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1. Planeta Vegano - Centro

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497 reviews
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Planeta Vegano
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Address: C. del Ave María, 34, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 912 50 20 02

Business type: Natural goods store

Planeta Vegano: what do users think?
Olivier Perbellini
Olivier Perbellini: This place a vegan even! There is so much choice! From breakfast to diner you can get non-dairy milk and cheese, vegan sausages, tofu, seitan, tempeh, organic cereals and plenty more! I went there twice and it was a big struggle each time to not buy everything!
Response: Thank You Very Much Dear Olivier for your visit and support. A hug for you. 🙏💚
Theo Franzén
Theo Franzén: Great vegan grocery store that has everything you could possibly need. They even have big bags of vegan dog food and nutrition supplements fitting for vegans. The friendly staff makes this store one of the best (if not the best) stores in Madrid!
Response: Thanks Dear Theo.
Lennon Andrades
Lennon Andrades: Great product offerings and extremely efficient home delivery. We ordered a months supply and got good prices. Highly recommended for your monthly grocery shopping. Keep up the great work planeta vegano.
Response: Thanks Lennon for your words and your support to Planeta Vegano. 💚🙏
Jonas Amadeo Lucas
Jonas Amadeo Lucas: Best vegan store in Spain for sure.
Response: Thank you very much Jonas for your support and trust in our service 💚🌱
David Hernández
David Hernández: They have everything you want, the shop assistant has been really thoughtful and helpful. Definitely a must-go vegan shop
Response: Thanks Dear David for your support and words. 💚
Adam Fauzi
Adam Fauzi: We go here every week to stock up on all our vegan supplies - so much choice and very friendly staff!
Response: Thanks Dear Adam for your words and support. A strong hug 🙏😍

2. Veggie Room - Centro

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652 reviews
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Veggie Room
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Address: C. de San Vicente Ferrer, 19, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 911 43 91 73

Business type: Natural goods store

Veggie Room: what do users think?
Vectors: Good place with all kind of Vegan, Vegetarian and Bio products. A bit expensive for Spain. My recommendation for the shop, as you sell frozen and chilled products, have some Thermo bags for your clients in the shop. Many have a longer road home and it is not really pleasant to reach home with the products unfrozen. Thanks, I guess in the name of many clients, to opt out your shop with that kind of bags.
Response: Thanks Vectors (♡ヮ♡)
Shona Pardoe
Shona Pardoe: My favourite vegan shop in Madrid! They have a great selection of products, including things from the UK and US that I’ve never found elsewhere in Madrid. Highly recommended
Response: (୨୧ • ͈ᴗ • ͈) ◞ᵗʱᵃᵑᵏ ઽ * ♡
B L: They always have a great selection and also bring in new products, which is super useful to discover new things. Both the guys and the girl who work there are really friendly and always willing to help with any questions.
Response: ˚ ༘ ♡ · ˚꒰ ThanKs BSPUr ꒱ ₊˚ˑ ༄
Nicole Tauster
Nicole Tauster: Great store full of ecological products and tons of vegan/vegetarian items, including more unique/hard to find ones. An oasis in Madrid for a lifelong vegetarian like myself! Kind staff too. I miss not living close anymore!
Response: So many thanks Nicole, you're so kind! :)
Dr. Ina Melny
Dr. Ina Melny: Awesome vegan store.
Response: (୨୧•͈ᴗ•͈)◞ᵗʱᵃᵑᵏઽ*♡ Dr Ina
Jennifer Helfer
Jennifer Helfer: Small but mighty store. Great vegan grocery store. Has everything from pasta, to grains, to sauces, to sweets, and even three fridges full of "cheeses", tofu, etc. Staff are very friendly and helpful.
Response: So Sweet Jennifer!!!! So many thanks for your visit and words.
Rhoda Crawley
Rhoda Crawley: My first online shopping in Veggie Room.Great selection of products. Fast delivery. Wonderful customer service.Highly recommended :-)
Response: Thanks Rhoda (‘∀’●)♡

3. Cinnamon Biocentro - Centro

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57 reviews
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Cinnamon Biocentro
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Address: C. de Espoz y Mina, 3, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 31 49 04

