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1. Apetit'Oh! Cooking workshop - Retiro

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136 reviews
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Apetit'Oh! Cooking workshop
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Address: C. de Seco, 14, 28007 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4PM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 52 76 98

Business type: Culinary school

Apetit'Oh! Cooking workshop: what do users think?
Isabel Sánchez
Isabel Sánchez: Amazing place, If feels like you can cook anything when you are there :). We went to the Brunch class as family with our 5yo and grandma and we ALL loved it!! And everything was delicious! We will definitely try it again with some of the other options that also sound delicious.
Response: Many thanks Isabel!! We hope to see you again soon in another Show Cooking!!
Jason Geiger
Jason Geiger: Lots of fun!
Response: Thanks Jason!! We also enjoyed it very much!!! I hope that you will cook paella and gazpacho at home!!!
Yoana Martinez
Yoana Martinez: We have done a 3-hour course on Mexican cooking and it has been a very fun and entertaining experience. We have been able to cook in a group of about 10 people, very good atmosphere. And the dishes all came out delicious. Very friendly staff, we had Vivi and Gloria from teachers and great! Apart from the recipes we made, we learned many useful cooking tricks. Highly recommended And the option of viewing the course calendar and reservations online is very convenient!
Response: Thank you Yoana from the team that was with you for explaining your comments. We are glad that you enjoyed learning. All the best.
Peach: I signed up for a 3-month introductory course in cooking... And well, the teachers are great and you learn a lot from them, but the organization of the company leaves a lot to be desired... the price is quite affordable, the course is complete with a variety of recipes, but the number of people per class is very high for the amount of dishes that are made, and you do rather little. The management also regular.
Response: We appreciate your comment. We will try to improve on the aspects you point out. All the best
Ed Mangual
Ed Mangual: Gloria and Sebastian were great! Patient and thorough with teaching our group to cook Paella, Gaszpacho, and torta de Santiago. Thanks! Gloria and Sebastian were great! Patient and thorough in teaching our group how to cook Paella, Gazpacho and Torta de Santiago. Thank you!
Response: Thank you very much Ed. I will pass them on the both of you. We are enjoyed the Spanish Cooking Workshop.
Pablo Martínez Rojas
Pablo Martínez Rojas: Very good experience. I really wanted to try a cooking course and I am very happy with my choice. I think they take care of the details quite well and it shows in many aspects such as the facilities, the explanations, the pace of the class... The result; a different plan in which you learn and have a very pleasant time in very good company.
Response: Thank you very much Paul!! We are very happy that you have had a good learning. We continue!!!
Maribel Sanz
Maribel Sanz: A great experience, a large group of coworkers went to do a team building day, and we had a great time. They were very flexible on price level, and we really enjoyed cooking and eating. Gloria made sure the food was delicious. A very pleasant experience that I recommend. Thanks for giving us such a good time.
Response: Thank you Maribel for your comments!! It encourages us to continue working with great desire!! We wait for you whenever you want!!

2. zuara sushi - Tetuán

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37 reviews
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zuara sushi
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Address: C. del Pensamiento, 28, 28020 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11:30PM

Telephone: +34 633 46 77 80

Business type: Sushi restaurant

zuara sushi: what do users think?
Brian James Douglas
Brian James Douglas: Way above any other restaurant that professes to be a Japanese or Sushi restaurant. The place is beyond an eaterie and is a shrine to Japanese culture and approach to cooking and service their food. The preparation is beyond anything that I have ever seen, the respect for the raw materials and the care and attention that goes into making each dish look and taste out of this world.
Fernando Encinar
Fernando Encinar: A magnificent Japanese, which is articulated around a bar where diners let themselves be carried away by a display of an excellent tasting menu. Orthodoxy, recovery of classic Japanese cuisine and some delicious nigiris. Very good service and great product and very well treated. It is not cheap, €200 per head but you pay more than the quality, the service and the personalized attention of the chef, coming from 99 KO,
Maria Jesus Santos Bonillo
Maria Jesus Santos Bonillo: Congratulations to the entire team for making the meal a unique experience. The raw material, the preparation, the treatment we have received, everything has been special. Thanks a lot!!!
lei qin
lei qin: The experience was great , he paid attention too , the commune is great . One of the best in Madrid
T DVJ: Wonderful experience in an intimate and friendly atmosphere with 2 other couples while David Arauz explained to us the dishes he was creating. Chef, absolutely deserving of that Michelin star
Aurelio FS
Aurelio FS: Excellent sushi based on a magnificent product treated with care. Professional and attentive service. Pleasant atmosphere. Disappointing value for money, for an exorbitant price compared to other restaurants of similar quality and cuisine, with and without a star, in Madrid.
Alejandro Saez
Alejandro Saez: Anyone who knows David knows that he is a professional and that he brings all his experience and energy to presenting you with the best possible product with the most exquisite treatment in each pass of his food. More than eating, it is an experience that, accompanied by his team, makes you feel very comfortable so that all you have to do is enjoy.

