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1. Overtónica - Cursos De Dj Y Producción Musical - Latina

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Overtónica - Cursos De Dj Y Producción Musical
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Address: P.º de Extremadura, 168 posterior, Local 6, 28011 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Sat

Telephone: +34 910 05 25 26

Business type: Music school

Overtónica - Cursos De Dj Y Producción Musical: what do users think?
Diana Garcia Bedoya
Diana Garcia Bedoya: Excellent school to start as a professional DJ. They have a variety of courses to perfect what they have learned and continue learning techniques that are more than necessary in this world. Good facilities, comfortable and spacious. With equipment at the height of your future profession. The teachers of 10! What a great environment to learn! Practice classes since the first day. I recommend it 100% 👌
Quiromasaje Bienestar Estético
Quiromasaje Bienestar Estético: Very good teachings and with top quality equipment. There are a variety of courses for improve what you have learned, with techniques that will help you let go in this world. The facilities are very comfortable. With pioneer controllers for excellent learning. Very good teachers, an ideal environment to learn Classes are practical from the first day. I recommend it 100%
Mauredy Cataldi
Mauredy Cataldi: Excellent school to start your DJ studies, they fully adapt to your level, they are quite flexible. Practical classes, always accompanied and very effective to advance quickly. Ángel and José are excellent teachers and professionals, super close treatment. Unbeatable! Thanks Overtonic!!!!
Response: Mauredy!!! Thank you very much for sharing your experience and we are very glad that you are happy. You have us here!
Jaime P
Jaime P: Professionals like the glass of a pine tree, unbeatable treatment and complete and dynamic courses. I would recommend it with my eyes closed!! It is a pleasure to learn from Ángel, who shows the passion in what he does and also knows how to transmit it!
David Vicente
David Vicente: Personalized DJ course -10 hours carried out: 100℅, adapted to your tastes and doubts to be resolved with professional and very nice people. Cool.

2. DJP Music School - Salamanca

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66 reviews
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DJP Music School
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Address: C. del Pilar de Zaragoza, 63, 28028 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed

Telephone: +34 918 19 53 90

Business type: Music school

DJP Music School: what do users think?
Mohit Dole
Mohit Dole: Good training center
Response: Thank you! 🤩
Almudena: The best DJP school in Madrid. Where you learn to produce your own music. Facilities 10, equipment 10, teachers 10, monitoring 10. Many courses and certificates in this great school. Totally recommended!!!
Response: Thank you very much for your words! You know that this is your home, a hug and we hope to see you soon :)
yago pazos couto
yago pazos couto: I studied in DJP two master in music production and honestly my experience has amply fulfilled my expectations. Treatment and care have been all amazing time. Almost all teachers are happy to lend a hand with your development even outside the classroom and the staff is very close at all times. Overall I highly recommend the center, especially the master in music production, which is what I studied.
Response: Wow Yago, thank you very much for your review. It was a pleasure having you at school and you know that this will always be your home. A hug
Ricardo Vasquez
Ricardo Vasquez: Exceptional training with teachers who encourage your artistic side while developing your technical skills. Practical advice, personalized attention, and an environment that breathes creativity. 100% recommendable.
Response: Thanks Richard. We are happy to have you with us and to be able to help you on your professional path.
Vivian Benavides
Vivian Benavides: It is the perfect place to learn to make music like true professionals, I love their studios, they have very good equipment, their instructors know a lot, they do personalized follow-up, their experience within the industry shows. His courses are very complete and practical, you learn not with theory but by creating directly. Its quality exceeds the price, you learn much more than you invest.
Response: Thank you very much Vivian. We are glad that your experience has been so positive. Your comment helps us to recharge batteries and continue offering quality courses on DJ, music production and sound in our facilities and remotely. A hug
Bon Yerardo
Bon Yerardo: During all this strange time of pandemic that we have lived and the circumstances that surround it, I am left with something very positive, having finished my Ableton Live classes. Despite having taken the class 100% online, the learning and knowledge that I finally obtained was very helpful, it was just the push I needed to start creating my music, I am very happy and satisfied. Thanks DJP Music School !! It is a very good school that has a very professional staff. Greetings from NY.
Response: wow!! Thank you very much Yerardo. Your message is the push we needed. Count on DJP for whatever you need. Big hugs from Madrid.
Melissa Rodero Martin
Melissa Rodero Martin: Incredible school, the professionals who work there are 10, for me it has been a very good experience. 100% recommendable
Response: Thank you very much for your words Melissa. You too have been a student of 10. Many successes in your career as a DJ
Frank Martin
Frank Martin: I was there a few years ago and my experience was very positive. Harvey Cubillos is a super nice person with patience. In general, they are very professional :)
Response: Thank you very much for your review Frank! This will always be your home, a hug :)

