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1. Photography courses Madrid - Salamanca

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Photography courses Madrid
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Address: C. de Eraso, 31, 28028 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 699 38 79 53

Business type: Training centre

Photography courses Madrid: what do users think?
Eufemia Domínguez
Eufemia Domínguez: I have finished the level 1 initiation course, it has been unbeatable, the course very practical and enjoyable, from the first day with practices both indoors and outdoors. I did it with Xer, an excellent teacher, friendly and very professional, explaining the content very well and answering our questions with great kindness, patience and interest. I RECOMMEND IT without a doubt.
Response: Thank you Eufemia, your review is greatly appreciated
David Soto
David Soto: I took the introductory photography course a few months ago and I can only say that it was fantastic. Very didactic, many practices and great atmosphere. Alejandro made the course very enjoyable and is always aware that we follow the course. It has served me a lot. I promised to return and I did so by participating in the introductory course on photo retouching online and it was very good, with a lot of practice and good material. Thank you very much.
Response: Thanks David, I'm glad you liked the courses you did with me. Thank you very much for your review, I assure you that it is very exciting.
Victoria de la Calva
Victoria de la Calva: I did the level 1 photography course and next week I start Lightroom. Alejandro is an excellent teacher. He explains very clearly and gives supporting theoretical material. In addition to learning a lot, the experience in practical classes is very rewarding. An absolute 10. Even with the obstacles due to Covid, he has managed via Zoom to make the course as complete as the face-to-face classes.
Patricia Ávila
Patricia Ávila: Super recommendable I did the initiation course with Alejandro and the truth is that you learn a lot. Basic concepts and necessary to start making good photos knowing what you do with many practices in class and outdoors. Very good group atmosphere!
Patricia Sanbar
Patricia Sanbar: I finished the introductory course today and I loved it! The syllabus is super complete, providing technical and composition knowledge so you can start doing creative work and evolve. In addition, an introduction to digital retouching is also seen. The course is imminently practical and is very enjoyable. Alejandro is very didactic and focuses the sessions so that from the first day you see cool results. In addition, we have had a super good atmosphere, I have enjoyed it a lot. Thank you!!
luisco arnal
luisco arnal: The initiation course facilitates all theoretical knowledge to start making your own photographs. It is taught rigorously and with a practical approach to experience the concepts learned. If you also take pictures after school there is the opportunity to analyze them and highlight the merits and defects of your photos during the next class. It teaches you to be critical of yourself and demand more as a photographer. Highly recommended.
Cristina Pascual
Cristina Pascual: Totally recommended. I did the initiation course and my experience has been very positive. The professor, Xermán, super professional, taught us the concepts with patience and in very well structured and dynamic classes, creates a relaxed and participative atmosphere. Enchanted with the course. I will repeat with the next level.
Response: Thank you very much Cristina for your review!
Alejandro A. G.
Alejandro A. G.: A sensational course! It covers a wide variety of concepts that make it suitable both for those starting from scratch and for those who have some basic notions: exposure, focus, objectives, accessories, digital development,... Totally practical approach to be able to get the most out of the camera in your travels and experiences. The teacher, Xermán, is spectacular: professional, dynamic, patient and with a perfect method to consolidate concepts.
Auriane de Welle
Auriane de Welle: I just finished the level 1 course and I loved it! I have learned a lot. Alejandro (the teacher) is very attentive and explains super well, with him everything seems easy. In addition, we always alternate theory and practice, in the study as well as outdoors, so learning is done very naturally. I recommend it to 100% :)
Response: Hello Auriane, I am very glad that you liked the course and the detail of putting a review is appreciated ... GREAT;)

2. Lens School of Visual Arts - Arganzuela

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Lens School of Visual Arts
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Address: P.º de la Esperanza, 5, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 637 83 70 04