Business type: Supermarket

Cinnamon Biocentro: what do users think?
Olivier Perbellini
Olivier Perbellini: Very nice organic shop with a lot of vegan options! You can find food but not only: cosmetics, yoga equipment/outfit and more!The staff is super friendly which is always a plus!
Response: Oh!!! we'll be very happy of meet you again!!! THANK YOUUU!!!!!!!
A: We ordered a vegetal sandwich – a toasted sandwich with avocado, vegan cheese, some slices of a vegan sausage, and spread. The sandwich itself was spicy and delicious, however, the sandwich was very small.
Response: Hellooo! We take note of your comments! Glad you liked the taste! Thank you for visiting us ✨
holisticmaya: Great shop, I think it’s fully vegan! (Not sure but everything I saw was vegan). The two ladies working there were very helpful and friendly. Lots of vegan cheese, yoghurt, meats... makeup, hair products, natural cosmetics and skincare, Bamboo toothbrush... even some “new age” things like necklaces, incense, pink Himalayan lamp, as well as yoga gear, perfumes, spices, fruits veggies... everything you could need! It’s close to the centre and a very cute little place.
Response: Thank you!!!! 💚
Gabriel KoheN
Gabriel KoheN: Excellent place if you are in the heart of Madrid, personalized attention and the best selection of natural products for personal and spiritual care and development. Wide range of products, where you can find everything from excellent Colombian coffee, natural essences, books, to yoga articles, natural cuisine, or simply taste an entirely natural granita.
Response: Gabriel! Thanks for your comments! And happy to eat to see you! Have a nice trips ✨ 🙏
NEGUESA: Hello! The store is very good. The only thing I have bought is a Collagen supplement and it contains fish. I have the ticket. It can be returned without problems, right? Thanks!
Response: Hi! How are you? We can change you for a vegan collagen without problems! Write us at 681266711 and we will make the change tomorrow Monday with the presentation of your TICKET. Greetings and thank you for trusting Cinnamon
Núria García
Núria García: We went to Madrid on a trip, I found this site on the internet and I went. I love everything they have, the girl is very kind and nice. I hope they open a store in Barcelona
Response: Thank you very much Nuria! Nice to see you again another time 💛💛
Mariana Toader
Mariana Toader: Delighted with the products and very happy with the attention of the staff! Super nice and attentive! Natural juices are a real blast!
Response: Thank you Mariana!! very happy to see you again hug💛
Antonio Bayo
Antonio Bayo: We have been going to La Canela for a long time (from Carmen Cabello) and, always, very well attended, in every way; friendly and efficient.
Response: 💚💚💚 THANK YOU VERY MUCH ANTONIO, a pleasure to serve you always

4. Encuentro Vegano - Veganizando Los Barrios - Moratalaz

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502 reviews
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Encuentro Vegano - Veganizando Los Barrios
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Address: C. Pico de los Artilleros, 23, 28030 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 910 21 90 30

Business type: Natural goods store

Encuentro Vegano - Veganizando Los Barrios: what do users think?
Brian Lafora
Brian Lafora: Nice little store to buy your veggie items
Response: Thank you!
Silvia B
Silvia B: Go vegan
Response: Go Vegan!!!!!Thank you for your support Silvia!
Manu Aguilar
Manu Aguilar: Go Vegan
Response: Go Vegan Manu!!! Thanks for your support!!! ;)
Carlos: Ok
Response: Thanks for your support!
Ana Visa Garcia
Ana Visa Garcia: I visited the store yesterday and I loved it. The girl who served me was super attentive and friendly. A pleasure. I will repeat for sure :)
Response: Whoa!!! Thanks a million Anna!!! Here you have your home!!! A hug!
Sara Sánchez
Sara Sánchez: Wonderful neighborhood vegan shop! It has become our reference store. They have a great variety of products, which are delicious! And on their Instagram you keep track of everything and see the new products they bring (among other things of interest). In addition, they support small cooperatives and other social initiatives, apart from veganism. And they are a delight of people, they behaved great during confinement and made it much more bearable for us. 100% recommendation 💗
Response: Thanks a million for your support and for your words, they are very important to us !!!
Irene Torrero
Irene Torrero: Since we discovered Encuentro Vegano, a neighborhood store, close to home, we always go there to buy. Bulk products for our family are essential. And they always have a smile, they solve all your doubts, what more could you ask for!
Response: Millions of thanks for your words and for choosing us! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
MsErikaFaith: Very friendly and close treatment, a lot of variety of products of all kinds. Bulk frozen goods, cheeses, "vegetable meat and fish", beers, sauces, sweets... Vegan paradise feeling at home, and on top of that supporting local businesses and people who care about animals, the planet and their neighborhood by doing activism the good one. Always happy to shop here ☺
Response: What a rush of opinion !! Thank you from the heart! You are a love Erika !! here is your house for when you like to come back !! A hug!