3. MUSICODELIA - Escuela de Producción musical y Dj en Madrid - Retiro

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1 reviews
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MUSICODELIA - Escuela de Producción musical y Dj en Madrid
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Address: Calle de Seco, 1, Calle Cudillero, 23, C, 28007 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 672 04 91 38

Business type: Music school

MUSICODELIA - Escuela de Producción musical y Dj en Madrid: what do users think?
Gonzalo Gutierrez
Gonzalo Gutierrez: All courses are personalized and the teacher is great. I have learned a lot. I did the mixing and mastering course and highly recommended.

4. Promad school DJ and Music Production - Tetuán

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131 reviews
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Promad school DJ and Music Production
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Address: C. de Garellano, 17, 28039 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +34 910 24 93 69

Business type: Music school

Promad school DJ and Music Production: what do users think?
Erinton jose Mosquera reina
Erinton jose Mosquera reina: I took the course with Jorge and I must say that I am very satisfied with the classes and the learning obtained. Jorge has extensive knowledge, the pedagogy is excellent, he teaches step by step how to make a good mix, its effects. Additionally, class schedules are flexible. Professional, top quality equipment. *if you are thinking about it, Promad is the best option. Quality and price.*
Abraham: I was looking at several schools and after listening to a market benchmark, I definitely opted for Promad. The DJ course includes the basic concepts to learn but also many hours of practice that I think is essential to learn. Top quality teams and small groups. In addition, Jorge accompanies you throughout the learning process.
David Garcia
David Garcia: I learned a lot with Jorge in a short time thanks to his great knowledge and ability to teach. The classes are very practical, although the necessary theory is also covered and you gradually focus on how to improve the quality of the mixes you make. If you have any questions about anything you can always ask and focus on one aspect. The classes have been very entertaining for me and I leave very satisfied!
mar santana Lozano
mar santana Lozano: After seeing several courses and reading the reviews of all of them, I chose to take the course with Jorge. The difference between other courses and this one is enormous. You will not only learn to mix, but you will learn to think like a producer and a DJ. The teacher knows his stuff and makes you understand things in a unique way. I would advise anyone who wants to become a real DJ to sign up.
Alba C
Alba C: The dj course is very complete and practical. We start with a bit of theory to understand the basic concepts and then a progressive learning until we get to record our own session on the last day. Highly recommended and enjoyable for any age.
Carlos: I was looking for a DJ and music production course in Madrid and since I spoke with Jorge and went to see a class, I had no doubt. I am very happy with the training and the quality of their classes. If you really want to learn, Promad is probably the best DJ and music production school in Madrid.
Illan Trifol
Illan Trifol: Recommended dj course for those who want to delve into the world and in any style. Jorge knows how to adapt to the needs of the student. It is a school that I recommend and I will certainly return to improve as a DJ.
Jaime Hidalgo
Jaime Hidalgo: The experience in the course that I have done as a DJ could not have been better. Apart from the good vibes that he creates in the class, he is a teacher with a very good foundation that makes you understand music in a different way. Definitely recommended, especially for being such a liberal and personalized course
Response: Thank you very much Jaime 😁. Opinions like yours encourage me to work every day.