Business type: Art school

Lens School of Visual Arts: what do users think?
Milena Castro Etcheberry
Milena Castro Etcheberry: It is not only an excellent school, but a meeting place. Home. Warm people and always willing to lend you a hand. Good academic programs and quality teaching team.
Response: Hello Milena! It has been a pleasure having you as a student of the Assembly Master. Your good attitude and hard work will continue to open doors for you in the future. You are already reaping successes and many more await you. Meanwhile, this is your house ;-)
Doble Uve
Doble Uve: My name is Wendy and I have taken the pro course in photography which I recommend to everyone, as it covers all the important areas of photography, the teachers and the staff are great, I would like to thank everyone for making me spend such a pleasant year learning from the best! What I liked the most is the family atmosphere, the professionalism of the teachers, humanity and understanding towards the student. Do not miss this great opportunity!
Response: Thank you so much Wendy! Your words encourage us to continue improving. The University Specialization Course in Professional Photography is a very complete program, we are very happy that you have taken advantage of the experience. A hug!
Ana “El Giraluna” González
Ana “El Giraluna” González: The introductory course to photography that my son has done this summer has been wonderful, and the teacher a 10 !!!!!!! We have loved it, it has been super motivating and enriching. Thank you LENS.
Response: Great, Anne! Knowing how to motivate students is essential. We love that the course has left a good taste in your mouth. Happy summer!
Enrique Lillo
Enrique Lillo: I signed up for an architectural photography weekend workshop and it has been a very useful experience. I would like to highlight the ability to transmit and interest the students of the teacher (Beatriz S.González). It has been a highly recommended experience for those who want to look into the world of architectural photography.
Response: Thanks, Henry! We take great care in selecting the teachers who teach our courses and, without a doubt, Bea is a great communicator, we are very happy that you have enjoyed the experience. a cordial greeting
Maria Calleja
Maria Calleja: I recently did my first course in Lens, it was just a weekend, but the experience has been so enriching that I will repeat it as soon as I can, and if it can be a longer course, much better!
Response: Thanks Maria. Weekend courses are very good to optimize time and learn specific techniques. If you can sign up for a four-month or annual course, you will be able to go much deeper, you will see. All the best!
Luz Orozco
Luz Orozco: I have done an introductory photography course and I liked it a lot. Both the teacher and the syllabus. If you want to know the basics to be able to handle your camera, I recommend it.
Response: Thank you for your evaluation, Luz, we are very happy that you have been satisfied with the basic photography course. Now it's time to keep practicing ;-)
Luis Pérez
Luis Pérez: High-quality photography school, with very expert teachers who know the subject. Good material in the classrooms of computers and projectors. Very good atmosphere
Response: Thank you for your words, Luis. They are an encouragement to continue at the foot of the canyon with our courses. A hug!
Dani García Morán
Dani García Morán: I did the Wedding Photography Workshop with Rodrigo García at the Lens school and I only have good words. The school is great, well located, well-kept, with everything you need and with details that are appreciated. As for the workshop, everything is perfect. The excellent teacher and the development of the impeccable workshop. The mechanics and closeness of Rodrigo also favored the creation of a great atmosphere with his colleagues. We will see each other again!
Response: We are very happy that you have taken advantage of the workshop and that your evaluation is so positive, it is a stimulus to continue offering quality training. The atmosphere of our courses is usually very good and that is for everyone: teachers and students. Thanks for participating!

3. Antonio Garci - Puente de Vallecas

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Antonio Garci
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Address: Av. de la Albufera, 323, Planta 2, oficina 3, 28031 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 679 77 71 08

Business type: Photography studio

Antonio Garci: what do users think?
Felix Huete
Felix Huete: A professional photography studio with all the necessary equipment from Profoto. I will rent it again in the future
Mariano Leiva
Mariano Leiva: Excellent professional and better human being. Super recommended!
tomas mancheño
tomas mancheño: Very good study, equipped with a high quality tool such as profoto and advised by a great professional with Antonio.
Andreas López
Andreas López: The set is spacious and the team very complete. Very nice and help you with whatever you need. They also have a water machine and coffee maker at the entrance, which is greatly appreciated. The dressing room is secluded and feels intimate. Highly recommended for its value for money.