5. Nan-Yea Alimentacion - Centro

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302 reviews
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Nan-Yea Alimentacion
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Address: C. de los Estudios, 7, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 913 65 28 83

Business type: Asian grocery store

Nan-Yea Alimentacion: what do users think?
Mark Venning
Mark Venning: Amazing range of cold Spanish craft beer cans (and a few bottles too) in what is ostensibly an Asian supermarket. To be seen to be believed! Love it!!!
Response: Thank you very much. We look forward to see you again! ☺️
Gabby J
Gabby J: This place is truly a gem! This little market offers organic food/products. They have a variety of different healthy foods and snacks. Gluten free and great supplements like maca, hemp, cacao powders. This Asian market sells load of vegan/vegetarian options! Even vegan ice creams but nothing could be better than their ready to eat foods! Which majority of them are vegan and vegetarian! Yummy food and great prices! This place is a must go if you are in Madrid!
Grisha: Excellent store: lots of fresh craft beer: ipa, wild ales, aged stouts. Great amount of goods, welcoming staff.
Response: Thank you very much. We look forward to seeing you again
Tanatip Daloonpet
Tanatip Daloonpet: I come here for cheap, delicious, ready to go meal. There’s a small stand up table that you can use to eat your food as well
Response: Muchas gracias por tu reseña Tanatip!! Thank you very much for your review Tanatip!
Kent Wang
Kent Wang: Excellent beer selection, including Cantillon €19.Asian food selection is small but has all the spices I wanted, including Laoganma mushroom
Response: Thank you very much Kent for your comment!
Stefan Yannelli
Stefan Yannelli: A great little market in the heart of La Latina with a wide selection of vegetarian/vegan products, asian products and craft beers! They also have delicious take-away food (I recommend the Yakisoba!)
Response: Thank you very much for your comment. We appreciate that! We keep improving
Charalampos Petrou
Charalampos Petrou: It is by far the best choice to buy beers in the centre of Madrid. Some of them may look expensive but they are actually very reasonably priced. Furthermore all the other products are also very good. I have tried many times the prepared food they have and they are all excellent. Furthermore it is one of the only places where you can find snacks made from legumes. It is an amazing shop that I can not recommend enough.
Response: Thank you very much for your comment. And responding t you, that's right. From the window view, they may apparently look expensive, but indeed we always try to adjust the prices of our beers and the rest of the products we have
Amy Wu
Amy Wu: Fantastic Asian foods selection. Cannot say this about many places in Madrid but taste is 100% authentic. Will be returning for their Vietnamese spring rolls (shrimp) and Panang curry.
Response: Thanks a lot for your comment! We appreciate it a lot. We keep improving and hope to see you soon

6. Naturasi supermarket Bernabéu - Chamartín

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35 reviews
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Naturasi supermarket Bernabéu
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Address: Calle del Dr. Fleming, 1, 28036 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 914 58 32 54