3. La Muffinería - Salamanca

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490 reviews
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La Muffinería
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Address: C. de Tomás López, 2, 28009 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 690 62 53 20

Business type: Cooking class

La Muffinería: what do users think?
John White
John White: Took a trip to Madrid a while ago and just recently was going through photos and remembered my fiancé and I took a little course here. Despite being tourists our teacher, Juan, was very polite and informative. I can now make sushi with the best of them! A++
Simona Svízelová
Simona Svízelová: I bought a sushi course for my boyfriend and it was so much fun! The tutor is very nice and professional, I would definitely go again!
Pablo Merino
Pablo Merino: I took part in the sushi class and it was an amazing experience. It was not the first try I was making sushi. However, the professor Juan, who was really friendly and professional, show to my partner and I all the basis needed to make sushi the correct way. Thank you very much again Juan, I strongly recommend this course, it´s totally worth it!!!
Elise Marengo
Elise Marengo: I participated in the Sushi making class. The class was informative and very fun, we ended up with 3 different kinds of rolls and got to enjoy over 15 pieces of sushi each. After leaving the class we felt so confident we decided to try and make our own at home and it turned out beautifully! Great class, Thank you!
María José Gómez
María José Gómez: A fantastic evening with a great teacher, Juan, learning how to cook something especial. Great tips and clues to apply for everyday meals and 3 oriental recipes to bowl over. And dinner included! What more could we ask for!
Mar Bonet
Mar Bonet: This is a great place with a great teacher. His explanations were specially good and everything we cooked was delicious. I highly recommend anyone who whishes to spend a good time learning some cooking tricks.Thank you for being so kind!
Miguel Daniel Mozo
Miguel Daniel Mozo: Great experience! It was a Christmas gift and we enjoyed it a lot. We also got great tips and tricks on how to cook and where to buy the best products. Plus, we got to try our own cooking at the end! 10/10
Kike Briega
Kike Briega: Super good experience, I was with my wife doing a Thai cooking course and we had a great time. Juan the teacher is super nice. I recommend taking some tapers, and making the reservation through the business website to have a direct reservation with the owners, since the treatment by Atrapalo is terrible... I had to fight with them to be able to take the course (something that the owners of La muffineria had nothing to do with it). That said, highly recommended but booking directly from the La Muffineria website.

4. Cooking Point - Centro

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162 reviews
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Cooking Point
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Address: C. de Moratín, 11, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 910 11 51 54

Business type: Culinary school

Cooking Point: what do users think?
Mackenzie Winton
Mackenzie Winton: We LOVED the Paella Cooking class with Cooking Point on our recent trip to Madrid. Definitely a great addition and way to try the local dishes paella with chicken, calamari, mussels, and shrimp, as well as gazpacho and sangria! We enjoyed the trip to Mercado San Antón to gather fresh ingredients for cooking too.
Kaitlin Rooney
Kaitlin Rooney: My family and I took the paella class with Eduardo and had the best experience! The class was fun, engaging and delicious! The kitchen facility was clean and beautiful as well. Eduardo was very passionate about the food we cooked and the trip to get our ingredients was a great way to learn more about Spanish cuisine. Thank you Cooking Point!
Deanne Funkhouser
Deanne Funkhouser: My husband and I took the tapas and sangria class with Eduardo. He was a wonderful instructor. He ran the cooking class with excellent timing and skill. We replicated 6 Spanish dishes plus the sangria. We also got to sample a regional cider and a vermouth from Spain. Eduardo shared a lot of information with us and answered all our questions. It was a very enjoyable class! Highly recommend when you are in Madrid! It will be your best souvenir of go home and make yummy tapas for your friends.
Jennifer Pere
Jennifer Pere: The paella cooking class with a trip to the market was one of the highlights of our week in Madrid! The cooking instruction itself was excellent while the experience was social and fun…so much so that I would’ve taken the Tapas class next if I wasn’t leaving Madrid. They were very accommodating of my gluten-free needs. Definitely recommend.
Nonie Fraser-Lee
Nonie Fraser-Lee: What a wonderful way to spend 4 hours! We learned so much more from Eduardo about Spain than just how to cook paella - some really interesting information about culture/lifestyle, and the history of Spain. Eduardo is a super teacher...easy to follow, moves at a good pace, happy to answer any was a great experience! And the food was delicious! I highly recommend.
Jess Taylor
Jess Taylor: This was such a wonderful experience! Eduardo was awesome - it was great being able to go to a local market and have him explain the different types of traditional Spanish food and their origins. I loved that the class was small (8 people). It was an unforgettable experience that I would highly recommend to anyone - including solo travelers!
Ire Gen
Ire Gen: Very good english speaking class with Eduardo! Lots of hands on experience (cooking in pairs), lighthearted session. Eduardo shared lots of knowledge about cooking and Spain, yet did not impose his culinary techniques onto the class. It was tons of fun!
Jade Leong
Jade Leong: It was an amazing and fabulous experience. Really loved the entire process from marketing to preparing the food. Eduardo is such a great teacher.
Isaac Katzanek
Isaac Katzanek: Eduardo led an incredible class. He made everyone feel welcome, and clearly has a wealth of knowledge about both the food we were preparing and the history of the area. I enjoyed getting a chance to go to the market with him and hear his insight there, and of course everything we made was absolutely delicious. Would highly recommend!

