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1. Acting School of Performing Arts - Centro

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59 reviews
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Acting School of Performing Arts
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Address: C. de Martín de los Heros, 52, 28008 Madrid, Spain

Telephone: +34 620 60 63 89

Business type: Drama school

Acting School of Performing Arts: what do users think?
Eulalia Alba
Eulalia Alba: This school has been quite a discovery. If you want to train in musical theater or in any of its disciplines, without a doubt this is the place. The atmosphere at the school is very familiar and welcoming. In addition, all Acting teachers are working professionals who are passionate about their work and who give their all to help you learn and advance, whatever your starting level. They adapt 100% to the needs of each student individually and make you feel at home.
Carolina Franco
Carolina Franco: The teachers have a very high level and create a space of trust for all the students. The school becomes your second family, and this is how they treat you 💚 You can start from scratch that in a very short time changes are observed, they offer a very complete training in all disciplines and even offer others that complement. Nice to learn there!
Mónica Carrascosa
Mónica Carrascosa: After a long time deciding whether or not to bet on this beautiful profession, choosing Acting to train has been one of the great successes of my life; The teachers are great professionals who give us one hundred percent in each class. Among the colleagues there is an incredible energy, since we support each other, care for each other and help each other. The classes are great, interesting, magical and original... Always leaving room for fun. And our director Patri is also a great professional who makes sure that everything goes great, with her at the helm it is not surprising that this academy is so wonderful. In short, Acting is not only an incredible space for training, but it is also a FAMILY in which you always feel accompanied and happy ❤️
Clara Luis Mingueza
Clara Luis Mingueza: Acting is a family and I love feeling part of it 😊. I have been training in their Musical Theater courses for a year and a half and all the teachers and management take care of each group so that we grow professionally and have unforgettable experiences. The classes are very affordable, with teachers who are also incredible active professionals and a study plan designed so that you can function well in the world of work. The facilities have everything you need to work and the entire team works with you to solve any problem you may have. For me there is no better option in Madrid!
Daniel Galán
Daniel Galán: A very good school where they teach you everything you need to know about theater, singing, dancing ... Teachers who are active, have a lot of experience and who teach you everything taking into account the learning pace of each student. In addition the atmosphere is very positive and pleasant and everyone has a smile. They not only teach you, they also help you in everything you need and care about you.
Pilar Blanco Martínez
Pilar Blanco Martínez: This is my third year at Acting. The teachers are great professionals and active, but what stands out the most is the good treatment received from the teachers and the director, close, pleasant, professional, always in favor of the student and to help. I learn, enjoy and disconnect from the rest of my activities.
Ignacio Rodríguez Sánchez
Ignacio Rodríguez Sánchez: A school located in the heart of Madrid that has a wonderful active teaching staff, in training and constant updating and with extensive knowledge of the performing arts. Not only is a student-teacher relationship created, but they adapt the class to you, your learning rhythm, your expectations and your tastes. The treatment is great, the interaction with colleagues is great and they are always open to suggestions and flexibility of schedule changes. You learn a lot and well. There are also well-equipped rooms for renting and rehearsing. 100% highly recommended.

2. ACT OUT TALLERES - Arganzuela

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50 reviews
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Address: Ronda de Segovia, 50, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 654 99 61 76