Business type: Supermarket

Naturasi supermarket Bernabéu: what do users think?
Alvaro Soto de Scals
Alvaro Soto de Scals: Nice, interesting vegan supermarket. You will find los of eco products.
Response: Thanks a lot!! All our products are Eco certificarte!!
Ch JaNjUå
Ch JaNjUå: Perfect
Response: 💚👏🏻
Boat “Animation 13 under” Angel
Boat “Animation 13 under” Angel: This is a wonderful store.
Response: 💪💚
PINCELADAS sobre MEDITACION: For €60 of purchase they take it to your house up to 20 km around Madrid!!.. Service also by whassup. A wide variety of organic products does not appear as a herbalist and it is, but of a higher level. Very friendly and professional. From fresh fruits and vegetables to cosmetics
Response: 👍🏻💚💚💚💚
Marta Pérez Atienza
Marta Pérez Atienza: We shop frequently. Today we have bought a bag of raw hazelnuts and when we open it we have found a moldy one, I have put the hazelnuts back in the bag without taking the precaution of removing the moldy one. In less than 5 minutes we have gone down with the bag and his response has been "these hazelnuts are fine". We are not going to argue, of course, but if I have taken the trouble to return, it will be for a reason. I have purchased another bag from another brand and this will be the last purchase I make from this store. All the best
Response: Hello Marta, we are sorry for the situation that the person you sent to claim the product has experienced. When there is a claim about the quality of a product, the first thing we do is verify such an anomaly. In this case, the store staff tells us that the hazelnuts are fine, there is no presence of mold and the taste is optimal. The person who came with the claim did not object to anything at that time, and yet you do it here where we cannot have feedback to specify the quality problem. We are sorry for your disappointment but our customers, those who buy daily, those who have been with us for 20 years, know that we always respond responsibly and above all they know that they respect the work behind the people who are in charge of the establishment. We invite you to come back to NaturaSi, let's look at the product in question together and if there is something to replace, we will do it without any problem. Here we attach the photo of the bag you bought. Receive a cordial greeting 💚
Eri: Very happy with the service. They have a wide variety of products, plus many of them have discounts. The transport company they work with is not Correos and they work very well. About the supplements, they have a lot of information on the page about the ingredients and how to take them. In the last package I ordered, they gave me a cream.
Response: 💚
Isabel R. de Liévana
Isabel R. de Liévana: There are fresh vegetables and other things that can be found in a supermarket, but ecological, very varied. Reasonably priced but not suitable for all budgets. A greater assortment of bulk products is lacking. I was very pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of virgin olive oils from different products at a very good price and in glass (argan, sesame, flax, avocado, sunflower, apart from olive). I trust that, since I have not been able to find almost products without plastic wrap, something widespread in the bio-eco brands that focus on the product but neglect the impact of the container, pressure suppliers to change the plastic wrappers by other biodegradable (such as paper or cardboard). I will repeat
Response: 👍 Isabel, the world of organic food, is on its way to getting rid of plastic, but unfortunately it is a slow process because the possibilities to preside over it are still few and make the packaged product even more expensive. We have been an organic supermarket in Madrid for 19 years, we are not new and it has taken us a lot of effort to stay on our feet. Let's hope that consuming organic products is not a fashion, but rather an act of conscience as individuals who inhabit planet earth, respecting natural resources, and above all the work of the people who make the cultivation and production of these clean and healthy foods possible. Thank you for your opinion, we will continue to improve.

7. Supermercado Bio Naturasi Argüelles Moncloa - Chamberí

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163 reviews
new review
Supermercado Bio Naturasi Argüelles Moncloa
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Address: C. de Guzmán el Bueno, 28, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 44 56 63

Business type: Organic food store

Supermercado Bio Naturasi Argüelles Moncloa: what do users think?
FlowerHibisco: Quality food, especially veggies, and very good prices for their own brand. Lovely staff (and great music too).
Response: 💚👍🏻thanks a lot!!
Frank Busenhart
Frank Busenhart: Ok selection of products. Store could be much cleaner. Personnel helpful
Response: 💚💚
Juli gimenez
Juli gimenez: Great organic foods at reasonable prices .lots of variety and very sweet friendly staff. I recommend it 😊
Response: ❤️
P Gallardo
P Gallardo: A unique supermarket in the Gaztambide suburb when you can find organic food and other beauty or cleaning products.
Response: Thanks, glad to hear that!!
Santi Vergara
Santi Vergara: It is a very specific trade for people who want to take care of their diet to the maximum regardless of the cost... which is how we should all be!!! But I like another variety of food... The one here is excellent and the employees help you with everything!!!
Response: 💚💚👍🏻
martinquixada: It is a good place to buy organic food. I frequent it. They have high-quality Suerte Ampanera brand yogurt that is hard to find.
Response: 💚👏🏻 We are glad that you like this Km0 brand from Madrid!!! Good luck Ampanera has been with us since our beginnings 22 years ago! They just received the 2021 🏅💚 Alimentos de España Award in the Ecological Production category in August '22. 💚👏🏻
Lana: It is large and has a lot of variation in brands of vegetable drinks, yogurts, refrigerated food... the downside... is that the establishment is not very clean
Response: Dear Lana, thank you for your review, it helps us to improve and improve ourselves every day and be the best. I enclose photos (see new) that I am going to publish now, of how our establishment as of today 7/11/22 looks neat, stocked and orderly, perhaps with some sector older than another where it is more noticeable. We have been in Madrid for 21 years next to the neighborhood and there the passage of time shows! But we believe that this is the beautiful thing to stay and pass 💚. Thank you very much!
Marta López
Marta López: They almost always have what I need. All of good quality.
Response: Thanks Marta 💚
Marcus Populus
Marcus Populus: It has a wide variety of dietary products.
Response: 💚