5. Kabuki - Tetuán

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809 reviews
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Address: Av. del Pdte. Carmona, 2, 28020 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11:45PM

Telephone: +34 914 17 64 15

Business type: Sushi restaurant

Kabuki: what do users think?
acme: First restaurant in Madrid serving Spanish-Japanese fusion and awarded with one Michelin star. And one of the best places in town to try sushi in a informal place with a superb service and a selected wine list. The terrace is a must in summer.
Phil Bernard
Phil Bernard: Lovely food and great service, the degustacion menu is delicious!! Highly recommend
Ismael: Everything was excellent from the delicious food, the ambiance, to the amazing service. The eel nigiri were out of this world.
Jakobe Lezana
Jakobe Lezana: Amazing Japanese cuisine with a sprinkle of Spain in it. Highly recommended.
Jean Francois Forgeot d'Arc
Jean Francois Forgeot d'Arc: Excellent and surprising traditional Japanese food. Fantastic menu of wine and service is attentive!!
Achi Kushnir
Achi Kushnir: Amazing dishes...great service with special personal attention. Not cheap but definitely worth the experience!
Daniela Muscat
Daniela Muscat: Absolutely amazing dinner! The service was impeccable and the quality of the food was super. The eel nigiri were out of this world!

6. Contacto Cocina - Chamartín

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99 reviews
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Contacto Cocina
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Address: C. de Oquendo, 20, 28006 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 02 76 37

Business type: Culinary school

Contacto Cocina: what do users think?
Laura Hardwick
Laura Hardwick: We loved this course! Really well explained, practical and the end results were delicious. A very convivial afternoon and definitely to be repeated.
Response: Thank you very much, Laura!
Fausto Mantovani
Fausto Mantovani: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueReally good experience!!!
Response: Thank you very much for your review Fausto !!
Jessika Curto de Castro
Jessika Curto de Castro: Very good rice classes, super rich. I loved the experience.
Response: Thank you so much Jessica!
Gerardo Martinez
Gerardo Martinez: We have done a rice course. The spectacular teaching and eating them at the end a delight. Easy to make them at home. We will repeat more courses for sure
Response: 😊 thank you very much!
Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez: The site is impressive, it met my expectations from minute one. I went to a low temperature cooking course taught by chef Elena Aymerich and it should be noted: - the good atmosphere you breathe and the good time we had. - The quality of the ingredients, the kitchen equipment and the facilities. - The location of the site in the center of Madrid. - Attention by all the kitchen contact team that lived up to it at all times. I would definitely repeat and recommend
Esther Pantoja Montero
Esther Pantoja Montero: On Saturday I went with my aunt to the Rice Course taught by Luis Centenera and Almudena and the experience was unique! The facilities are extensive and the products of each elaboration very very fresh. We made a dry rice, a sweet rice and another broth and we had the opportunity to try them all. The entire production process was explained in great detail and all the doubts that arose were resolved. I am delighted and I will do many more courses!
Response: Thank you very much for your review Esther! We love to see our customers satisfied and we continue working to improve day by day. Opinions like yours are an incredible motivation for us. We hope to see you again soon. All the best.
rebeca martinez garcia
rebeca martinez garcia: We did the Thai cooking course, and in addition to learning a lot, we had a great time. Both the site and the people are great. We will be back for sure!
Paloma montero sánchez
Paloma montero sánchez: I loved the rice course. Delicious and kitchen tips that serve for any preparation. Charming Luis and Almudena.
Response: Thank you very much for the review Paloma, we really appreciate your words.
Victor Casado
Victor Casado: Everything is great. To repeat. Luis and Almu, great professionals. They made the whole experience really fun. Highly recommended.
Response: Thank you very much for your review Victor! A pleasure to share with you the experience.
Pablo H-M
Pablo H-M: Great, we went to the rice cooking class and it was a lot of fun and we learned a lot, they are very attentive and friendly!
Response: We are very happy to read you Pablo, thank you very much and greetings.

7. Academia del Gusto - Chamberí

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42 reviews
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Academia del Gusto
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Address: C. de Cristóbal Bordiú, 55, 28003 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 35 37 28