Business type: Drama school

ACT OUT TALLERES: what do users think?
Miguel Relloso
Miguel Relloso: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueThey help my daughter to develop excellent communication skills in English. Thank you so much guys for your great job.
Response: Miguel Thank you so much for your words. 😁😁
Wicked Sweet
Wicked Sweet: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueCamp is fab!!! Vero, Tony and Javi are the best with kids, plays and teaching!. Second year in a row and counting for 2022.
Response: Thank you so much!! 😍
Michael Rotsa
Michael Rotsa: Positive: Professionalism, QualitySeen these guys work many times, they are so talented, great performers and so good with kids!If only I lived in Spain!
Response: 😍
Diana: The girl has had a great time, while doing theater and learning English. Surely another year we will repeat
Maria Piana Sanez
Maria Piana Sanez: For the second year my son went to the camp and every day going in the morning was a party! The monitors are out of the ordinary, fun, highly trained and with a formidable experience. We have noticed a spectacular increase in vocabulary, he has improved his pronunciation and management of his shyness; In addition to enjoying the daily activities very much, the Friday show, which is super pro, was a weekly milestone. I definitely recommend it and we will be back next summer for sure :). Thanksssss!!!
Response: Thank you so much for your kind words Maria! We love Lauti. He is our little star! 😁😍
Cristina Sánchez
Cristina Sánchez: My son is not very fond of learning English and traditional academies did not help with this problem. Thanks to the theater workshop, he learns while having fun. The child is very happy and the monitors are always charming. In our case it has been lucky to find them !!
Response: Thank you very much Christina! 😁😁 The goal of ACT OUT workshops is for children to have fun while learning. Thanks for being with us! 😍
Melany Nunez
Melany Nunez: They are very professional, both throughout the course and in the summer camps and also in the online classes due to the pandemic. Our daughter has been with them for years and is still delighted. They are fun, professional, cheerful and wonderful. Every positive adjective is little!
Response: Thank you so much Melany for your kind words and for choosing ACT OUT! 😍👏🏼😁😁
Nieves Cabello
Nieves Cabello: Exceptional, a true discovery for the development of skills through theater and communication in English... in addition to being an activity much appreciated by children!!! Super team of professionals, fun and creative, natives with great skills to work with the little ones!!! My daughter has been coming to ACT OUT for 6 years. And we will continue until they leave us 🤣
Response: 😂😂 Nieves THANK YOU for your words. Carmen is already a VIP of Act Out. Thanks for trusting us! 😁😁😍👏🏼👏🏼
Alberto Pernet
Alberto Pernet: Our children have been at ACT OUT for several years. A place where they learn to express themselves physically and gesturally in English. They have fun putting themselves in the shoes of other characters and at the same time they are advancing in their English step by step, with an activity that is fun and relaxed for them. Highly recommended !!!!!!
Response: ALBERTO Thank you so much for your review of ACT OUT. Lena y Guido son maravillosos! 😍😁😁👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

3. Madrid Producciones method S.L. - Arganzuela

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35 reviews
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Madrid Producciones method S.L.
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Address: Calle del Gral. Palanca, 38, 28045 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:15AM Fri

Telephone: +34 910 00 14 28

Business type: Drama school

Madrid Producciones method S.L.: what do users think?
Chus dN
Chus dN: A great experience. Bonnie makes you bring out what you have inside to adapt it to the performance. Highly recommended both for people who start or for professional actors. I give it a 10.
GEMA ALONSO: The crash course on The Method has been a revelation. Magnificent structure of the course, predominantly practical, personalized attention for each student. Training in performing arts with the professionals of this studio is highly recommended, if you are interested in the sector or want to discover this fascinating world of acting.
Ángela Blanco
Ángela Blanco: It has been amazing! In the classes you learn much more than you imagine, and the treatment is very very good. Totally recommended for anyone who wants to enter the world of interpretation
Neus Carmesí
Neus Carmesí: It is a school that teaches a way of acting not very well known in Spain and that you will not learn anywhere else, we are talking about the method. This will give you tools to face any role. The teachers are nice and know how to teach. Also, the groups are small and you take advantage of the time. A comprehensive and quality teaching. Personally I have been very happy.
Mrs. Siebers
Mrs. Siebers: The best acting school in Madrid, by far. His teachers, Bonnie and Cristian have been trained with teachers of the Method in the United States, and from class number 1 you have grown as an actor. I have not found another school in Madrid where the "100%" method is taught, and I have to say that I cannot be happier, at least I can speak from the experience of someone who has studied for years in other schools, and here In a few months, (added to your talent and effort, of course) you can see incredible advancement in your skills. I have verified it in myself and in colleagues, some of them who started from 0. And without psychodramas and strange moves, here privacy is respected to the maximum. But the key to success above all else is that everyone follows "their own level." That is, there is not a pure academic style of "You are an actor of 1st, 2nd or 3rd, but there is a succession of exercises and you are making your own way, and Bonnie is assigning you exercises as she sees your progress. INDIVIDUAL, what do you need to work more and what less, you can even suggest that you want to work. This, added to the limitation of students per class that as a general rule they have (covid apart), so calm down, you will not be 30 in one class as in high school, here you will be able to work every week.In short, I could write entire pages recommending reasons to join, but it would be better if you make an appointment with Bonnie yourself and check it out.
Isabel Llorente Dlf
Isabel Llorente Dlf: Of the best experiences lived, they show a lot of professionalism, and great closeness and concern for the student / actor. I have left with a very good feeling and wanting to continue and continue learning. Hopefully you can also have the opportunity to experience it.
angel carbonell
angel carbonell: The intensive course with the Madrid method on method acting has been very interesting. Three days in which you work a small part of the necessary tools to become a great actor. Bonnie is a lovely woman who supports you at all times in your learning process. Certainly highly recommended!
Response: Thank you very much Angel !! :)
Irene Pelayo Diaz
Irene Pelayo Diaz: A very good experience. Despite being my first contact with acting, I learned a lot in the intensive about the actor and the basics needed to become a great professional. Bonnie transmits and teaches in each class everything that this artistic world hides. Highly recommended!! :)
Response: Hello Irene, thank you for your words of appreciation. Our work makes perfect sense when it has such good responses and especially when it comes from people with such sensitivity and talent.

