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1. Sauna Octopus - Centro

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202 reviews
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Sauna Octopus
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Address: C. de Churruca, 10, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: +34 914 45 17 88

Business type: Gay sauna

Sauna Octopus: what do users think?
Andre Chaudron
Andre Chaudron: Horrible place. The guy at the entrance hardly says a word and is very unhelpful. The bar is too sad, no-one there to buy a drink even after ringing the bell several times. Hardly any people on Tuesday night. When we left at 9.30, the place was deserted. Positive: good pool and dry sauna.
Response: We are sorry that your experience has not been good and we will try to improve the aspects that you indicate. All the best.
Kevin Bushy
Kevin Bushy: 1 towel is all you get here so keep it as dry as possible. Old man at the entrance is just a bitter old queen. This place used to busy with all ages and sizes. Now just old men.
Response: Thank you
Minh Long
Minh Long: Another sauna with silly ticket machine. Although there is no hot tub, this place has a big pool with hydropump. The sauna and steamroom are spacious and have good ambience. The bar is quite nice with glass floor looking down to the pool. The staff is a bit overly eager at cleaning up. They took my drink ticket and my clean towel.
Response: Thank you so much Minh. We are working in a new way of tickets without pappers. Thank you for your opinion, we are proud of our work.
AmAndy1963: Absolutely fantastic visit to this very clean place. The guys were hot and handsome and hairy, just how I like. Fantastic facilities and friendly staff.
Response: Thank you
Kevin Schieber
Kevin Schieber: facilities not really rotten, but could have been more renovated. not dirty, but could have been cozier. the website looked better and more inviting.
Mike Deveau
Mike Deveau: I think every bath house in the world should have machine to take money so worker do not over charge clients from other countries.
Response: Thank you
Hassan Yashar
Hassan Yashar: I went there on Sunday around 5pm and it was pretty busy. BUT the point is not the quantity, it’s quality. It is too small and it lack of space. Everyone is packed at the dark room or in the swimming pool. I felt very claustrophobic.
Response: I´m sorry Hassan, I invite you to came another day, sundays it´s just a difficult day

2. Centerbeach Sauna - Centro

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54 reviews
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Centerbeach Sauna
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Address: Cuesta de Sto. Domingo, 1, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +34 914 45 64 22

Business type: Gay sauna

Centerbeach Sauna: what do users think?
J.A. Rocha
J.A. Rocha: A group of us (6) went somewhat early on a Saturday night at around 9PM. It wasn’t busy but we knew that. 18€ per person. They give you a towel, sandals, and a locker. The place is very clean. The staff was actively cleaning in the labyrinth. The drinks were strong. The staff was nice. The jacuzzi was not hot; mildly warm. We did notify the staff. If it were busier it would have been better but I just think we went too early.
Response: Thank you for your review J.A.
Leo R
Leo R: Too bad I can’t put 0 stars. Dirty. Old. Disgusting. The worst sauna I had the chance to do in Europe. Don’t loose your money.
Response: Oooooh.
Karl bugeja
Karl bugeja: Big sauna same customers of the previous sauna principe sauna.
Response: Prince, Octopus and Paradise. 😜
Fernando Terán
Fernando Terán: Good sauna with good facilities but on their social networks they say that they have an offer that those under 25 pay €10 and upon arrival they made me pay the cost of a normal ticket (€20). That bothered me a bit since on their social networks they say something and in the establishment it is the opposite
Response: As you can see on our social networks and on each promotion poster, it says below that "these promotions will not be valid on holidays". In addition, during this Pride week we have not announced any promotions, since we also have a sign posted at the entrance where it makes it very clear "that the promotions will not be valid during Madrid Pride". Everything is clear, another thing is that you did not want to read well. All the best.
Jj Bb
Jj Bb: I was going to go to this sauna. But reading the answers of the person in charge I have taken away the desire. Education is necessary and when you attend a business more more. what a border
Response: I'm sorry that some response has bothered you, but it is that we suffer campaigns of attacks from the competition and we already know them by the type of comments. Then, on the other hand, there are people who really make a mistake with another sauna that is called similar and complain about facilities that we don't have or about things that do work for us. We take into account all the opinions that we know to be true or of our sauna. Greetings and our apologies.