Business type: Hotel management school

Academia del Gusto: what do users think?
Francisco Sarmento
Francisco Sarmento: Very good cooking experience and a whole new world of new pasta cooking secrets.Thanks, Enrica Barni!
Nuria Serrano
Nuria Serrano: A different way of having dinner.
Jaime Alberdi (Jakue)
Jaime Alberdi (Jakue): Great store - school of Italian food. Sale of authentic products; and quite peculiar and difficult to find in Spain. In the back they have a kitchen where they do courses, teambuilding, or dinners with friends (min 10 people) in which they teach you and you make your own dinner and then enjoy it in the restaurant. Very good attention.
Javi Ce
Javi Ce: Every time I have bought here I have been satisfied. They have purely Italian products that are difficult to find in other places or traditional supermarkets. The burrata is incredible, the cold cuts of good quality, you can order tiramisu or lasagna and they prepare it with pleasure. A luxury. They also offer cooking classes for pizza, pasta, rooms, etc. The treatment of the staff is very nice.
Alfredo Angelini Diaz
Alfredo Angelini Diaz: They have an exquisite variety of some of the best products from Italy. I was treated masterfully and very kindly and simply by a lady who enjoys her work. Between researching and I came out with some Ascolana Olives that are difficult to get in Spain. safe return
Cristiane Miranda
Cristiane Miranda: Products that come directly from Italy, of good quality that you do not usually find in the supermarket. Yes, it is expensive.
Valentina APICELLA
Valentina APICELLA: I have contacted through the form that I have found on the website, since another company that I had contacted told me that I had to contact them to request the information I needed, in the form I asked for information about frozen products (the cost of bags of 2,500kg) and if they sold to individuals, I received a response email telling me that they sold to individuals and to tell them that I wanted to know the price and how much I wanted, I answered that email and then they have not answered me again , I have sent an email again and nothing, I have contacted them by Messenger and quickly and without explanation they answer me that they do not sell to individuals. They have been very unserious and clearer from the beginning, they have also been somewhat impolite in their manners. Very unfortunate.
Marcos Arteaga
Marcos Arteaga: Good shop for Italian products and fresh pasta courses and pizzas
Nuno Sousa
Nuno Sousa: Great variety of great Italian products served with great sympathy. House highly recommended.

8. Chic Sushi - Centro

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1851 reviews
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Chic Sushi
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Address: C. del Caballero de Gracia, 12, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11:45PM

Telephone: +34 910 55 18 01

Business type: Sushi restaurant

Chic Sushi: what do users think?
Jennifer Leemann
Jennifer Leemann: Our waiter was rude, unattentive, i felt like i am annoying him when I ordered. The dishes are all a little bit broken, the online menu is a mess, the food is OK but very overpriced for the quality. Things aren’t fresh. The temparature in the restaurant is cold. One waitress was very nice though. Would not recommend, i live in Madrid and there are definitly much better places.
Michael Valeron
Michael Valeron: Good service. The tuna tatami was thicker than I usually have but was good. The room was tasty and the dessert had well-balanced flavors.
Adam Surák
Adam Surák: Love this place! Taken take out twice in the last three days. The waitresses are super nice and they understand gluten free needs. Second time we took a take out they forgot our dessert. When we discovered it at home, we called them. They already knew and were horrified. Since we live a few blocks away they brought us the dessert and apologized with a bottle of sake. Recommend to try the tempura cheesecake (not gf). Very interesting experience!
Mirit Baranes
Mirit Baranes: The waiters are courteous, the dishes are aesthetic and the food is delicious and fresh.
Ivana Ramos
Ivana Ramos: We were shocked by the rudeness of the staff. We booked a table at 9pm but as we were running late, we called Chic Sushi to confirm if it was possible to postpone our reservation until 9.30pm. Due to other events, we arrived at 9.50pm and we asked if the table was still available, ready to walk out the door if it was not. However, the staff started immediately agressing us, claiming that our reservation was at 9pm and treating us like liers, as they were asking us (in front of all the other clients) to show a proof of our reservation at 9.30pm, which was clearly not possible because it was done over a phone call. The guy who picked up the phone was there and kept quiet even knowing that he was the one confirming the reservation at 9.30pm. The situation turned out being very awkward so we just left and we will never come back.
asia rizzoli
asia rizzoli: I’m sorry but I didn’t like the cousine. The taste has nothing to do with Japan, they were completely revisited. The katsu (meat) breading was coming down and it had mayonnaise on it! I have enjoyed the friendly staff and atmosphere, but you can find better food elsewhere. The noodles were not bad though!
Ray Alejandro Lattarulo Arias
Ray Alejandro Lattarulo Arias: Very tasty and a nice place to dinner. Dishes are delivered on a right time and waitresses are very cool.
Tatiana anaitat
Tatiana anaitat: We order 4 types of sushi, two were good and elaborate and the other two were small and simple, I cannot even say they were tasty. It is too expensive for the quality. It is right it is near gran via. But we paid almost 50€ for two persons and there is lot of other places that with same money, you can eat amazing sushi. I wont come back.

9. A Punto Escuela De Cocina y librería gastronómica - Centro

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110 reviews
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A Punto Escuela De Cocina y librería gastronómica
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Address: C. de la Farmacia, 6, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Fri