5. INTED Electronic Music School - Centro

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88 reviews
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INTED Electronic Music School
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Address: C. de Isabel la Católica, 6 pasaje, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Fri

Telephone: +34 619 21 21 89

Business type: School

INTED Electronic Music School: what do users think?
Alba RN
Alba RN: Mi segunda casa :), con ellos he hecho cursos de Dj´s y ahora el último curso de producción musical con Roberto, que ha sido una experiencia muy creativa. Antonio fue y sigue siendo mi profe en las cabinas, siempre está atento y Jose que también me sigue enseñando y es un tío super enrollao! son dos personas maravillosas, siempre están ahí. Si te gusta la música electrónica y quieres empezar te recomiendo esta escuela, a parte de tener siempre los equipos actualizados, pinchar con lo último de pioneer y tener un cabina para ti sola con 4 CDJ! My second home :), with them I have done DJ courses and now the last music production course with Roberto, which has been a very creative experience. Antonio was and still is my teacher in the booths, he is always attentive and Jose who also continues to teach me and is a super cool guy! They are two wonderful people, they are always there. If you like electronic music and want to start, I recommend this school, apart from always having up-to-date equipment, playing with the latest from pioneer and having a booth for yourself with 4 CDJs!
Jony Peder
Jony Peder: Cursé producción musical y todo ha sido impecable. Las instalaciones de la academia, los profesores, el contenido brindado y las herramientas para incorporarlo. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I studied music production and everything has been impeccable. The facilities of the academy, the teachers, the content provided and the tools to incorporate it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Electrik Blue
Electrik Blue: Recientemente he estudiado el curso de Dj Personalizado y me ha flipado. El curso se ha adaptado a mis necesidades y he aprendido las bases para poder pinchar más coherentemente, gestionar archivos mejor y educar mi oído pinchando. Lo recomiendo. Saludos para Antonio, que fue mi profesor y para Jose Ignacio, que son los dos jefazos del lugar! I recently studied the Personalized Dj course and it has blown me away. The course has been adapted to my needs and I have learned the basics to be able to DJ more consistently, manage files better and educate my DJ ear. I recommend it. Greetings to Antonio, who was my teacher and to Jose Ignacio, who are the two bosses of the place!
ANES: 100% recomendable, excelente escuela para aprender producción musical y dj profesional. Por experiencia propia puedo decir que se aprende de verdad, de manera muy personalizada, además de contar con equipos profesionales de última generación José Ignacio y Antonio son excelentes personas. Además te permiten tener una primera experiencia de trabajo real con público. 100% recommended, excellent school to learn music production and professional DJing. From my own experience, I can say that you really learn, in a very personalized way, as well as having the latest professional equipment. José Ignacio and Antonio are excellent people. They also allow you to have a first real work experience with the public.
Jacinto Velasco
Jacinto Velasco: Escuela altamente recomendable. Trato cercano, familiar y muy profesional. Te enseñan desde cero con clases muy prácticas. Los equipos de sonido son excelentes y de uso profesional (lo que te vas a encontrar si trabajas en el sector). Si te apasiona la música y quieres aprender, no lo dudes, esta es tu escuela. Highly recommended school. Close, familiar and very professional treatment. They teach you from scratch with very practical classes. The sound equipment is excellent and for professional use (what you will find if you work in the sector). If you are passionate about music and want to learn, do not hesitate, this is your school.
Rafita Díaz
Rafita Díaz: No es sólo una recomendación, es una obligación si realmente quieres aprender o perfeccionar tus técnicas de dj o producción, ya que priorizan tu aprendizaje por encima de todo. Con unos equipos altamente profesionales que encontraras en tu día a día permitiéndote realizar prácticas con público real.No solo su profesionalidad destaca, si no su cercanía hacia sus alumnos, como una familia. Entre Jose Ignacio y Antonio hacen q sea una experiencia de 100. Un abrazo y a por muchos años mas It is not just a recommendation, it is a must if you really want to learn or perfect your dj or production techniques, since they prioritize your learning above all else. With highly professional teams that you will find in your day to day, allowing you to carry out internships with real audiences. Not only their professionalism stands out, but also their closeness to their students, like a family. Between Jose Ignacio and Antonio make it an experience of 100. A hug and for many more years
Antonio Peñalver
Antonio Peñalver: Lugar ideal para ponerte en contacto con las máquinas de última generación. Enseñanza de calidad, no solo para el tema de la mezcla y producción, sino también para saber moverte en el mundo del DJ. The ideal place to get in touch with the latest generation machines. Quality teaching, not only for the subject of mixing and production, but also to know how to move in the world of DJing.
Vanesa Calabi
Vanesa Calabi: Soy Dj profesional hace 4 años y llegue a las clases de Dj personalizadas para perfeccionarme. Los tutores son una maravilla. Analizan desde el inicio tus métodos hasta encontrar tus falencias y avanzamos a partir de ahí. Son personas con mucha experiencia y con la mejor actitud y predisposición para enseñar. Los equipos que tiene inted son de última generación y no los compartes en las sesiones. Excelente para practicar si tu idea es tocar en algún momento en una discoteca o festival. Muy recomendado!! I have been a professional DJ for 4 years and I came to personalized DJ classes to improve myself. The tutors are wonderful. They analyze your methods from the beginning until they find your shortcomings and we move from there. They are people with a lot of experience and with the best attitude and predisposition to teach. The equipment you have inted is of the latest generation and you do not share them in the sessions. Excellent to practice if your idea is to play at some point in a disco or festival. Highly recommended!!
Cayetano Grande
Cayetano Grande: Es la mejor academia de musica electronica sin duda alguna, el trato es inmejorable y las facilidades que te dan para hacer el curso inmejorables, lo recomiendo al 100% tanto para producción musical como para DJ. Tanto Jose como Antonio y Ioan son unos cracks y te van a ayudar en todo lo que puedan. Yo espero repetir pronto! It is the best electronic music academy without a doubt, the treatment is unbeatable and the facilities they give you to take the course are unbeatable, I recommend it 100% for both music production and DJ. Both Jose and Antonio and Ioan are cracks and they will help you in everything they can. I hope to repeat soon!