4. TAI Escuela Universitaria de Artes - Salamanca

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203 reviews
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TAI Escuela Universitaria de Artes
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Address: C. de Recoletos, 22, 28001 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 11PM ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 914 47 20 55

Business type: Art school

TAI Escuela Universitaria de Artes: what do users think?
Louisa Murray
Louisa Murray: I came to TAI from the Uk, I have had a wonderful experience. Everybody was so welcoming, I definitely recommend it to any international student.
Response: We are very happy that you had such an amazing experience, Louisa. Thanks for letting us know.
Dayana Batista
Dayana Batista: The TAI experience is magnificent. I graduated 4 months ago from the diploma in music creation and production, and I can say that I have a wide knowledge in music. The atmosphere of the university is incredible. Knowing that everything around you is pure art is the most beautiful feeling you can experience. If you want to be an artist, without a doubt, TAI is your university.
Response: Hi Diana! We are delighted that you have made the most of your stay at TAI and have developed professionally with us. Our purpose is that our students acquire the necessary skills to be able to function professionally in the music industry. We are glad that you have found in our community, a place where you can express your art and meet important people for your career. We wish you many successes!
ItsDanydiva: If I have to define the school, it is undoubtedly practical and for me, coming from a university school of arts, it seems essential; Although it is a university with an official degree, there is also a lot of workload at both levels (theoretical and practical) and it can become overwhelming at some point, it is also essential to have a very, very good learning curve. The only thing to improve would be the relationship between the different departments of the school at an institutional level, but for the rest I am loving the TAI experience.
Response: Hello! Thank you very much for your comment, it motivates us to continue offering the best to our students. We firmly believe in practices focused on professional development from day one to generate job opportunities. At TAI, our highest priority is that students come out as prepared as possible to face the artistic world of work. We know that sometimes this can be somewhat overwhelming, as you mention, but when you finish your studies, the effort will have been worth it. If you have any questions or we can help you with something, do not hesitate to write an email to:
Patricia Rosell
Patricia Rosell: My experience at Tai so far has been very good. After only two years of my degree, I have already been able to participate in highly relevant professional projects thanks to the university. The school and its material is excellent and the classes are very didactic. I feel that when I finish my degree I will leave more than prepared for the world of work
Ani Queen
Ani Queen: I have been here for 4 years and for now I cannot complain, the truth is that what I take away from this center is a lot of contacts and passionate and talented colleagues, apart from many other things that I have learned. In short, with all the good things, I have stayed, which in the end is really what works for me.
Response: Hello Anni! From TAI we greatly appreciate your comment and we hope that your experience continues to be as satisfactory as it has been up to now. We strongly insist on the importance of establishing networks with the community (colleagues, teachers, staff...) so that common artistic projects and professional opportunities arise.
Arquimedes Ortiz Montes
Arquimedes Ortiz Montes: I would dare to say that my journey through the school was a transformative and extraordinary experience with many, many pros, especially on a vital level, the vast majority of teachers (because there will always be everything) empathetic and with a lot of listening to the student, TAI is a place where I have grown up and where I have been made part of a big family. As in any place there are always small bittersweet moments and in Thai I would say that especially at a bureaucratic level it is the great Achilles heel, however from experience I know that they are always willing to listen and improve so to continue working and giving training to future artists. .

5. Aulocolor Digital S L - Retiro

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2 reviews
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Aulocolor Digital S L
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Address: C. de Cavanilles, 5, 28007 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 639 71 83 79

Business type: Photo shop

Aulocolor Digital S L: what do users think?
Vanessa Espinosa De Los Monteros
Vanessa Espinosa De Los Monteros: Gran empresa de servicios fotográficos, sus fotografías siempre espectaculares y sus fotógrafos siempre cuidando hasta el último detalle,muy recomendables. Great photographic services company, its always spectacular photographs and its photographers always taking care of every last detail, highly recommended.