Telephone: +34 917 02 10 41

Business type: School

A Punto Escuela De Cocina y librería gastronómica: what do users think?
Gab A
Gab A: We participated in the 10 tapas course where we learnt some useful tips but we were overall disappointed. The class seems to be geared towards absolute beginners and not for someone looking to master the dishes and participate in every step of the way (prep, cooking, garnishing). If you’re looking for a class where you participate in all courses (or more than 1) and really get your hands dirty this isn’t the class for you - you could go through the 2.5 hour class and only end up cutting up some onions and tomatoes, and garnishing dishes. It’s very dependent on what you get assigned. Additionally, you are provided with only 2 small glasses of Sangria. Therefore, I don’t think it really merits the 60 euro cost. The hosts were very polite and fun, but the class wasn’t organized very well and at the end of the day a lot of the prep and cooking is done by them. I found that I had to ask a lot of questions to get specific details on the dish (temperature of the oven, quantities etc). Overall, it’s a class geared towards tourists who want something very easy and it’s too expensive for the experience it offers.
Response: Good morning and thanks a lot for your words. We absolutely agree with you regarding level: our classes are for beginners as we cannot offer high cuisine classes in a tapas class. We don’t know if people have a good cooking level and the tapas we chose are the traditional ones that are very common in Spanish houses. You have them published in the web and you should have received the recipes via e mail with all the details to prepare everything at home. Yes, this is a class for tourists, it’s in English and about tapas. By the way, we have daily classes in Spanish for spaniards, we would really like to invite you to one of the classes hoping you can change your opinión about our school. Regarding sangría, we are so sorry if you did not get enough, we usually prepare more than 2,5 liters and we did not realize you were running out of It. Our mistake! Once again, please feel free to contact if you want to join any other class in Spanish, maybe would suit better your cooking level. Regards, Roberta Bruno
Pedro Caballero
Pedro Caballero: A Punto is a wonderful cooking bookstore, and hosts unbelievable cooking classes. Their repertoire of classes is expansive, and their staff is wonderful. The kitchen is pristine, and spacious.
Response: Thanks a lot for your words!
Shiva Roofeh
Shiva Roofeh: We had our wedding here and you could not ask for better hosts. The staff went above and beyond. There are no words to express how incredible they were with us- literally every person we came in contact with was not only 150% professional but also warm and with a huge sense of humor. They really made our wedding. Thank you so, so much!
Clara Nchama
Clara Nchama: Ideal place for those who love to cook and food. Great selection of cookbooks, presentations and cooking and wine tasting classes in a relaxing atmosphere. The partners, Sara Cucala, Ana Lorente and Roberta Bruno, have been in the gastronomic world for a while, and know the business. Cooking classes are taught by well known cooks like Joaquín Felipe or Luis Arévalo, and Sara and Ana are in charge of the wine, beer and gin and tonic tasting lessons. An ideal activity either if you go on your own or with friends, they also organise maket walks and events for groups. Real fun!
Marta Gallardo Regidor
Marta Gallardo Regidor: They gave me a vegetarian cooking class for my birthday and I loved the experience. We have had a great time cooking and tasting our dishes. I have learned a lot and Homer has been very nice and has explained everything phenomenally. I recommend the experience
Response: We are very glad that you liked it. We always try to create courses according to the demands of our clients and the vegetarian cooking course is one of the most successful. Cheers,
E E: It has been a great experience that I will surely repeat. The course has been vegetarian street food. Homer is very attentive and explains in detail, answers questions and is aware of all attendees. I am looking forward to joining dates to attend other courses
Response: Thank you very much Esther, we are waiting for you in our world cuisine courses, there are always many vegetarian options! Cheers,
mireia b
mireia b: I already knew it as a bookstore and I loved it. This time I went back for a cooking course that they had given me and I really liked it. The teachers were very nice and made everything very enjoyable. The delicious food. You go out with dinner, they give you wine to drink while you try the dishes and even with a Tupperware for another day. Highly recommended.
Isabel Bol
Isabel Bol: Today I attended the rice course at the school. I have to congratulate all the staff, I have been delighted, I recommend without a doubt. Grateful. All the best. Isabel.
Response: Isabel, thank you very much for participating in our traditional cooking courses. We wait for you another time, greetings

10. Paella Classes Madrid - Salamanca

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1 reviews
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Paella Classes Madrid
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Address: C. de Alcántara, 70, 28006 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 639 17 79 25

Business type: Private educational institution

Paella Classes Madrid: what do users think?
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith: We were one of the first clients, took a complete chance and were not disappointed! This guy is a great cook, great fun and great socialiser! We had a blast!

11. FUKU restaurante japonés - Salamanca

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962 reviews
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FUKU restaurante japonés
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Address: C. del Marqués de Villamejor, 8, 28006 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 11PM ⋅ Opens 1PM Fri