8. JESUS Y BUDDHA - Centro

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17 reviews
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Address: C. de Espoz y Mina, 38, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 23 78 08

Business type: Organic food store

JESUS Y BUDDHA: what do users think?
Taller Arte
Taller Arte: So, so you think you can tell Heaven from hell Blue skies from pain Can you tell a green field From a cold steel rail? A smile from a veil? Do you think you can tell? Did they get you to trade Your heroes for ghosts? Hot ashes for trees? Hot air for a cool breeze? Cold comfort for change? Did you exchange A walk on part in the war For a lead role in a cage?
Empress Mine
Empress Mine: Beyond words... a treasured jewel.
Luisa Jiménez
Luisa Jiménez: The place is wonderful, and the people who run it are wonderful. They are out of the ordinary. If you are looking for exclusive things, both in products and therapies, this is your site. The dedication and delivery of these people to their students and their clients is amazing. They are extremely generous, and among them I have always felt cared for, valued and protected. THANK YOU infinitely for a space like yours and for so much wisdom and dedication.
Sonsoles: I love their varied offer. The minerals are impressive, a wide variety of original items and quality organic products. And the attention a 10, it is a pleasure to talk with them.
Fix free
Fix free: Mother and daughter attend you, you have food that is medicine, minerals that serve many things, Tibetan instruments to meditate and they tell you recipes with much love. Very good people.
Manu Cardiel
Manu Cardiel: An incredible place where both the mother and the daughter take great care of you. With a wide variety of organic products and at a very good price.
Virginia Cal
Virginia Cal: We went to look and the lady a charm attended us and explained with great kindness
Mario Branson
Mario Branson: Rude and exploitative of their employees. They change from time to time of shop assistants

9. Herbolario EcoRiche - EcoTienda - Centro

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71 reviews
new review
Herbolario EcoRiche - EcoTienda
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Address: Calle de la Magdalena, 2, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 663 83 94 72

Business type: Herbalist

Herbolario EcoRiche - EcoTienda: what do users think?
Joy Szilagyi
Joy Szilagyi: Great selection! Delicious green pea pasta (guisantes) and pesto. They also had ground flax for shakes (which I had been looking for). I’m traveling abroad and this place was a little gem to get my healthy fix.
Response: Dear Joy, we are glad to hear that from you :) You are welcome any time...
Moman Kutabi Hamadalla
Moman Kutabi Hamadalla: They have the best selection of organic products. As well they do different massages.
Response: Thank you! We are doing our best to improve our services and products, you're welcome ;)
J J: Huge variety of organic products
Response: Thanks a lot :)
Yolanda Rodríguez Peinado
Yolanda Rodríguez Peinado: Super grateful that they are in my neighborhood. Above all, the human quality of who attends me and the interest in helping and doing their best when I have had an urgent order. Variety and quality in organic fruit and vegetables and in everything else. Recommended 100x100
Ona Herranz
Ona Herranz: Very satisfied, Ana advised me with the supplements in a very effective way because she has a lot of knowledge in psychoneuroimmunology and controls the dosage, active ingredients, excipients and possible interactions... this added value in a dependent is not often found so of course I will return !
José Luis Delgado Guitart
José Luis Delgado Guitart: It is an excellent store with organic food and products of all kinds. We highly recommend it. Very good attention from Javier.
Response: Thank you very much for your review. We are happy about your recommendation and appreciate the time you took to write it. We hope to see you again soon.
Ana Cserny
Ana Cserny: I already had my trusted herbalist but I wanted to try this one because they have more variety. From the first moment they treated me very well and advised me on the products I was going to buy. I am already a regular customer and I am delighted. I recommend it 100%
Response: Thank you very much for your comment Bethlehem! From EcoRiche we make every effort to make the treatment as personalized as possible. We love to read that you are happy after your visit See you soon