4. Cinema Room | Escuela de interpretación Madrid - Centro

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25 reviews
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Cinema Room | Escuela de interpretación Madrid
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Address: C. del Nuncio, 6, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Fri

Telephone: +34 912 50 83 29

Business type: Drama school

Cinema Room | Escuela de interpretación Madrid: what do users think?
Minerva Burroni
Minerva Burroni: This academy has everything that I did not expect an acting school to have: small groups, personalized attention, a camera from minute one. The work that both Mar Sampedro and Christopher Geitz do with the students is exhaustive, accurate; based on extracting the maximum interpretive benefit from the background and psychological profile of each student. Recommended, precisely for those with little or no interpretive experience before the camera. His method reveals that everyone is a rough diamond, waiting to be polished with the perfect formula: patience, mental clarity and determination.
Borja Aranda Gabrielli
Borja Aranda Gabrielli: I have to say that, for any actor, nothing, little or very experienced who wants to train and perform better acting in front of a camera, I highly recommend this academy. I highlight the dedication of the teacher, Mar, in order to extract from each actor the most spontaneous and credible performance, striving for us to understand the situation emotionally, regardless of saying the text as it is. The classes are entertaining, fun and you take great learning every day. And yes, it is also very economical and profitable. Of course, it includes all those recorded scenes, which can be great for making a videobook. I am very grateful to Cinemaroom for those two months, I was very comfortable, surrounded by wonderful people, I discovered a new method and it allowed me to improve my performance.
Rubén Doval
Rubén Doval: A place where I was able to approach my job from another point of view that I did not know, the naturalness that the present gives us. Meeting Mar Sampedro and her professionalism was very pleasant. Thank you!
Oriana Villegas-Pulido
Oriana Villegas-Pulido: Cinemaroom is a space for creation and constant learning where you learn to feel comfortable in front of the camera and to work honestly. Teachers Chris and Mar create a safe environment and work with each student in a personalized way. They are excellent at seeing and promoting the qualities of their students and, above all, they know how to take them out of their comfort zone to make them improve. I recommend this school completely!
David: Mar and Christopher are amazing directors. Each class goes by very quickly because of how they transmit their method and their knowledge. With them I really improved my interpretation. In addition, the classes are dynamic and good humor and laughter is a constant. Highly recommended.
Gilda Delgado
Gilda Delgado: Cinemaroom seems to me the best camera acting school in all of Madrid. Chris and Mar are not only charming, but they are very good professionals, who make you grow as an actor and try to enhance your virtues. When someone asks me for a recommendation on acting courses in front of the camera, I recommend them without any doubt. They have always brought out the best in me and supported me in my acting career.
Greta's Chaos
Greta's Chaos: It is, without a doubt, the place where I have learned the most, and from here I no longer move. Both Christopher and Mar are exceptional and know how to get the best out of you. I recommend it 100%

5. MA NON TROPPO, Escuela de artes escénicas - Chamberí

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22 reviews
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MA NON TROPPO, Escuela de artes escénicas
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Address: C. de Domenico Scarlatti, 3, 28003 Madrid, Spain

Telephone: +34 644 73 90 30

Business type: Performing arts theater

MA NON TROPPO, Escuela de artes escénicas: what do users think?
Pedro Collantes
Pedro Collantes: Awesome place with lovely staff! My little girl loves her piano classes!
Response: Thanks Pedro
Mauri Rigo
Mauri Rigo: Excellent school! It has classes for all artistic disciplines with very good teachers. The academy is very nice and well located. Highly recommended, for kids and adults :)
Response: Thank you very much Mauri!! 🤩
Chema Fuertes
Chema Fuertes: Academy 100% recommended. Great training team and super friendly staff! A joy for both children and adults :)
Response: Thank you Chem!!
Luis Angel Arnoriaga
Luis Angel Arnoriaga: Great atmosphere and guitar classes, I have advanced a lot, spacious and clean facilities
Response: Thank you very much Luis Angel!!
Samu Durantez
Samu Durantez: Enchanted with work and discipline. My daughters are delighted with the ballet
Response: Thank you very much Sam!!!
fransmave: Cool!! My little ones really enjoy it and they always come home very happy! 😍
Response: Thank you for your comments!!
Cr8Mania 1983
Cr8Mania 1983: As a music fan, I have finally found an academy that helps me discover skills and practical resources that I needed to express myself and feel fulfilled playing the instrument that I am passionate about. Great professional and academic level of the teaching staff. Highly recommended for both adults and children. Congratulations!
Amalia Guanter Gonzalbez
Amalia Guanter Gonzalbez: A great school with a very familiar atmosphere. My son is enjoying and learning a lot. Thanks for everything!
Response: Thank you very much for the trust placed in us !!
Marta Garcia
Marta Garcia: I love this academy. Music, dance, Pilates ... There are all kinds of disciplines and for all ages!
Response: Thank you very much Martha!! We love seeing you every week 🤩