Telephone: +34 917 81 63 16

Business type: Sushi restaurant

FUKU restaurante japonés: what do users think?
Matt C
Matt C: Wonderful! Starting with the dining room - upscale and elegant. Next the service - attentive, friendly, and plentiful. I have really only had sushi here so I have to review that. The sushi is excellent. The flavor is amazing and not overwhelmed by heavy sauces. The fish is the star, as it should be. High quality, fresh, and best of all they don’t give you paper thin slices. Here you will find quality at reasonable prices.
Cw 1994
Cw 1994: Loved it, felt like a real treat to eat here. Sushi was fresh, service was quick, we got here early at 8pm and had the restaurant to ourselves before the rush hour which was nice. would recommend the dumplings 🥟 beautiful
Monte Cristo
Monte Cristo: Excellent Japanese restaurant in Madrid. Fresh, tasty and a stylish interior. Prices are fair and the service is friendly and attentive. A place I’ll retun to
Darío from google
Darío from google: Interesting proposal of New Japanese Cuisine Their tasting menu gives you a good idea of what their chef is trying to achieve. I wouldn’t say it’s a top restaurant in Madrid but if you’re in the neighborhood and in the mood for Japanese food, this is definitely and option to explore. About the car park: it’s worth to point out that they claim to have an agreement with Serrano Park (to get a discount for parking there, however the ticket they gave me to use when paying didn’t work and I had to pay for the full tariff.
Response: Thanks for coming to FUKU Darío!!! We are glad you enjoy it. Please next time parking gave you a problem please come back to the restaurant so we can call them to solve the problem :)
Carolina: I just ordered Veggies Tempura which were great, salmon “with crispy baby spinach”, which i thought was a side for the salmon, but it was just one very dead spinach leave😅 I felt robbed. But what was absolutely disappointing, specially knowing they usually have good stuffs, was that, the crispy duck i ordered was rewarmed, not fresh and horrible taste to rewarmed food. I am one of those people who can immediately tell when food, specially meat is not fresh, and in this case i was surprised they could send me something of this poor disappointing quality and for that price. Thumbs down Fuku.
Ana Beatriz Santos Honda
Ana Beatriz Santos Honda: Very good and not overpriced at all, considering the quality of the food. We missed japanese food and this place was great. We had the executive menu (18€ per person) which included 4 appetizers (sushi, sashimi, gyoza, tempura) one main course (I chose the salmon, which is really good), a drink, and a dessert or coffee. Very good!
Hiroshi Kawashima (Hiro)
Hiroshi Kawashima (Hiro): High quality, good atmosphere, great services. Formal place to go. The owner, Osanay san, is very friendly and funny person. Sushi and Una-don is my favorite. Also you cannot miss beef tataki with Ponzu. Fine restaurant to go.
Jose Vaca
Jose Vaca: Nice place with an excellent daily menu offer. Very good optionFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Cristina Xu Bao
Cristina Xu Bao: The sushi was fresh and the service was excellent. Highly recommend the butterfish with truffle sauce and the “fresh roll” (avocado roll with crab)

12. Akatsuki - Chamartín

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2 reviews
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Address: C. de Bolivia, 9, 28016 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 664 10 49 74

Business type: Japanese restaurant

Akatsuki: what do users think?
Francisco R S
Francisco R S: Exquisite ramen as well as nigiris, makis, sashimi or tartars.

13. Le Cordon Bleu Madrid

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57 reviews
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Le Cordon Bleu Madrid
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Address: Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, CARRETERA MAJADAHONDA/M-515, 28223, Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Fri

Telephone: +34 917 15 10 46

Business type: Hotel management school

Le Cordon Bleu Madrid: what do users think?
jakob bonat
jakob bonat: God will be giving me a gift that i can attend lcb one day.amin
Jose de dios
Jose de dios: I already have several diplomas from the Cordon Bleu, Paris and Madrid. And I have been applying what I learned for a long time. And I have to say that it seems to me to be one of the best cooking schools. I think that it corresponds much more to people with certain experience and ambitions, that is, with an interest in learning, with concern and attitude. In practice, just visit people in Madrid who work and set up their business after going through the Cordon Bleu, and see that they are exemplary, that their products, recipes are the best. I strongly support the idea of ​​training in the Cordon Bleu. Thanks.
miki droira
miki droira: good education, you learn cooking techniques very quickly, but the schedules are very poorly thought out, the administration rarely helps or solves the problems of the students despite the fact that the courses are very expensive. It seems that they only care about the prestige of the school more than the well-being of the students.
Nicolas GelDe balada
Nicolas GelDe balada: The facilities are d10 and the staff more than a pleasure my sight
Álvaro José García Tejedor
Álvaro José García Tejedor: I have attended several short cooking courses. The organization is impeccable. Materials and facilities, too. The chefs at the school are very attentive and willing to explain and repeat all the explanations. And in the end you can eat my that you have cooked !!!
Response: Thank you very much, Alvaro Jose. We hope you continue to be encouraged to enjoy haute cuisine with our short courses ;)
ana fernandez cerdan
ana fernandez cerdan: Monographic Christmas course, about to end, spectacular, I loved, surprised and excited. Thanks Franck, and to all who have made it possible.
Response: Thank you very much Ana. We are glad that you liked it. We are waiting for you in future courses that we do at the School.
Daniel Garmendia
Daniel Garmendia: A close human team with a lot of professionalism. From the moment you enter the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school you realize that everything is geared towards excellence
María Carmela Guerriero
María Carmela Guerriero: One day ... GOD will give me this gift ... to go to meet and maybe even take a course ... in this "CULUNARY CATREDRAL"
nico elguapo
nico elguapo: It is my dream to study in this emblematic center. I hope that one day it will become a reality.