10. Delish Vegan Doughnuts - Centro

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403 reviews
new review
Delish Vegan Doughnuts
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Address: Corre. Alta de San Pablo, 12, Local Derecho, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Fri

Business type: Coffee shop

Delish Vegan Doughnuts: what do users think?
Ciprian Sergiu
Ciprian Sergiu: Perfect vegan place for a quick bite, breakfast, brunch or dessert with lip-smacking doughnuts for every taste, be it sweet or salty.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Lana Katsaros
Lana Katsaros: Amazing. The brunch doughnut was so good! The lavender latte was also great! The sweet doughnuts were also excellent, through I was really impressed with the unique savory options that were far beyond any expectation we had!
Fátima González
Fátima González: vegan donuts and variety of drinks. everything is very good. the ambiance and space is nice too, they have a designated table for computer users.
Yuval: As always, the best vegan donuts in Madrid (and worldwide!)
Josh Robinson
Josh Robinson: Very overpriced doughnut. Would not recommend this place, cheap chocolate coating. Peanut and caramel filling had 0 flavour, you could not tell what it was.
Paulo Pita
Paulo Pita: My friend who’s a chef says the doughnuts are always raw in the center. Don’t agree, they’re delicious.
Anna: Nice ambience and actually delicious doughnuts. Highly recommend!
Sam Wansbury
Sam Wansbury: EDIT: The last time I reviewed delish vegan donuts was 4 months ago. The review was 5 stars and describing how fantastic delish was. However after my last few visits I feel the need to leave a different review. The issue is this, in mine and several friends opinions, the quality and flavour of the donuts has decreased significantly. Being someone who has been eating these donuts for over a year, before the shop in Malasaña even opened, I feel like I can say with confidence the quality has decreased. It seems to me that as they have become very popular in the last 4 months or so the quality has greatly deteriorated. The staff are very polite, the place is very clean, but sadly the donuts just aren’t that good anymore. It pains me to say this as I have been a by-weekly customer of delish for over a year, however after my last few trips I don’t think I’ll be back again soon. (Original review from November 2021) I have been to delish vegan donuts many times as I live close and every time I have been It’s been fantastic! The price is very reasonable for the size of the donut. Each donut is unique and tasty. The staff are always very friendly and always willing to help and answer any question you might have. If you are a local in Madrid or just visiting on holiday I would recommend delish vegan donuts very highly!
Carlos Barea
Carlos Barea: Friendly staff, great doughnuts, international vibe and the pistachio latte was incredible.
Angela Lachman
Angela Lachman: The nicest shop… with exquisite freshly baked doughnuts. A party for your taste buds.. lovely employees and good coffee which I a must for me…. Will visit again and most definitely will recommend this to friends and family

11. La Nodriza - Centro

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46 reviews
new review
La Nodriza
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Address: C. de los Caños del Peral, 5, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Fri

Telephone: +34 914 91 15 59

Business type: Organic food store

La Nodriza: what do users think?
Cristal: The BEST organic shop in Madrid! Lucia, the store owner, is super knowledgeable and genuinely cares for her clients. She hand-selects the best quality products to have in her store. She personally visits the farms where she gets her products, and shares updated info with her clients. People sometimes wait in line to get her unique selection of products and ask for advice! I feel so lucky to have found her store seven months ago. Thanks Lucia for taking good care of us!!
Response: Thank you for your review, its motivating and valued.. to continue offering kindness to our customer providing a warm experience🌻🐝
Jon: The owner is amazing and she helped me pick out a wonder bottle of wine. Highly recommended!
Response: Thank you for being part of the organic World and your kind words🐝
Olivia Jones
Olivia Jones: Good selection of varied produce, good price and great owner!! Very friendly, kind and speaks great English (she graduated from Sheffield!)
will wood
will wood: Simply the best service this side of the solar system! Fantastic little store for those that have exceptional tastes. Even if that’s not your ting, the proprietor will make you feel welcome and great! SIX STARS!!!
Response: Wow! Thanks for your kind words/recognition towards the work I do, and for your motivating review, gratitud and kind wishes to you💫🐝
Charles Anderson
Charles Anderson: What it is and what it stands for is great! Support this shop and it’s delightful owner!
Vanessa Russell
Vanessa Russell: The lady who owns this store is very knowledgable and has carefully selected a good variety of items! Definitely worth a visit!
Response: Thank you Vanessa!
Jóna Gudmundsdóttir
Jóna Gudmundsdóttir: Super friendly owner who speaks fluent English and is so inspiring, calm and happy to tell you everything about her products!
Response: Thank you Jona, its a real pleasure!

