you are guaranteed to have created your own flavorful masterpiece. The service was amazing and they were happy to help us figure it out. We all loved it.
Iggy Nelix
Iggy Nelix: Terrific Sichuan place, great atmosphere.We had a split pot with half spicy and half not spicy, Sliced beef, pork dumplings, Chinese cabbage and bok choy. All of it was great. Highly recommend. Our server spoke Spanish, Chinese, and English, and maybe more. Reservations are recommended.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Febe M.
Febe M.: We had a great time! Food was delicious and service great; it was funny to see the waiters so worried about the food been too spicy for us, even though we assured them that we are used to spicy food. They were checking on us every 10 minutes! I advise to try this restaurant
Chi Pham
Chi Pham: It smelled like home the moment I stepped into this place! It was so close to what I consider authentically Asian. We ordered the 45€ menu for 2 persons and ordered 4 more side dishes, costing us around 70€ in total. We tried prawns, mini octopus, beef, tofu, mushrooms, pork intestines - it all was fresh and juicy. And a bonus point for the service!
Reda Haddou
Reda Haddou: Authentic, traditional chinese hotpot experience! Staff welcome and advise you on the freshest food available. You can choose how spicy your hotpot will be. If you are an amateur, I strongly recommend you try the hottest one. I assure you will experience extremely tasty food on your spicy journey, yet affordable quantities. A must try with friends!
Tiny T
Tiny T: You know it’s legit when it’s teeming with people of all cultures (especially Asians). Great place for Asian hotpot mix. Servers are so fast and alert and nice. Yay.
Sherry Zhang
Sherry Zhang: Very delicious authentic Sichuan Hotpot. All foods were fresh and good. Except Suanmeitang, which was a bit too sweet.
Jose Assad
Jose Assad: Excellent! Great food and incredibly friendly staff thy will teach you how to cook the food if you have never been to a "hot pot" place before.
W T: Helpful staff explaining how it all works. Make sure everything you ordered has brought to table then check your bill as mistakes was made on our. Overall okay but at the end is just frozen meat and veggies dipped on soup but great for the experience

4. Sabor Sichuan - Centro

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Sabor Sichuan
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Address: C. de Ventura Rodríguez, 5, 28008 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11:30PM

Telephone: +34 915 59 91 83

Business type: Chinese restaurant

Sabor Sichuan: what do users think?
Ana MG Landeta
Ana MG Landeta: Excellent place, without hesitation probably the best Chinese we’ve been in Madrid. A bit far from the center of Madrid (Goya area etc) but it is totally worth it and I highly recommend it. The dishes are fabulous very well served, the best we found qua tasty, ingredients and key elements like the Chinese pepper for example were, the panceta, the eggplants uffff, the lubina fish wow, the wonton soup that we divided by 9 people and portions were perfect, the octopus was really good as well. Overall we had a perfect evening with perfection on food and service, it was crowded and we had everything served in a timely manner that made our dinner succeed our expectations. Oh the shrimp were to die for and the fried rice was also very tasty. Seriously do not miss out because is the closest to China taste you can have in Madrid. Well done guys, we are truly delighted! And to top it all, we had tangerines for desert surprised by them, we absolutely loved it! Xie Xie Sabor Sishuan 👍🏼💛
Michael King
Michael King: Owner here is extremely kind, I want to give it five stars because the taste is quite good but the food wasn’t all that fresh unfortunately! It resulted in one of the worst stomach aches I’ve ever gotten from a sichuanese hotpot. Otherwise, do recommend this place.
Jurgen Rekkers
Jurgen Rekkers: We had the traditional hotpot here and it was good. Recommended.
Elena: I studied in Sichuan , it’s the best hotpot I have ever had in Madrid Till now .
Anastasia Sivets
Anastasia Sivets: The food is very tasty and interesting. There are only Chinese people, which is good indicator of quality! Will come back a lot of times!
Irina DUMITRESCU: The best Chinese restaurant in Madrid that offers genuine sichuan hotpot. Reservation is recommended especially during the weekend. A very pleasant and typical Chinese atmosphere makes the food even tastier. I have visited this restaurant several times and always the food was delicious. Be careful how spicy you order the hotpot sauce!
Zigor Karlos Nuere Salgado
Zigor Karlos Nuere Salgado: Lovely Chinese restaurant from Sichuan in Madrid. And the dumplings sauce is just Soooo tasty

5. 川辣香都 Restaurante Sichuan - Usera

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209 reviews
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川辣香都 Restaurante Sichuan
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Address: C. de Gabino Jimeno, 6, 28026 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 11PM ⋅ Opens 12PM Fri