14. EL GUSTO ES NUESTRO - Fuencarral-El Pardo

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191 reviews
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Address: Escuela de cocina ELGUSTOESNUESTRO, Puente la Reina, 25 Esquina con, C. Castillo Candanchú, locales 1, y 2, 28050 Madrid, Spain

Telephone: +34 626 68 47 59

Business type: School house

EL GUSTO ES NUESTRO: what do users think?
Saluqui Paya Gomez
Saluqui Paya Gomez: Last night we had a marvellous time with the very talented Chef Celia. The place was beautiful and welcoming and Celia treated us to a great combination of dishes. It was lots of fun and l would reccomed it to anyone looking for a new experience.
Response: Thank you so much!!!
Ana Martin
Ana Martin: This wonderful cooking school and catering company is really worth the visit. They offer personalised courses and a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge and creative catering solutions for both business and personal events.
Diego: Without a doubt a fantastic experience, I admit that I am not a very good cook, but I left the course learning how to make four new dishes, the treatment is spectacular. Celia was our cooking teacher, she made everything so easy that time flew by, I recommend you take one of the courses they offer, which are quite varied and of many types of cuisine. Without a doubt, do not stop enjoying this experience.
Response: hahahaha, as you are not a good cook !!! that would be before coming to the G. !!!
Vicente Sanchis Garcia
Vicente Sanchis Garcia: It is the first time that we were going to try this type of activity and the truth is that we have left very happy. Celia has been an ideal hostess, very nice, orderly and very knowledgeable and the Nikkei food that we have prepared was very good and she has helped us to make some chef presentations. We will repeat for sure!
Response: Thank you very much for the review, we hope to see those reproductions at home.
Rocio del Valle
Rocio del Valle: They gave us a cooking course for our wedding. We chose the Couples In Love. The very nice place, industrial warehouse type very well decorated and with large kitchens to accommodate groups. Ours was for 12 people (6 couples), and at all times we wore the mask (we took it off to drink or eat and immediately put it back on) so the covid measures were perfectly respected. Our chef was Celia, a great professional, patient, with people skills and good humor. Thank you Celia! The menu is very good and the dynamics are fun. We all participated in the preparation of it while we drank and tried the different dishes. A highly recommended experience. We, of course, will repeat without a doubt!
Response: Hello Rocio. Thank you very much for the review, the truth is that we love reading things like that... you have already made our morning happy, thank you, and above all, thank you for trusting in such strange times in companies like ours, we will continue working with care
Javier De Elena Sánchez
Javier De Elena Sánchez: Very good experiences !!! We have already done two courses with them, Middle Eastern cuisine and brunch, and we will repeat for sure !!! You learn useful tricks to cook every day, cooking with chef Celia is a master class !!! A complete gastronomic experience in which in addition to learning new recipes and eating different dishes, you have fun with other colleagues !!! Also available courses for companies.
Response: Thank you very much Javier, it is a pleasure to have such good students and people so eager to enjoy themselves around the kitchen. We hope to see you again soon at school.
Juan Sanz
Juan Sanz: Today we attended the rice course. Highly recommended. The cook teacher Diego very good and pleasant. 4 rice dishes, paella with rabbit, green rice with asparagus, black rice with cuttlefish and sticky rice with Iberian pork.
Response: Hello Juan. Thank you for your review. I hope you play them at home and they come out even better!
Maria Dalbano
Maria Dalbano: He recommended it 1000%. It has been a great experience, we have learned a lot and we have had a great time. My boy and I have taken the beginners course of 4 classes, it really exceeded our expectations, Diego was our teacher and he was incredible, attentive, very professional and very patient. Each dish one better than the other. The supply is comfortable, with excellent facilities, it includes everything, you just have to attend and want to learn, they comply with all the Covid protocols. We will repeat!!! Thank you very much!!
Response: Thank you very much Maria. A super pleasure to have you here! Feeling at home is what we try to do every day. But in the end you generate the good vibes
Ainhoa Larrad
Ainhoa Larrad: I loved it! My boy and I have gone to the rice course as a gift for his birthday and it has been great. The four types of delicious rice, and Celia, the teacher, charming. They let you cook and taste the dishes you make. It seems to me a super cool idea to give away although for €60 the three hours fly but hey. We will surely repeat, possibly with the pastry course. It has been a great pleasure.
Response: Hahaha. Hey, what a joy it gives us to know that you had a great time !! 3h fly by !! The days should last much longer !! Yes of course!

15. Spaneasy Spanish School - Spanish Lessons - Centro

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85 reviews
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Spaneasy Spanish School - Spanish Lessons
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Address: Cra de S. Jerónimo, 5, Planta 3 - Puerta 3, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 691 51 33 80