6. Sala Duncan: Escuela de Teatro. Sala de Teatro y conciertos - Centro

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53 reviews
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Sala Duncan: Escuela de Teatro. Sala de Teatro y conciertos
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Address: C. de Zurita, 23, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 681 97 90 07

Business type: Drama school

Sala Duncan: Escuela de Teatro. Sala de Teatro y conciertos: what do users think?
Mar Vidal
Mar Vidal: A cozy, clean place with great teachers. You can do yoga, theater, improvisation
Sergis Kan
Sergis Kan: If you try the theater classes you stay. I went for an introductory intensive and I will certainly continue. Nuria is an excellent and remarkably professional teacher. It is also capable of creating a very pleasant environment in which even the most timid feel comfortable doing theater and all the games and activities that classes entail.
Response: Thanks Sergio ! I'm glad you decided to stay with us. This has done nothing but boot up!!!....... We are going to PLAY a lot more..... And best of all, we are going to get to know ourselves through the game so that we can act without judging ourselves.
Ant F
Ant F: A secluded and very welcoming space, with its own character, where you can carry out cultural activities such as listening to traditional, classical or contemporary music concerts, always of great quality and in intimacy with the artist. Relaxed atmosphere and conducive to enjoyment. Sala Duncan is a magnificent initiative by its director, the multifaceted artist and teacher in various disciplines, Trini Díaz, a restless and innovative spirit. Highly recommend!
Response: Thank you very much Anthony for your review. Always a pleasure to have you with us.
Santi Balcells
Santi Balcells: The school offers you an atmosphere of discipline mixed with the teaching of theatrical spirituality. A truly enriching experience, it is not an acting preparation, it is a preparation for life through excellence in the theater.
María Díaz
María Díaz: I loved the Interpretation session before the camera that I went to try. The teachers are incredible and the quality and fabulous treatment. I am going to encourage myself to do the annual training with this school. They have very affordable prices with very good teachers. I really liked the school and him. atmosphere that was
Response: We are very happy, Maria, to have you with us this year! We have many very interesting projects in sight .... We will send you a huge kiss and see you on Wednesday!
Javier Abad-Liñán Garrido
Javier Abad-Liñán Garrido: HIGHLY recommended school for actors and actresses who want to enter the RESAD, they prepare all the modalities. The teachers are very professional. I was delighted!
Response: Thank you very much Javier for your loving review. A pleasure to have you among us
Maria Carmen
Maria Carmen: I am delighted with the improvisation classes. You have fun and forget about the routine in an excellent environment. Nuria is a great professional, very close, who knows how to get the best of you in each class. I felt comfortable from the first moment. 100% recommendable!
Response: Thank you Mary for your comments. I am so glad that the classes help you so much. The truth is that the theater has a high curative and even healing power, which begins to be noticed over time. A kiss Mary!
Julio Ruiz
Julio Ruiz: A pleasant and cozy place next to the Lavapiés metro exit where you can train in improvisation, theater, acting training, dance-theater, etc. by professionals licensed in RESAD. You can also enjoy its offer of cultural activities that include music concerts, plays, dance and performing arts, among others. We have enjoyed an exceptional experience on June 20, a Shakuhachi concert by Antonio Enzan.
Response: Thanks Julio, the truth is that for us it is an honor to have students like you. Thanks!!!

7. Theatre for the People - Centro

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14 reviews
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Theatre for the People
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Address: Pl. de Carlos Cambronero, 5, local bajo izquierda, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Telephone: +34 685 49 73 56