6. SAE Institute Madrid - Hortaleza

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71 reviews
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SAE Institute Madrid
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Address: C. del Mar Adriático, 11, 28033 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 914 05 70 59

Business type: Educational institution

SAE Institute Madrid: what do users think?
Feiky: A great school without any doubt, high creative level and with enviable facilities. Professionals like Marco, also known as Furia, make the study experience there something great, even after I have graduated.
La Tiña Records
La Tiña Records: It has helped me a lot with my personal projects, I had been in music for many years but I had no idea of ​​compressors, eq, reverbs ... and apart from understanding and using them I have learned many very wapos tricks taught by teachers. A highly recommended course both to start from scratch and for more experienced musicians. A pleasant and close environment.
Jose Gregorio Manjavacas
Jose Gregorio Manjavacas: A great school made up of a team of great professionals led by Marco Octavio alias FURIA, with the latest technologies where learning and having fun go hand in hand. The MasterClass with the best producers, the teaching and practical support was a plus to the theoretical classes, much appreciated. It was a success to have chosen SAE to study music production. THANK YOU
Response: Thank you very much for your evaluation José. Student satisfaction is very important to us. We will continue working to achieve it. A hug
adri martos
adri martos: I have completed the Certificate in Urban Music Production and I am super satisfied with my experience at SAE Institute. I have received exceptional treatment from teachers and the rest of the SAE team. I have learned a lot and I take very good times and very good people from my time here. Thank you.
Response: Hi Adri! Thank you very much for your evaluation. It is very important to us that you make the most of your time studying at SAE Institute. We hope to continue knowing about you, you already know that at SAE Institute you will always have your home. A hug
Alba Santos
Alba Santos: Super happy and accomplished with the 4 months of the urban music module, SAE is a pioneering school, with excellent teachers and a very complete content. They have adapted perfectly to the health situation with their Blended Learning model. The entire human team is excellent, each and every one of the teachers, coordinating supervisors and school staff are in luck, they have far exceeded all my expectations.
Response: Thank you very much for your assessment Alba, for us it is very important that students with your talent and demand feel happy to choose our educational model. See you very soon, you know this is your home. A big hug!
Aitor Iglesias
Aitor Iglesias: I have taken the urban music production course and it has undoubtedly been one of my best decisions. The facilities are very good and both the teachers, the coordinators and the people at the center are very close and very professional. I would definitely recommend this center!
Response: Thank you very much for your review Aitor. We are glad that you enjoyed your time at SAE Institute. We hope to continue hearing from you. A hug
Radwolf Beats
Radwolf Beats: I enrolled in Urban Music in the first semester of 2019. The teachers are 10, the treatment is excellent... This course gives you the basis to continue growing in this world. Very happy with my experience with them, I will always recommend them.
Response: Thank you very much, we hope that this course has been just the beginning of a career full of success.
DJ HUEX: I was at SAE Barcelona doing Urban Music Production, in the first semester of 2019, my experience was very positive, active teachers in the field, which is a very important point for me as a student, then the support to every doubt by the supervisors and Javier Guillen. It is clear that progress is seen as being very curious and heavy asking a thousand times, investigating, and above all making the most of time, it is a course that lasts very little and that is clearly an appetizer to what it is to be ideal in the production of music, so from my experience this course is a prelude to make concepts clear, and continue with the complement that would be Electronic Music Production. Something very positive for my journey as a DJ is that given my profile and background in opening concerts for international artists, along with all the support from the SAE Barcelona team and Marco Gómez at SAE Madrid, I was part of the SAE agreement and Rototom Sunsplash "European Reggae World Festival", where I was playing on the jumping stage, which I greatly appreciate, and with which I encourage all artists to be part of SAE Instutute, as long as they have clear objectives, take good advice on which is the specialty in which they want to train, and thus, get more out of all those who are part of the SAE work team.
Response: Thank you very much for your comment and we are very glad that you enjoyed the experience of studying at SAE Institute, and even more that you were the one to click on the Rototom Sunsplash. We wish you a future full of success. a greeting
Carlota Sájara
Carlota Sájara: Very happy with SAE, especially with the involvement of all the teaching staff with respect to the students. I finished my SAE Master a year ago and I continue to have follow-up tutorials for my new projects with Furia (Marco Octavio)
Response: Thank you for your review Carlota, for us it is very important that you enjoy the best educational experience. All the best