Business type: Language school

Spaneasy Spanish School - Spanish Lessons: what do users think?
Tim Halliday
Tim Halliday: I have tried a few schools in madrid and a few different private teachers.. then I tried Spaneasy and I can honestly say there is zero comparison. I found the classes, structure, methodology and teachers all worked better than any other school or teacher I had tried before. The teachers are friendly, open, communicative and are flexible – they follow a structure, but they are able to allow the conversation, class and student to divulge – which can be very conducive to the learning process, and the teacher does maintaining control and relevance. Often any “side conversations” re incorporated into future examples and lessons – it’s a difficult skill to practice. In other schools and with other teachers, there was never time to divulge, it was always “follow the script” and a little robotic. But spanseasy made it easier – and when your trying to learn a new language, you need all the help you can get! The first couple years of trying to learn Spanish were such a challenge for me – I couldn’t remember, or engage with things! But Spaneasy changed all that – ellos son super buenos, super listos y muy simpaticos y cinco Estrella no es justo… por favor google, quiero poner diez o mas! 😊
Response: Thank you very much for your opinion Tim, we are very happy to see that you are so happy with our methodology and the results obtained. All the best.
Cathy Lynch
Cathy Lynch: I can´t recommend Spaneasy enough. With lockdown in place in Madrid, I took the opportunity to improve my Spanish. I spent 5 months doing the intensive B1 and B2 courses. There were only 4 other students in my class so we all had an opportunity to speak in conversations and debates. The classes are all in Spanish so you are fully immersed! always thinking, speaking, and listening in Spanish. Overall the classes are very informative and enjoyable, the teachers and staff are very fun and friendly and the price is great for what you´re getting. So if you´re looking for a Spanish course, look no further, Spaneasy is the place to be! :)
Response: Thank you so much Cathy for sharing your opinion 😀
Erik Simon
Erik Simon: I took courses with Spaneasy for 8 months and was very happy with both the results I saw and the fun I had while learning. The class sizes are nice and small, so you not only get to really know your teacher and classmates, but also ask questions and make sure you understand what is being taught. I would highly recommend Spaneasy to anybody looking to learn or improve their Spanish.
Response: Thank you so much Erik for sharing your opinion 😄
Denisse Grullon
Denisse Grullon: “Spaneasy is located in a great place and each classroom has an amazing atmosphere for studying. Gotta love the Madrid subway themed classrooms. The teachers are very professional. The front desk staff is also nice and supportive. Araceli is a very kind person, profesional and will make sure you have the best experience possible while studying Spanish.”
Response: Thank you so much for sharing your opinion Denisse! ❤️
Robert Barnett
Robert Barnett: We took classes with Spaneasy for about two months. The instructors were very good and knowledgeable. The staff at the school was also very nice and helpful. It was fun to have students from other countries in our class. We learned a lot. We had to leave Madrid for a few months but now that we are back, we hope to get back to our classes once we get settled. I was really impressed at how quickly they got us doing online classes when the lockdown occurred. (See photo) Thanks Spaneasy!!
Response: Thank you so much for your feedback! Hope to see you soon again, take care!! 🙂
Anna Radomirovna
Anna Radomirovna: I liked Spaneasy a lot! I took a course of 2 weeks to make a quick preparation for Dele B2 because my time was limited. I chose 4 schools in Madrid, I was a bit worried about making all on time and Spaneasy was the only one who accepted my request considering my special dates, schedule and price. The guys there answered on all of my questions about the program and helped me to book it. I had individual classes and it made my progress grows fast. People there are really the professionals. They will provide you with any info you need, give you all the material and make your knowledge be good. Also, want to note that besides all that, they have an incredible location. Totally worth it! ♡
Response: Thank you so much Anna! We are so glad you passed your B2 DELE exam! Congrats and thanks for choosing us! ☺️
Revé Fisher
Revé Fisher: Spaneasy is a fantastic school with great teachers and staff. I first was introduced to Spaneasy through a culture and history workshop. We had a bunch of tapas and drinks during the event, and they even gave us a nice bottle of olive oil as a gift. I enjoyed it so much I went again, and they were gracious enough to give me another bottle of the olive oil, lol. The following year, I enrolled in their intensive (4-hr/day) C1 class for several weeks over the summer. My classmates and I had a great time in class, learning, laughing and improving our Spanish in the heart of Madrid :)
Response: Thank you Revé! 😍
Raphaela Josi
Raphaela Josi: After looking at a couple of Spanish schools in Madrid I found that Spaneasy had a perfect timetable (for example, intensive course 2 hours per day) for a very fair price and cheaper than many other schools. But what really makes Spaneasy great are the people working there. Everyone is super friendly and they make you feel welcome from the very beginning. The teachers make an effort to make class interesting and diversified each day. So I learned a lot in a very fun and relaxed way! Also all the materials are covered by Spaneasy and you get a lot of print outs of grammar explanations and exercises. Would totally recommend Spaneasy to everyone looking to learn Spanish in Madrid!!
Response: Thank you so much Jules! You are really kind :) we loved meeting you and hope to see you again! take care and continue practising Spanish, you improved a lot
Elise Khoury
Elise Khoury: I had a great experience in Spaneasy for the past 7 months. I started in an intensive plus course with other young people, which was extremely fun, we were learning through activities; going out to the center, eating churros and chocolate together and talking about everything in Spanish. Then I had one to one classes with amazing teachers, I felt comfortable talking, laughing, joking and debating in Spanish. Spaneasy is unique, you learn without realising and you are able to start speaking fluently, really! The classes are at good price and I have learned a lot. I would definitely come again for more!!!!!!! I had the chance to know most of the teachers: David, Amanda, Rosa, Christina, Juan, Irene and Nacho:) Francesca & Lucia super friendly and helpful with any document I needed! I thank a lot Francesca for her patience and help in my student visa. A big thank you to the school manager Araceli Marqués!
Response: 😍 thank you sooo much Elise! We will really miss you, it was a pleasure to meet you. Hope to see you soon again ☺️

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