Telephone: +34 693 36 14 62

Business type: Chinese restaurant

川辣香都 Restaurante Sichuan: what do users think?
Mario Ramos
Mario Ramos: Really good!!!. Specially if you like spicy food, although the can make it non-spicy. Authentic food. Do not expect spring rolls and lemon chicken. I will repeat.
Jay: traditional taste, can be super spicy for people who love the flavor.
Dmytro Rodin
Dmytro Rodin: The most tasty Chinese (and si chuan!) kitchen I’ve eaten so far
Sean L.
Sean L.: So I go here frequently, and also bring guests from out of town here. Everyone loves it. Fresh, spicey in a no-bs atmosphere. The 'ensalada de pepino' is must, as are the szechuan noodles...then go for the fish and twice cooked pork. Also those little Szechuan pickled veggie skewers that you can choose from the jar are so on-point. This is my special should be happy I am spilling the beans about it. Another reason to love Usera.
xing Chen
xing Chen: I do believe the owner need to train the staff better, really rude service and not professional…
S “Sofi” F
S “Sofi” F: One of our favorite Chinese restaurants, we have to go every now and then.
Daniel Welsch
Daniel Welsch: Pretty good Szechuan food, decent clean place, great prices.
Matt Robb
Matt Robb: Really good selection of food. Very fast and very tasty

6. Restaurante Casa Lafu - Centro

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1045 reviews
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Restaurante Casa Lafu
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Address: C. de la Flor Baja, 1, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: +34 915 48 70 96

Business type: Sichuan restaurant

Restaurante Casa Lafu: what do users think?
Taro Mikami
Taro Mikami: Super delicious Chinese food. We just enjoyed all of the dishes very much!
Seet Zhang
Seet Zhang: Very nice ambience, careful service and pretty and authenticity Chinese food. The best Chinese place I’ve ever tried in Madrid city center as a native person from China.
Elisa Ye
Elisa Ye: A must try chinese restaurant in Madrid!! was all soooo yummy, good service, good location. No doubt one of my favourite restaurant and the dongpo meat and doufu are the best of the best!!
Zhe Huang
Zhe Huang: Location 5, service 4, food taste 3.5 to 4. Reasonably good meal.
Li Yang
Li Yang: This Chinese restaurant is always one of the top in my list to be recommended to my friends and colleagues. The food is authentic, the location in the centre is convenient for public transportation and the environment is good. There is also private rooms for reservation if you need some privacy with friends. You can also try hot pot here.
Isabel J. A
Isabel J. A: 100% the best Chinese restaurant in Madrid.
Hussein Barakat
Hussein Barakat: Good Chinese traditional food. It seems popular as well. The quality of food was ok compared to the price. The quantity is good as well. We had dumplings, a noodle and 2 main dishes and it was enough for two people.The hot pot is a good option as well.

7. Chuan Yu - Centro

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415 reviews
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Chuan Yu
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Address: C. de la Estrella, 5, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: +34 911 37 78 69

Business type: Chinese restaurant

Chuan Yu: what do users think?
Banin Design & More
Banin Design & More: A very nice medium-sized restaurant with great/non expensive food and kind service... say no more :))Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Nishok Tressler
Nishok Tressler: This place has the best Chinese food I have tasted yet. The ambience is nothing great, but the simplicity makes you feel like you are in an authentic Chinese restaurant. The fried chicken with Sichuan chillies is replete with flavour and it is a must have!
Martin Svensson
Martin Svensson: Good service and nice food; good value for money. We had the chicken w almonds and chicken w lemon.
Dan Littauer
Dan Littauer: Excellent authentic Chinese restaurant, good service, tasty dishes and reasonable prices. For two people you can order two or three side dishes and one main and you enjoy an amazing value meal. We had the black ear fungus salad which was delicious, a mixed noodles which was wonderful, a pot of spicy mixed meat and vegetables, and rice, all flavoursome. There are literally dozens of dishes to explore, so I’ll definitely be back
Jen Xiao
Jen Xiao: Authentic Sichuan cuisine, great selection of dishes, really tasty and cheap! The location is good, and easy to access with metro and bus. The owners and waiting staff are always friendly. The serving is fast. Highly recommended for those who want a real experience of the Sichuan food with very reasonable price.
Neeti Bhargava
Neeti Bhargava: Amazing food. If someone loves spicy food try the fried chicken with chillies and fried potatoes. Generally all dishes r just great. escabeche with any meat is a perfect dish with rice.
Aviv Rosen
Aviv Rosen: This place is the definition of an authentic Chinese restaurant with reasonable prices. I loved every aspect of it.
Beatriz Kim Park
Beatriz Kim Park: The food was legit and service was pretty decent. I will come back and try the whole menu!

8. 四川小吃 Plato de Sichuan - Centro - El Arroyo - La Fuente

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15 reviews
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四川小吃 Plato de Sichuan
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Address: Spain, Madrid, Fuenlabrada, C. Fabero, 邮政编码: 28947

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +34 664 58 51 58

Business type: Chinese restaurant

四川小吃 Plato de Sichuan: what do users think?
Alba Cerro
Alba Cerro: Recommended site, it has a fantastic spicy. Both the food and the desserts are very good. The girls who served us were very friendly. We will be back to try more
Response: Thank you very much Alba see you soon !!
Roberto: Excellent food good prices and good service Fans of tasty food will like it a lot
elvis Roland
elvis Roland: Nice, good food, affordable prices, recommended
Response: Thank you very much Elvis

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