Business type: Performing arts theater

Theatre for the People: what do users think?
Cristina Cruz
Cristina Cruz: I had not liked so much a play for a long time. "Red" is a gift for the senses. It is passion, it is emotion, it is contradiction, it is the search for truth ... it is dialogue with oneself and with the other ... it is art in capital letters. And they, the protagonists, are the incredible voices through which everything is channeled. If Oscars were given in the theater, they would certainly deserve one. Thank you for making the theater something inclusive, by and for everyone.
jose maria carbajosa
jose maria carbajosa: Yesterday we saw at the Rojo Theater and we highly recommend it. The dramatic depth of the play is impressive, accompanied by a masterful interpretation of the actors. The assembly is overwhelming, very suitable for these times of pandemic.
Carlos “GDV07”
Carlos “GDV07”: Really something spectacular! Red impacts by its simple staging but with two colossal actors! 👏👌👍
Corrado Barbero
Corrado Barbero: We went there last night for the second time ... exceptional "piece", young but incredible actors. Fantastic Antonella again. Bravo bravo bravo.
Yago: Impossibly cool. Unmissable for intensity, for talent, for genius. For these things IF deserves to leave home.
Luca Antonietti
Luca Antonietti: High level shows with an unparalleled style
Itzel PraGard
Itzel PraGard: In cre in diaper
趙子曰: 老师很棒!The teacher is great!

8. Actors School ACTION-SCENE - Salamanca

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79 reviews
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Actors School ACTION-SCENE
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Address: C. del Pilar de Zaragoza, 66, 28028 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4:30PM Fri

Telephone: +34 666 99 98 05

Business type: Drama school

Actors School ACTION-SCENE: what do users think?
Pilar Villarreal
Pilar Villarreal: For two years I have enjoyed the wonderful Acting for Pleasure classes. It has been fabulous to learn the secrets of acting from Pablo Baldor and his team of teachers. Changing teachers every semester was very enriching. The possibility of accessing classes with students from other countries integrated into RIEA was a plus. It is a unique experience.
Leonor Gea
Leonor Gea: Highly recommended, in addition to offering very good training with good teachers, they organize many activities and give international scholarships to their students to travel to other countries.
Giovana Todescato Cataneo Menezes
Giovana Todescato Cataneo Menezes: With an incredible space and a great location, this theater is made up of highly qualified people committed to the art.
Jose Pablo Orozco
Jose Pablo Orozco: It is a good school with good teachers and despite the problems of COVID, it has continued to provide quality processes for students. In addition, the international school project is very enriching for all processes and opens the doors to students from many places.
Pablo Fernando
Pablo Fernando: A quality school, with professionals of recognized prestige in the theatrical market. Our great colleagues from the RIEA - Ibero-American Network of Actors Schools. A big hug from Lisbon!
Lina Rodriguez Ortiz
Lina Rodriguez Ortiz: It is a school for the training of actors, which is open to receive students from all parts of the world either by the exchanges of the RIEA (International Network of Actor Schools) or by people who come to study their career in Madrid, it is a very good place for the formation of actors, since their teachers are incredible and the students receive you at home and watch because it is a good experience
Beatriz Rey Marcos
Beatriz Rey Marcos: I have been fortunate to know Action Scene and be part of their classes and exchanges. The teachers are very professional and bring out the best in each student in a personalized way. The exchanges bring an open vision and with very enriching perspectives, seeing the theater from different perspectives depending on the destination country.
rocio ruiz morales
rocio ruiz morales: I have been a student of Action-Scene for three years. And I can say that it is a great school. I have learned a lot during these three years and I still have a fourth. I am proud to have been a part of this school for so long. This school has helped me to grow as a professional and as a person, I have been in the hands of great teachers all with great professionalism and experience, I also have a lot to thank the Ibero-American Network of Actors Schools (RIEA) in which I am part as secretary and I have been able to obtain great experiences thanks to this, I have been in Lisbon, Rome and Mexico. and I still have to travel much more and continue training. It is a very complete school and I am very satisfied to have been able to train here.
Mafalda Silva
Mafalda Silva: In July 2018 I participated in the RIEA international exchange between Madrid and Lisbon. When I arrived at the Accion-Escena school in Madrid it was my first time in the city. What found me there was a warm and strong welcome, filled with a desire to know myself as a student, to work, to discover. In the classes I found teachers with a strong knowledge of the craft who encouraged me to test new ideas and proposals. After class I would find the same people encouraging me to get to know the city, asking me where I came from, what my thoughts and desires and hopes were about theater and life. In this way, this exchange served to broaden my way of thinking and reflecting on my work. I recommend it to everyone who wants to do the same.
Anxo Fernández
Anxo Fernández: In the 2017-2018 academic year I took the course of 10 intensive hours per week for 9 months. I can say with certainty that I have had a good education during all that time and that I am proud to have been part of the school family. Despite the reduced number of hours compared to the 25-hour course in the morning, the course is demanding and forces you to be working texts, plays, scenographies and staging at home, so you have to be prepared to do that. effort to older people to make the most of class hours. On the other hand, the Dionysics and the exhibitions are a good way to practice with the public the works that are prepared during the year and a way to bring theatrical and scenic culture to the neighborhood. Finally, I definitely recommend having the opportunity to take an international course with the schools that are linked to the RIEA; it is cheap and a unique experience.

9. Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático - Retiro

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174 reviews
new review
Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático
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Address: Av. de Nazaret, 2, 28009 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 04 21 51

Business type: Drama school

Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático: what do users think?
Laia Moguer Balboa
Laia Moguer Balboa: Class first
Mercedes gomez esteban
Mercedes gomez esteban: The play I attended was excellent. The students show great professionalism in their work. The School gives them good training...
Doncelador: Royal Higher School of Dramatic Art dating from 1831 with María Cristina de Borbón as its promoter. Currently, different artistic specialties can be studied.
José Antonio
José Antonio: EXPECTACULAR Theater with 2 different weekly performances by students from the center, technically assisted by first division professional stagehands.
Cristina Manuela
Cristina Manuela: The play that you can see in the photo will be much more artistic than everything that comes out of that school. Sometimes it seems that judgment in this school has gone down the toilet. The director is called Pablo Iglesias, but in reality Almeida is given more of an air.
Leps 03
Leps 03: I have gone to do the theoretical entrance exams and the site is great and very big, I liked it a lot, the teachers I have met have seemed very nice to me
Maria Teresa Díaz González
Maria Teresa Díaz González: The best training in studies related to Performing Arts. Several specialties, such as gestural, musical and text theater, as well as scene management, dramaturgy and scenery. And you can go see your staging, in your auditorium. Where what is seen, it does not detract at all a work of professional theater at all.
Adrián Jeremy Henríquez
Adrián Jeremy Henríquez: Quality facilities reflecting the importance of drama not happy with that the staff are very nice and friendly
Javier Diaz
Javier Diaz: Very good all the students the worst thing is the entrance to the performances before it was better a greeting

10. Acting Impact - Centro

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20 reviews
new review
Acting Impact
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Address: Pl. de Matute, 5, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30PM Mon

Telephone: +34 635 81 32 40

Business type: Theater company

Acting Impact: what do users think?
Jenna Nilson
Jenna Nilson: Acting Impact has been such a joy to work with. The Spanish theater classes were very fun and engaging, and helped to build my Spanish language skills in a supportive and creative way. I would highly recommend Acting Impact to anyone looking to develop their language abilities and comfort speaking in front of an audience, as well as meet new people! Not to mention the teacher was incredible! I really feel as though I have become more comfortable speaking in Spanish because of the class.
Ana MiMa
Ana MiMa: One of the best decisions I have ever made was joining Acting Impact. The classes are fun and help you disconnect from routine and enhance your creativity. Also, they help you build your confidence in public speaking. I have met wonderful people there and learnt so much from the teachers!
Marco Bellini
Marco Bellini: Learn to power of fun: lovely teachers, great teaming and attractive activities. Highly recommended if you want to connect your brain, your heart and your smile through the magic of theatre.
David Arroyo
David Arroyo: A great way to improve your English while having some fun performing and learning acting techniques. Definitely worthy.
MONTSE SOLIER: The BEST experience. I can not explain with words, you must to live It. The teachers are very profesional and very fun
cepafou: A great place to improve and practice your English having fun and acting!!!
Carla Araujo

11. Fourth Wall Theatre - Arganzuela

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Fourth Wall Theatre
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Address: C. de Ercilla, 17, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Telephone: +34 915 17 23 17

Business type: Drama school

Fourth Wall Theatre: what do users think?
Paul C.
Paul C.: This theatre school though it is quite small is very popular. There also representations very unique.
Response: Hello Paul! Thank you for your rating. We hope to see you again in our room.
cristina muniz
cristina muniz: We have gone to see the work of Punto de Partida and we left moved. It moves the heart and mind a lot. This theater is endearing, cozy and special. we want to return
Viajero: Excellent theater and art room, great works at very affordable prices.
Raquel Alvaro
Raquel Alvaro: Unknown theater, but very well maintained. Good visibility and comfortable seats. They also give you a juice and appetizer to liven up the wait.
Almudena Escribano Cordero
Almudena Escribano Cordero: I went to see "Arde la Yedra", I loved the play, I recommend it. Intense work very good actors
Fran Exposito
Fran Exposito: Excellent Theater Room. We were the whole family and we had a wonderful afternoon. We felt delighted from the moment we entered, that we were treated phenomenally, until the moment we left. 100% recommendable. We will certainly repeat
Mmr: The best theater in the world, treatment, excellent from the beginning to the end.
Juan: Function room with good lighting. We have gone to a sample of the students and they have shown a high interpretive level. Nice experience!
Carpe-Diem .Today
Carpe-Diem .Today: One of the leading places in Madrid for those looking for more risky and non-conformist works. Good place and good offer at affordable prices.
Response: Hello! Thanks for your comment. We are already with the new season. You can consult it at All the best.