6. ALMA, Estudio Fotogràfico. Analògico y Digital - Carabanchel

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71 reviews
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ALMA, Estudio Fotogràfico. Analògico y Digital
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Address: C. Guabairo, 10, 28047 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 914 62 54 58

Business type: Photography studio

ALMA, Estudio Fotogràfico. Analògico y Digital: what do users think?
Jiarong 1234
Jiarong 1234: The man of the store does not care how the photo came out, bad service and high price I do not recommend it
Response: Good morning, I appreciate your review, although I will not take it into account due to your lack of consideration and education towards the work of others. Remind you that you spent 15 minutes retouching your hair, because I told you that with your bangs covering your eyebrows, the photos were not going to be valid for your passport. In the end you didn't care, and you passed my recommendations, so I don't allow you to question my professionalism, and there is the photo as proof of a job correctly done. The service was appropriate to your behavior, as reflected by other customers who coincided with you. The price is totally according to the market and your non-recommendation, useless and unreliable, coming from a person, and forgive me, without sufficient criteria. I have no doubt that given your age and with the passage of time, you will learn to respect others and their work.
Antonio: In this studio where I carry out all kinds of work related to reports on photography, etc.
Response: Thank you very much for your recognition of our work, Antonio.
Marta GS
Marta GS: Alfredo is great, an excellent treatment and with the little one (who was the protagonist of the session) he won it in a second, the result has been wonderful, already thinking about the Christmas session 😊
Response: Thank you very much Marta, for your words and above all for your trust in my work. The truth is that it is not difficult with a boy as charming as Martín, and you his parents. I'll wait for you for the Christmas session, and I'll replenish the stock of aspitos for Martín 😂😂
JOAQUIN GONZALEZ BARRENO: Lifetime photo studio The photos are very well priced and the quality is spectacular. Alfredo (the owner) is a great professional and very friendly. The current place is a small one, I preferred the previous one, but otherwise perfect.
Response: Thank you very much Joaquin for your assessment and your words, but the true luck is to have the trust of clients like you, thank you !!!!! We all miss the other place, and I miss the first one, it has been 30 years in it, but believe me that although a little smaller than the other one, it is much more comfortable, modern and with better features, and very soon together, we will we will give the same SOUL. Thank you very much really.
Beri Nana29
Beri Nana29: Alfredo is the most professional photographer I have ever worked with. His work is impeccable and always with a smile. I wish I would have found him when he was going to take my grade photos. It is very worth it and if I could give it 10 stars I would. Highly recommended 👌👌
Response: Thank you very much for your review, and especially for the recognition of my work, which becomes much more pleasant and easy when you have clients as wonderful as you.
Sheila Alvarez
Sheila Alvarez: We love taking our photos there, it always makes us smile!!! He took the first photos of the little one when she was 10 days old and they were great, super beautiful! A precious memory!!
Response: Thank you very much Sheila!!!! The greatest satisfaction for my work is having taken photos of you as a baby and now taking them of your beautiful daughter, and always counting on the loyalty of all your wonderful family. A very strong kiss.

7. La Peliculera - Centro

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637 reviews
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La Peliculera
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Address: C. de Argensola, 2, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 913 10 44 18

Business type: Photo shop

La Peliculera: what do users think?
Laura Fama
Laura Fama: Great place and simple to buy and get help for a camera, film, and advice. Nice staff, they gave me an extra battery for a vintage point and shoot camera. Will come back. Great place is Madrid. Prices are good not too expensive. 📸📷
suzanna kesek
suzanna kesek: Great variety of products. Friendly staff. Worth visiting to pick up some treats
Edgar I
Edgar I: Everything is pretty standard for a photo place, but the service wasn’t not good. When developing film I asked film to be delivered to an address. Next day I come to change the address they say to send them an email, then they ask for additional information and then they send the film a week after sending the scan. Nothing too critical but created unnecessary steps for me and waiting. Then bnw film development and scan price is 20€ which is much more expensive than in other European countries. Mby it’s a normal price for Spain, but feels too overpriced when in other countries it’s 10€ per bnw film. Then they have a nice variety of film for sale which was a plus. 4 starts overall.
Ane Ordas
Ane Ordas: Very cute store, the employes are knowledgeable friendly and helpful
Adam Scott
Adam Scott: If you like photography this is the only store you need to visit in Madrid. Which is good as you can spend the rest of the time drinking! Amazing selection of cameras from the likes of Impossible Project and Lomography. Great service from the staff plus they do prints from your camera on the spot and process analogue film!
Simon Neumegen
Simon Neumegen: Got some disposable cameras developed here. Friendly service and they speak English too if you need that. Not a bad price overall, negatives and image scans to email. :)
Pectoralis: Simple and informative, helpful staff.
Fiona Van Tyne
Fiona Van Tyne: Really nice people, good products. Most pleasant photography store in madrid