7. Microfusa Escuela Madrid - Arganzuela

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24 reviews
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Microfusa Escuela Madrid
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Address: P.º de Juan Antonio Vallejo-Nájera Botas, 59, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 917 02 45 92

Business type: Music school

Microfusa Escuela Madrid: what do users think?
Valter CL
Valter CL: Cool. I just did a small introductory course and the teacher (Jorge) has taught us a lot in a short time. The school and the facilities are amazing and the girl at the reception is very nice. Recommendable.
Response: Thank you very much for your review. We are pleased to know that you liked the course a lot and that you have learned so much. We hope to see you here in the future. Greetings from the mF MAD team
Nicolas caicedo prieto
Nicolas caicedo prieto: The truth is that I have always wanted to make music... And with Microfusa... I feel that I am closer to fulfilling my dreams. It is really worth it both for the learning and for the people... Teaching... incredible.
Response: Thanks for the review Nicolas and we are glad that you are enjoying the course at microFusa. On behalf of the entire teaching team, we thank you! See you next academic year.
Alejandro Pérez
Alejandro Pérez: Super attention even in extremis. They had the interface I needed and sold it to me within 1 minute of closing. They saved the concert for me. Thank you!!!
Response: We appreciate your review Alejandro and hope to see you here again. Although we are the Madrid School, we work together with the store so we will pass on your feedback to them. Cheers!
GONZALO FERNANDEZ GALLEGO: The truth is that studying at Microfusa has been the best decision I have made in my life. Both what I have learned as a student and the incredible technical team that the school has, it is worth the time and money to do any of their courses there. Here you have a photo of us doing internships in the recording studios.
Response: Thank you Gonzalo for trusting us, on behalf of the entire Microfusa MAD team, we wish you good luck in your future! For anything you need, you know where we are :-)
Alberto Martín
Alberto Martín: Excellent experience and facilities. I studied music production having arrived with no experience and the course was great, with lots of practice, wonderful and very attentive teachers. I will return without a doubt!
Response: Thank you very much Alberto for your review, on behalf of the entire Microfusa Madrid team we appreciate your collaboration and we are glad that you have learned a lot during your stay at the School, Merry Christmas!
Mario: Very good professionals, the treatment is unbeatable, they know what each student needs. Impressive facilities and equipment ...
Response: Thanks for your review Mario, on behalf of the entire Madrid team we wish you good luck and thank you for trusting us. For anything, we are at your disposal.
Abel Martin
Abel Martin: Professional training and very good treatment. I had a great time and highly recommend
Response: Thank you very much for the review. On behalf of the entire Microfusa Madrid team, we hope that the course has been to your liking. See you soon.
Ricardo Martin
Ricardo Martin: Undoubtedly one of the best schools with professional equipment to learn production and DJ
Response: Thanks for your comment Ricardo, for whatever you need, we are here ;-)
Marbely Orta
Marbely Orta: Excellent training with a great team of professionals, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.
Response: Hello Marbely, thank you for your review and trusting us for the training of your child in the Electronic Music Production Certificate that has just started now in October 2020. Without a doubt, a great adventure!