12. Intégrate - Centro

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60 reviews
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Address: C. de Amaniel, 24, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 646 18 41 97

Business type: Drama school

Intégrate: what do users think?
Concha Anguas Márquez
Concha Anguas Márquez: A wonderful place to learn acting, writing, directing... and, of course, have a laugh. Tamara is the best teacher in the world :-)
blue lion
blue lion: Impossible better experience. What I would highlight most about the Impro classes with Tamara is that they show that fun is not at odds with depth. I would also highlight the family atmosphere that is breathed from the first class, which makes the experience much more enjoyable.
Response: what a joy! Thanks a lot
Manuela Fernández Requena
Manuela Fernández Requena: There is no better plan than Wednesdays at La Íntegra: improvisation, laughter and learning! The treatment that the school has with the interpretation is incredible, it only makes you want to continue learning Classes are super dynamic and fun. Very highly recommend the place!
Response: It makes me very happy that you are still in the family!
Carmen garvín serrano
Carmen garvín serrano: The full theater is a great place to grow and learn!!! surrounded by good people and super professional teachers
Response: absolute love! Thank you
Carlota Galán
Carlota Galán: I can only say good things about La Integra and even so, it would fall short. It is impossible to have a better teacher, who gets so involved with her students, creating bonds, sensations and wonderful moments. Every day is a new adventure in which you enter by answering the mythical question of "How are you?" With a simple good and you come out answering... "Great!!" Thank you Tamara for creating such a great environment to be able to open up, share and create. To disconnect from the world and connect with ourselves. To laugh out loud every day. Thanks for the full.
Response: thank you so much dragon!
Sara García Blas
Sara García Blas: I have always loved acting, but could never bring myself to take the plunge and learn from professionals. I decided to sign up for an intensive Impro course and it was super fun and enriching. Our teacher Tam explained everything to us in a super entertaining way and helped us improve in each interpretation. Without a doubt, I will return and I recommend to all those who are interested in the world of theater to do so with La Integra.
Response: It was a pleasure having you. What a pre-summer laugh!

13. Victor Ullate Roche scaena - Salamanca

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48 reviews
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Victor Ullate Roche scaena
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Address: C. de Coslada, 7 Bis, 28028 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 913 61 02 47

Business type: Dance school

Victor Ullate Roche scaena: what do users think?
Pedro Guerra
Pedro Guerra: Since many summer courses to attending my daughter and has been very enriching for her and her parents to see their great motivation and evolución.Exelente humanely and profesional.Bravo scaena for your work.
Marianne Lotson
Marianne Lotson: My experience with SCAENA both in the case of my daughter and now that of my granddaughter is excellent. Unsurpassed teaching and dealing with fabulous students.
ALL: Nothing more complete than dance for sensory, motor, cognitive, emotional and, ultimately, cerebral development, which will allow girls and boys to "learn to learn" and, with it, learn to live. When you see Escaena students make an effort and proudly show the results of their work, individually and as a team, they transmit a contagious happiness to you, seeing not only how they enjoy themselves, but also how they learn to get the best that human beings have: the capacity for self-control and the desire to overcome, not others, but oneself. These are the values ​​that I see Escaena defending as a school. Art education is very necessary to prepare children with the necessary skills to live in society and to continue learning, in any other field and throughout their lives. Congratulations Scana!
Antoine MATTIAUDA: They only think about money, there is no consideration or commercial sense, kindness from the secretary in her office, unfortunate!
Elyre Ross
Elyre Ross: In my opinion, Informal, face and in my opinion, unhelpful. Luckily I soon realized and has since gone off very well.
BelenGarciaPaje Clasesdeapoyoescolaringles
BelenGarciaPaje Clasesdeapoyoescolaringles: It is a great school with good discipline. You learn a lot and the team is wonderful.
Juanjo Jimenez
Juanjo Jimenez: My daughter is very happy with the teachers and classmates. The building and the facilities seem very improvable.