8. Prisma Blanco - Chamartín

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73 reviews
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Prisma Blanco
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Address: Av. de Alfonso XIII, 28002 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 699 98 51 76

Business type: Wedding photographer

Prisma Blanco: what do users think?
Erik Cutts
Erik Cutts: Hernan was amazing! He helped me plan the perfect engagement photos and took extra care to make sure she was surprised. Photos were provided promptly and turned out even better than expected.
Emily Smith
Emily Smith: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueWe are IN LOVE with our pictures. When we travel, we try to find a photographer to take our picture since we only have individual pictures due to us traveling as a couple. Now we have professional pictures together that will make our journey to Madrid even more special! High recommend Prisma Blanco!
Georgie M
Georgie M: We recently had Hernan as our wedding photographer and he blew us away! Himself and his team are so professional, the direction they give you to create good photos was amazing! He knew exactly how to guide us and make it fun! So warm and friendly to us and our guests and made the whole experience enjoyable. The photos are vogue cover standard and even the website used to showcase them to you is so professional, easy to use and high quality. I can’t say enough great things about Prisma Blanco! Thank you so much!
Stephanie Veart
Stephanie Veart: I can’t recommend Hernán enough! Such a pleasure to deal with leading up to our wedding day, and to have there with us. We also did an engagement shoot with him a few months before in Retiro Park in Madrid. He made us feel so at ease and gave great direction, which for two slightly awkward people in front of the camera was much needed 😂 We love how our photos have turned out and the memories he has captured, so happy to have two beautiful sets of photos.
yanelis roque
yanelis roque: Hernan did a spectacular job! We had a big family group with too many kids, he was soo patient, fun and really made taking the pictures just fun for everyone . Thank you Hernan, I just wish I could add more stars!
Carina Mothes
Carina Mothes: Hernàn was so patient with our little daughter during the shooting. After our shooting I was wondering if he was able to shoot at least 2 or 3 beautiful family pictures (because our little girl did not have the best mood that day) and he rocked it! Love his work!
Sinem Altunbas
Sinem Altunbas: We had Hernan as our wedding photographer in Madrid in 2018. It was a great experience! He was so professional, helpful, and friendly. The photos are also wonderful, so lovely! I love them. We are so happy with the entire experience and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding photographer in Madrid. Thank you, Hernan!

9. Foto Sur Digital - Arganzuela

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114 reviews
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Foto Sur Digital
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Address: P.º de Sta. María de la Cabeza, 74, 28045 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 914 74 75 48