8. Adagio Dj School

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17 reviews
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Adagio Dj School
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Address: Av. de los Toreros, 59, 28978 Cubas de la Sagra, Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM Fri

Telephone: +34 615 32 17 73

Business type: School

Adagio Dj School: what do users think?
Oscar LG
Oscar LG: great school! At the controls a professional, TRULY, with years and years in the best cabins behind him and a music lover. It makes you develop all your talent and shines your technique. He cares about his students and encourages them to be better. If you really want to learn to be a DJ this is your place. Very happy with the methodology, the environment, the classmates and the teacher!! 👏🏻
Response: Thank you very much for your review Oscar. It is an incentive to continue working and achieve excellence.
marina sanjurjo
marina sanjurjo: School of reference in complete professional training as a DJ; facilitates, stimulates and motivates the creation of new musical opportunities. Mastery of all available techniques and unbeatable musical culture. Without hesitation, I will not stop going to his classes.
Response: Thank you very much for your review Marina. It is an honor and encouragement for us to receive these comments that help us to continue growing.
Sito 3:
Sito 3:: Doubt, do not doubt it, if you are one of the people who need to complete your apprenticeship in the professional DJ world and you come from another academy, and you do not care if you start from 0, this is your DJ academy. I recommend it with closed eyes and open ears, and only the sound and technique of Professor Freeman convinces you of it. Good teacher who helps the student to be a good professional DJ in electronic music, or other bases of pop music, Spanish 80.90.2000. etc. In fact, it gives the opportunity to participate in the job market and continue to be motivated by it. As a teacher a 10, and with the same classmates from the same academy an 11, is what makes us add. Alfonso...
Response: Thank you very much Alfonso... your words flatter us, they encourage us to continue adding new challenges, although everything is easier with students like you.
Ruben Librero
Ruben Librero: Great school with great teaching techniques to start in the introduction from scratch in a great world of professional dj. They prepare and train you from the foundations of music with very feasible methods for understanding and practice. 100% recommendable. But above all the best, the personalized attention to each student that gives you the opportunity to progress more progressively and the treatment of the teacher that makes them unique. Good manners, good manners, and a lot of confidence in the level and future of the students. More than satisfactory experience.
Response: Thank you very much for your words Rubén. We hope that the course has been satisfactory and has met your expectations. My regards and a tight hug.
Fonsito 80
Fonsito 80: A piece of professional, and with a long career, you start from 0, the best school in Madrid 100% recommended
Response: Thank you very much Alfonso for your is an incentive for us to continue growing and to be able to train new DJing professionals. We hope to live up to your expectations.
DjParka: The best school of DJs with very good techniques when teaching their students I recommend it 100% if you want to become a professional DJ
Response: Thank you very much Rubén, your words help us to continue growing as a DJ School.
Mario: Great DJ school, unbeatable atmosphere, teaches you all the possible techniques for your learning to go in tune like the mixes, great musical culture in all styles. If you want to be a DJ, this is your place without a doubt.
Response: Thank you very much Mario. Messages like this encourage us to keep working. You are also a great student with whom it is a pleasure to work, with a desire for work and enthusiasm to become a great professional.
Alejandro Muñoz Miguel
Alejandro Muñoz Miguel: Great DJ school, they teach you everything you need to know, not just how to mix two songs... In addition to that, they also teach song structure, music history, equipment assembly and operation... And many more things. 100% recommendable
Response: Thank you very much Alexander. A pleasure to have you at the School and that you continue learning as you do. You will be a great professional.
LoveKills Radioshow
LoveKills Radioshow: Undoubtedly the best DJ School in the south of Madrid. Recommended by UNIKA FM and Love Kills Radio Show.
Response: It is an honor that Unika Fm and its star program on Friday nights LOVE KILLS RADIOSHOW, recommend us. We will continue working not to continue with these comments.

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