14. Escuela de teatro musical TM4you - Centro

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21 reviews
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Escuela de teatro musical TM4you
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Address: Calle del Dr Cortezo, 5, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Sat

Telephone: +34 675 68 41 99

Business type: Performing arts theater

Escuela de teatro musical TM4you: what do users think?
Zorayda Morán
Zorayda Morán: Impressed with the passion and dedication of the management, technical and teaching team, prioritizing the well-being and camaraderie of the students and, above all, valuing the efforts of children and young people who in a few days prepare exceptional performances.
Felix Rodriguez
Felix Rodriguez: My daughter has been there since she was 7 years old, she is currently 15. More than 8 years in which I can only say wonders about the school and its teachers and directors. I have not seen the illusion with which they educate anywhere else. A place where they do not seek to make professionals in the world of theater, dance or interpretation, but rather a place where children are happy and discover themselves through it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Julian Gonzalez
Julian Gonzalez: My daughter found out about this camp last year and she loved it. So much so that they signed up this year to go every week. I recommend it for all those children who like this type of activity. The treatment of the monitors is fantastic. They get all the children involved in the works.
Coral Carmona Gracia
Coral Carmona Gracia: It has been lucky to find them and share with them every Saturday, summer camps, for several years now. They treat you like family from the beginning, giving you facilities for everything and always with joy. And the peace of mind that comes from having your daughter in such a special and enriching environment until she is 17 years old, growing in values ​​and personal security. totally recommended
Belen Acevedo
Belen Acevedo: Wonderful team and wonderful work done by this school. My daughter has been going for several years, it helps her to expose herself to other people, she makes very good friends because of the atmosphere that exists in the group and that strengthens the team and something very important: it increases her self-esteem. highly recommended
Sira Hernández Calvo
Sira Hernández Calvo: It is a wonderful school. My 3 daughters have been going since they were little and they love it. They learn theater and all the intricacies that this art entails. They prepare 4 shows a year with the kids, separated into groups by age and directly in the theater. Now, in 2021-22, they are based in the Figaro theater. And the best: the organizers and the teachers. They make the kids feel like they are part of a big family.

15. Escuela de teatro Madrid | Escuela David Amitín - Chamberí

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76 reviews
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Escuela de teatro Madrid | Escuela David Amitín
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Address: Calle de Covarrubias, 22, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Telephone: +34 912 32 42 40

Business type: Performing arts theater

Escuela de teatro Madrid | Escuela David Amitín: what do users think?
marina tortora
marina tortora: Excellent experience and training. My encounter with the theater, the analysis and composition of characters, the correct use of the voice and the work of the imaginary left solidity and clear tools that accompany each artistic act!! In my case, who had dance training and was already working professionally as a dancer, the contribution of theater from the hand of this acting training and David as a teacher, left in me a deep love for theater and completed me as an artist. I recommend it!!
Response: Thank you very much, Marina. A hug!
Aurora Vicario
Aurora Vicario: I have participated in the intensive summer course of Interpretation and Stage Direction. I found it to be a very complete and gratifying workshop because it works not only on expression, improvisation, imagination... but also the in-depth analysis of theatrical scenes that the students later represent. In addition, David is a charming person and a great teacher who transmits his passion for theater.
Response: Thank you Aurora. A hug
Richard García
Richard García: David is an excellent teacher who knows how to observe what each student needs to grow as an actor, and expresses his comments clearly and kindly. I have fond memories of the classes and, honestly, it is one of the richest experiences of my life. I recommend taking classes with him, whether you want to get into acting or already have experience.
Response: Thanks Richard. Hug!
António Baía Reis
António Baía Reis: I have participated in the intensive workshop of interpretation and scenic direction. I recommend it at all! David is a true master of the theater!
Response: Thank you, Antonio. Hug!!
pablo queralt
pablo queralt: Classes with the rigor of learning that the director David Amitin carries out transmitting what the actor or anyone who interprets an action or text should know about his sensory, his own imaginative to carry out the theatrical-expressive function, with respect and love towards the profession or artistic trade. I must say that personally I was able to advance and develop that knowledge of my own to be able to convey in my case in poetry, and the classes were an important energetic force that boosted my creative machine.
Response: Thanks Pablo, a hug!
Amaia: I have attended the intensive summer course and it has been my first experience with the theater. David has managed to show me an unknown world in which I have felt very comfortable and I have learned a lot, everything I know about theater, and a lot about emotional and personal. I recommend it 100%.
Response: I loved your participation in the Workshop. A hug!
elarcaproducciones: My name is Silvia Di Scala, I live in Mar del Plata, Argentina. I had the opportunity to do 2 conducting seminars that Master David Amitin taught in Buenos Aires and it was a before and after in my career. I was able to capture his sensitivity, his passion when directing and that artisanal hand, in the setting of the scene, which characterizes him. Thanks, teacher!
Response: Thank you Silvia. Tight hug!

Madrid is home to some of the best acting and theatre schools in the world. From beginner to advanced levels, there are a variety of classes available to suit all levels of experience. Whether you are looking to hone your craft or just want to explore the world of theatre, Madrid has something for everyone. From acting classes to improvisation and physical theatre, there are a variety of courses to choose from. With experienced teachers and a vibrant theatre scene, Madrid is the perfect place to explore the world of theatre.

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