Business type: Photography studio

Foto Sur Digital: what do users think?
Seomgyun Kim
Seomgyun Kim: Horrible. Too expensive for nothing . Rude only wants to earn money. Still don’t know why This guy have a baaaad comment. Respect the client .
Response: Tell me how expensive we are.
Natalia Álvarez
Natalia Álvarez: Borders and unpresentable! I went to take some packages since it is a pack point and they only passed 1 through the reader. I called to have it checked and the clerk tells me that the store is unpleasantly full. I call back after an hour and a half and he tells me that he has passed them through the reader again and that it says they have been sent! I insist and he passes them in front of me and I hear how the shipment is already accepted, he had lied to me and had not passed them. Shameful and pitiful!
Response: It wasn't like that, but hey here everyone puts what they want
Arantxa Rodriguez
Arantxa Rodriguez: They are quite unpleasant to deal with, it seems that they are doing you a favor by serving you. Bad value for money for being treated so badly. And as you can see in their answer they are quite arrogant and rude too 😂
Response: The nasty one was you
Ari cú
Ari cú: They were very kind in advising me on the best paper for my printing. It came from a copy shop where they printed me a real disaster and they greatly improved the quality and for the same price.
Response: Thank you very much
Oscar Urueña
Oscar Urueña: We went to print some photos, they made a mistake in the number of photos and the print quality leaves a lot to be desired. The clerks are not very nice.
Response: Thank you very much Stop by the store and we repeat them
Alicia Fuentes Díaz
Alicia Fuentes Díaz: I quite disagree with the comments and reviews I read. Normally I always go to pick up and send the packages to this location. The manager is charming. Yesterday I showed up without wrapping a package that I was going to send and, at no cost, he helped me wrap it and send it. Very nice and friendly, he is a local who has been in the neighborhood all his life. I recommend 100%!
Response: Thanks a lot
Lucia Martos Garrido
Lucia Martos Garrido: In my experience, the treatment has been very regular, very borderline and not very kind to customers when it comes to asking questions and informing you, the treatment could be improved a lot. Regarding the service he offered me, I asked him for a material to paste a photo and in the end he gave me another one because he did not have the one I chose, without asking beforehand. I think that this human aspect could be greatly improved since being in front of the public matters a lot.
Response: Apologies
Borja Molera
Borja Molera: I was in December 2 times and the treatment was great. The schedule is continuous the whole day from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Response: Thanks a lot
Gorka lasa eljuri
Gorka lasa eljuri: Good morning, I called to make a query about photocopying and photography services, the way the person who attended me answered me was rude and despotic, in addition to hanging up the call, I hope he reflects and changes his way of acting towards the clients.
Response: I have never hung up the phone on anyone, you hung up or the call was cut off. And I'm never rude to anyone

10. Sales de Plata - Centro

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146 reviews
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Sales de Plata
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Address: Calle Lope de Vega, Quevedo, 15 -esquina, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 912 87 02 76

Business type: Photo shop

Sales de Plata: what do users think?
Eytan De Gunzburg
Eytan De Gunzburg: They were so much help answering all of our questions. Also have a fantastic collection of vintage cameras and accessories. Highly recommend!!
Claudio Navar
Claudio Navar: Very good service for my cinestill film !!
Paal Sandmo
Paal Sandmo: Professional, helpful and speaks good English.Best place to go in Madrid for passport photos.
peterdennan: Went here broken camera and they fixed it for me within 1 minute. It was something I didn’t think of trying , and they didn’t charge me . Made my day
Max Raulff
Max Raulff: Amazing service and beautiful well kept cameras. Also they rent cameras for a day or a week which is awesome.
Ester Tripodi
Ester Tripodi: Amazing service! Wonderful cameras!
DjAmor Amor
DjAmor Amor: Nice and easy to use
Malva Nieto
Malva Nieto: A wonder of space and people. The courses are great, they are involved and explain 10. As a developing shop and analog photography, nothing bad to say. They are reliable and quite competent prices with very high qualities. They have functional analog cameras for sale.

11. Clorofila Digital

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192 reviews
new review
Clorofila Digital
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Address: C. Empleo, 11, 28906 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 52 70 00