12. Tienda ecológica | Ecocentro | Supermercado Bio - Chamberí

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69 reviews
new review
Tienda ecológica | Ecocentro | Supermercado Bio
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Address: C. Esquilache, 2, 28003 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 690 33 47 37

Business type: Organic food store

Tienda ecológica | Ecocentro | Supermercado Bio: what do users think?
Matthias Rodamer
Matthias Rodamer: Nice store!
Response: Matthias!! Thank you very much for your evaluation. A pleasure to continue serving you. See you soon
jorge gonzalez marcos
jorge gonzalez marcos: We made a first large purchase in the physical store and then we have continued through the online store especially for the purchase of fruits and vegetables... Delighted... Guarantee bio
Response: Thank you very much George for your comments. It will be a pleasure to serve you again. See you soon!
Concepción Andrés
Concepción Andrés: You can find everything, it cannot be more complete or more beautiful. Next door, the fresh market store.
Response: Concepcion, thank you for your comment and review. It is a pleasure to always be there for you. See you soon.
Estefania Rivas
Estefania Rivas: I love the store, I always go there to buy some things. They have a lot of variety but I give it 3 stars for the experience with the cashier. Very sharp and bitter. I went today Friday September 30 around 1:45 p.m. I paid to be exact
Estefania LOPEZ RUIZ
Estefania LOPEZ RUIZ: I have been buying and eating at the restaurant since 2005 (17 years) when I found out about it thanks to a relative. It is one of my favorite places. The treatment has always been excellent, especially Marisa. Thank you very much to the team. The restaurant food is fantastic.
Response: Hi Estefania! How good it is to read you and know that you have been with us for so long, thank you for that.
Chiara Foletto
Chiara Foletto: The food is quite good, there is a lot of variety. But why put fructose instead of healthier sugar? And why is an insalata worth so much? The restaurant staff seem a bit stressed.
Maria de la Vega
Maria de la Vega: It is a very well located store in the center of Madrid near parks. The stores are very nice and always clean. It has a very complete assortment. The staff as well as the owners have a very pleasant relationship with customers and are always ready to inform and facilitate product orders. There are events now with music, dance and literature and Persian decoration objects and trips to Iran that makes an interesting complement to the store of organic products.
Response: Thank you very much Maria for your comments and your visit. We work very hard to make it so. We hope to see you again soon :)

13. La Huerta de Almeria - Centro

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961 reviews
new review
La Huerta de Almeria
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Address: Corre. Baja de San Pablo, 47, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: +34 912 79 92 58

Business type: Vegan restaurant

La Huerta de Almeria: what do users think?
A. Friedrichs (Bel_Friedrichs)
A. Friedrichs (Bel_Friedrichs): Very delicious, healthy, creative food! We had a vegan poke bowl and a vegan chocolate cake. Both were very yummy and satisfying. Also, service was incredibly nice and quick. Would recommend!!
Response: Thanks, 🤩❤️ 🔥😍
Gabriel Rubia
Gabriel Rubia: This place is awesome. Is a very simple place with a lot of variety of fresh ingredients. You can also buy vegetables here. All organic. The food is delicious and they also have cakes. I ordered La Gran Verde but I want to order everything!
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson: I enjoyed a nice coffee and vegan cake (actually two pieces.. oops), my wife had a big bowl of salad, vegetable greens, tofu and avocado. This has been one of our favourite places in all of Madrid. They also have a fantastic little section of fresh organic produce to buy. We’re considering coming back for dinner to try a burger or wrap! Highly recommend this to everyone regardless of your dietary choices.
Tom Finch
Tom Finch: Popped in here for a quick fruit ice lolly. They were delicious and made from real fruit. Would definitely go back for ice cream or other products.
Eitan Buchvall
Eitan Buchvall: A small organic grocery & restaurant, with a wide variety of tasty vegan portions and juices, prepared to order. And enormous (mainly non-vegan) cakes.The hamburgers might be a bit patchy, but the rest is delicious to the palate and the eye.
Rachel Winbigler
Rachel Winbigler: This place has so much vegan variety and such delicious options. I had the vegan chocolate cheese cakeThey also have wifi and allow computers. Edgar was working really hard and was very helpful and nice. 10/10!!!
Gabby J
Gabby J: Great Smoothies/Juices! Great staff and loads of veggie options and organic foods. The place has nice concept and the people who work there are very nice. I’ve bought fresh made gluten free bread here and their non dairy ice cream they make. I’ve also had some delicious teas in the high seat top area. This spot is a always a go to, definitely worth checking out!
Response: Hello Gabby! Thank you very much for your comment and for your valuation, it motivates us to be better and maintain the quality of our service. We hope to see you soon in our stores. We're here to serve you. Regards!
Lander: Quick & healthy food. Many options including vegan. Wraps, bowls, salads and sandwiches to choose from. A wide variety of fresh juices. Fruit & vegetable market and other products.
David “Renee” Zamudio
David “Renee” Zamudio: the menu offers a wide variety of delicious and mouthwatering main courses that will appeal to vegan food lovers everything we ate was fresh and delicious the staff was caring I highly recommend visiting this restaurant

14. Distrito Vegano - Centro

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2184 reviews
new review
Distrito Vegano
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Address: Calle del Conde de Romanones, 10, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Fri

Telephone: +34 912 10 82 73

Business type: Vegan restaurant

Distrito Vegano: what do users think?
Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller: We ventured here a bit hung over and in search of some delicious food. The restaurant appears quite small and modern from the outside. Once inside we were greeted by a really sweet woman and seated without a reservation. It was around 12 on a Sunday. To our surprise there’s a little hallway that leads you through to more tables and another large room. We sat at one of the small tables with a window looking into a beautiful courtyard. Brunch was only until 12 so we ordered a few things to try from their lunch menu. - Patatas criollas Del Distrito (potatoes with cheese and chorizo) - Grandmas croquetas - Revuelto a La Vasca (scrambled eggs with mushroom and asparagus) The croquetas were delicious and two different kinds. The inside was a nice soft and spiced mixture of vegetables and the outside was very crunchy. The potatoes with chorizo really blew us away. For one, the potion was way bigger than expected. And the flavor was totally incredible. The cheese was creamy and the chorizo had a nice spicy, hearty flavor. The potatoes brought the dish together and it was a really delicious dish. Remember it is a lot of food!! We unfortunately didn’t like the scrambled eggs. They were very bland and we also didn’t love the texture. I still choose to give them 5 stars because our waitress was so lovely, the restaurant is beautiful and they are creating truly awesome dishes with plant based ingredients. We would be happy to return.
Jessica Clarke
Jessica Clarke: My and my partner (who isn’t fully vegan like myself) attended here twice whilst in Madrid- both times were great for “vegan junk food”. The restaurant has further seating at the rear and we sat here both times. The menu was online through QR code (although I struggled to get onto my internet due to phone signal so WiFi would have been helpful). We had the encheeladas, the mozzarella flat dippers (we can’t remember the name) and the second time the hotdog- and the tiramisu desert all were really nice. Staff were attentive and helpful and spoke enough English to assist us, the place was reasonably priced for a central city business and we would definitely come again- thank you :)
Melina Ghasseminejad
Melina Ghasseminejad: Okay, so there was some confusion at first because apparently the restaurant has moved and changed concepts (it’s more of a fine dining concept now). But this was way better than what we thought we were getting. The food was so delicious, I can’t even begin to describe. I was a bit worried at first as the menu had dishes from all over the world (as this usually leads to mediocre dishes) but I needn’t have worried. We had the croquetas (which were divine), the rabo de la vega (which I highly recommend) and the pâtè en croûte (which my partner highly recommends). We didn’t have room for dessert unfortunately, but the cocktail was nice.
Response: thanks!!
Ciara Crosby
Ciara Crosby: Amazing food, drinks, atmosphere and staff! We really enjoyed the nachos, coq au vin, burgers and the mega cookie dessert
Esteban Gómez
Esteban Gómez: Vegan? Veggie? Omnivore? Whatever floats your boat, this place is great! Amazing food 🥙 and service. Their menu is pretty extensive and with lots of different options (gluten free included); I truly recommend the Tartar Marinero and the Melanzane Crocantti 💚. Don’t miss it when visiting Madrid!

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