Business type: Photo lab

Clorofila Digital: what do users think?
Octavio Miramontes
Octavio Miramontes: Amazing place for visual arts ... There are showing rooms worth visiting!
Sasha Katsnelson
Sasha Katsnelson: Always closed
alon feller
alon feller: Expensive!
Eden J. Garrido
Eden J. Garrido: Great service and better attention. They pretty much have anything you are looking for in terms of printing. You can also enjoy very interesting temporary exhibitions. They currently have one on Peru seen through the eyes of Phil González and Jonatan Rius that is worth visiting.
Rosabel Glez
Rosabel Glez: A simple and elegant place with interesting exhibitions. Right now, and until February 1, there is a so-called "Generations" about Spanish supercentenarians that I recommend.
Leo Rojo
Leo Rojo: A great site for photography professionals. If, for example, you intend to set up an exhibition, they can guide you and help you with printing and framing. The prices are not low, but their work is impeccable. For fans, the place has a gallery and a specialized bookstore, all set up with good taste.
david garcia cabello
david garcia cabello: Looking forward to going and seeing all the work they do!! I met Lea a long time ago at the fair and since then I have not stopped looking for a place to go and take a photograph in different print media that I had the opportunity to see at her stand. By the way a stand of 10
Juan Chaves
Juan Chaves: Great professionals in the sector. Jobs that do not leave you indifferent.
Julián Martín
Julián Martín: It is an amazing laboratory. If you are an advanced fan they put at your service the best and most modern techniques. If you are new or have doubts, they will advise you with skill and patience. Your results are first. For oneself, to give away or for a contest. The best hands with first class materials and guaranteed results. It is worth visiting and informed. Surely you learn something. The prices good for the quality. They meet deadlines and, of course, can be paid in cash or card.

12. Digital Television Film School Madrid Septima Ars - Chamartín

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Digital Television Film School Madrid Septima Ars
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Address: C/ de Fuente del Saz, 5, 28016 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 914 57 79 73

Business type: Training centre

Digital Television Film School Madrid Septima Ars: what do users think?
Mahmoud BARA
Mahmoud BARA: Hello, I am from Morocco and am eager tk continue my studies in the audiovisual field (Director of Photography). I need to know what is required to apply for the course please ?
Response: Hello Mahmoud, thanks for contacting us. You should be 18 years and have been finished your school. Please, go to this link where you will find all the requirements to the inscription at the school. We hope to see you soon in Madrid.
Javier Espinosa
Javier Espinosa: Very good school and above all good classmates. In my case, I studied the film montage course and it was a very good experience. I met a lot of people with the same interests as me and we learned a lot thanks to the fact that many internships are held at the school. As downside that I put is that the computers were already saturated towards the end of the course with the large number of files that we handled, but except for that, everything was fine.
Response: Thank you very much Javier for your great review. We will continue to work hard so that students can study and learn film by practicing a lot. Cheers
marta huerta
marta huerta: My niece was learning about the different courses that there are in Spain on Audiovisual Production. After talking with them and seeing the facilities, he chose this school and it was a success. Above all, he liked the good atmosphere and the involvement of the teachers with the students. In addition, the price is more than competitive.
Response: Thank you very much Marta for your great comment. We are glad that your niece has learned and enjoyed her training at Septima Ars.
O G D: I am a student at Septima Ars. In my case and others I know, I feel that they prepare very well. Like everywhere, it has its good points and its bad points. In terms of value for money, it is very good, since it is an affordable price compared to other schools. Being so cheap they do not have as much budget as for example to renew old material, but it is compensated with the teachers and the approach of the course. In addition, there is a lot of cultural mix because people from all over Spain and Latin America get together. I am very happy and looking forward to starting next year! Anything you need you can talk to Virginia or Alfonso. You can call them or stop by the school to ask for info without problem 😊
Response: Thank you very much for your comment that will help us improve, in fact we take advantage of the summer to renew material, we hope you can enjoy this year even more.
Ángel Fernández González
Ángel Fernández González: This school made me discover my vocation and it has been the best experience of my life. I studied film directing and came away with knowledge in many fields. After leaving, I have been able to count on his help for the projects I have been doing, so I am very grateful. Highly recommended.
Response: Thank you very much Angel for this great review. We are delighted to be able to help our former students.
Baloncesto Cantera
Baloncesto Cantera: Good training at the best price in Madrid. The atmosphere is fantastic, a family, the teachers transmit their enthusiasm and knowledge for the cinema and the school staff is very close to the student, attentive and helps to infinity and beyond. The equipment is the most modern and professional and above all you can use them at practically all hours because the school is not overcrowded. As if that were not enough, many former students continue to have contact and help for their own work years later. I can ask little more. I am happy as a partridge because I have succeeded in studying cinema here.
Response: Thank you very much, we love your comment and have helped you learn cinema.
GSB Arquitectos
GSB Arquitectos: I was always very afraid of my son studying an artistic profession. Surely they are prejudices, but it is the truth. Finally, given his interest in studying film, we decided to enroll our daughter in Seventh Ars School after studying various options and I think we are right. She is happy, very happy with the atmosphere of studies and practices that she breathes. He spends all his day studying film and making short films with his friends at school. Study what you like, without useless subjects or wasted time. We are also delighted and much of our prejudices have evaporated. We believe that we have succeeded in seeing how school staff treat students.
Response: Thanks for your words. It is a goal of our study center that in addition to learning a profession students do it in a very cinematic environment. We are glad that the experience is being good.

13. Interfilm Prosperidad - Chamartín

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22 reviews
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Interfilm Prosperidad
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Address: C. de Ramos Carrión, 2, 28002 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 912 20 50 64

Business type: Photo shop

Interfilm Prosperidad: what do users think?
Nacho López
Nacho López: Highly recommended. Good treatment despite having a large volume of work
Response: Nacho is greatly appreciated for your opinion, we will continue to strive to offer a better service each time.
Linna: The man looks hardworking. But it gives the feeling that he is always overwhelmed, this means that sometimes he unintentionally speaks "badly" to you.
Angeles Galvan
Angeles Galvan: Very good professional, attentive and if something does not go perfectly without you saying anything, he will repeat it to you. I have recommended him to several people even from far away from the neighborhood and like me we trust his experience and professionalism and we always go to him. I recommend it
Response: Thank you very much Angeles for the review. It's just about doing our job to the best of our ability and satisfying the customer's needs. Thank you.
Rodrigo GR
Rodrigo GR: Pretty bad quality for an exorbitant price. I had the photos printed on a desktop computer printer and they look bad because of some sharpness or brightness adjustment. Nothing recommended. For a large photo they wanted to charge me €5.
Alicia Marinas
Alicia Marinas: Attention 10, impeccable. I go almost daily to send packages, I have also taken passport photos. Excellent treatment every time I visit him, I recommend 100%
Response: Hello Alicia, thank you very much for your review, opinions like yours are a great encouragement to the work that one does and to continue in the gap. Thanks a thousand.
Ataraxia Fornés
Ataraxia Fornés: Digital study (to call it somehow) lousy and not recommended. It is incapable of obtaining a higher quality than a simple home printer when it comes to printing or taking photos that are already of high quality. Quite the contrary, they reveal them with a disastrous quality that is a joke. Better not waste money or time and not go through here.
Response: I am sorry for your dissatisfaction with the service. By the way very contrary to the clients I have. In any case, if you choose that I can redo the work for you, I will gladly do it.
Manuel Plaza Fernández
Manuel Plaza Fernández: Special attention and very good professional, something rare these days. Repeat the jobs until they come out perfect and of quality.
Response: Hello Manuel, thank you very much for your opinion. I treat the works that I receive as if they were my own, as if they were for oneself. If the result is satisfactory, that is welcome.
Pablo Igoa
Pablo Igoa: I went to make some photocopies from an email, they were 140 sheets in total and they charged me € 26. Any reprography charges a quarter, it was a robbery. They also took half an hour to make all the copies, being the only client.
Steve Evans
Steve Evans: For UK passport renewals that now require a digital photo, the quality is not good enough at about half of the required pixels (650x700 minimum). To renew UK passports for which you now need a digital photo, the quality is not enough as it only offers half the pixels needed (650x700 minimum).
MARIA ANA: Very dissatisfied with his ID photo. IT IS NOT VALID in municipal procedure. He had to REPEAT THE PHOTO on automatic machines. I WAS OVER 2 HOURS FOR THAT APPOINTMENT. ZERO KNOWLEDGE of digital printing.

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