3. Sauna Puerta de Toledo - Centro

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44 reviews
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Sauna Puerta de Toledo
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Address: Cta. de las Descargas, 6, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 11PM ⋅ Opens 2PM Fri

Telephone: +34 913 65 90 95

Business type: Gay sauna

Sauna Puerta de Toledo: what do users think?
ComeFlyWithMe: This place must be one of the best kept secrets in Madrid. I have asked several Madrileño friends of mine and they have never heard of the place, but they don’t know what they are missing. I must admit that its location is a bit difficult to pinpoint though The Puerta del Toledo is a small/medium sized sauna with all facilities including a Jacuzzi and massage. The ‘wet area’ is on the ground floor together with some cubicles and a TV lounge with a cold drinks machine. Up the stairs are two video rooms, a darkroom and a few cubicles. Most of the action is on the first floor and the steam room. The Jacuzzi is one of those awkward ones moulded to take two people lying aside each other, but tends have bathers sitting across the moulding rather that in them – somewhat uncomfortable. When I was visiting, on a hot Thursday afternoon, there were about 11 people attending, mainly from 35 years upwards. I was told that Sunday afternoons can get very busy. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly and the premises were spotlessly clean.
Wim Monnee
Wim Monnee: Small sauna, men only. Yacuzi was gross. No bar service available.
Glenn Rodríguez
Glenn Rodríguez: It is a very clean place. The boy stops by from time to time to check that it is clean and attentive, apart from being friendly and charismatic. They also have new facilities that are different from the last time I saw him, they even have their own bar and new cabins, the reform is spectacular , recommendable
Response: Thank you very much for your review Glen.
Joshi: I was in this sauna in the first week of May on a rainy day and it was warmer outside than in the sauna itself.
gato boliche
gato boliche: I had to leave because it is unbearable cold ... The door is open and poorly heated ... I have told the front desk ... and nothing ... His only occupation is looking at the mobile with another partner .. I used to go twice a week and it has been declining ... It is not worth paying 12 euros!

4. Sauna Paraíso - Centro

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475 reviews
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Sauna Paraíso
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Address: C. del Nte., 15, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: +34 915 22 58 99

Business type: Sauna

Sauna Paraíso: what do users think?
Randolf van Vugt
Randolf van Vugt: What to say which has not been said already? The sauna is big, following it is not easy to find your way. Everything you expect is offered and in function. Jacuzzi, dry and wet sauna, movie area, bar, cabins, playgrounds. It takes time to explore the whole area. The mix of men is highly interesting. Not the typical "belly, hairy, older men" but quite a number of younger men, some of them really handsome and nicely muscled. As they are aware of their appearance, they play the "hard to get me"- game, until it is getting late, then you find them in the darkest corners being quite submissive. Disturbing are the behaviours of some visitors by ignoring the no- smoking signs ans bringing their drinks at every place they go. Groups of friends block the jacuzzi or the cabins, just chatting, laughing, smoking and drinking. Yes, beer flows, and assumingly some other smokeable stuff too. The employees made not the most friendliest impression today and seemed to be quite stressed. At entrance, the cashier forgot to give me a towel and at the bar, they waved back my attempt to give them the number of my locker. At the end, my drinks were not booked and thus not paid at the end. Cleaning whilst being there was done, quick and effective. Overall a fun and interesting experience.
Response: Thanks!!
Kirill Sergeev
Kirill Sergeev: I have to say that I’ve been reading reviews today around 1 hour before going inside. Entrance 16€, stuff acting like i owed him something. The smell…omg..SMELL starts from the fitting rooms and if you go deeper inside THE SMELL is getting strong. Smell of idk pee probably, I don’t have another explanation. Definitely need to renovate this place, first burn, then renovate. Because I don’t know how many months you need to skip the washing day. It’s up to you, but I prefer something clean.
Response: The smell you are referring to is probably due to the disinfectants we use for cleaning. Either because of the chlorine in the pool or because our employees were or had just finished scrubbing the floors at the time. Piss smell? Really? I don't think so.
R Strasser
R Strasser: I was here last thursday and enjoyed myself. It was busier than I expected as google said" not that busy" There was a steady stream of men from 5-8pm and it started to slow down after9pm when they started cleaning and closing off areas. There were about 15 to 20 guys there at any given time and aged from mid 20s to mid 40s. It was a very clean sauna so that negates others comments on here. I find many guys blame a sauna and leave bad reviews when they dont score. Its not the saunas fault they cant pick up a guy when everyone there is eager to The steam and dry sauna were busy and warm with a window between them. The only real negative was the hot tub wasnt hot, but it was 32 degrees outside so not a problem. Many guys use the pool to meet others. I didnt see anyone using or under the influence but it was a weeknight. Plenty of cabins and theme areas. Give it a try, worth the visit. Inexpensive.
Response: Thank you!
LEONJAGUAR Delicious Purpose
LEONJAGUAR Delicious Purpose: Kinda chilly, kinda dark, staff wasn’t the best. I’d only go there again as my last option.
Response: Well, our option is to offer the best of ourselves. That is why we are the most visited sauna in Madrid. Thank you for continuing to choose Sauna Paraíso.
Aleixo A O
Aleixo A O: I had an ok experience. There’s plenty of people so you will normally have plenty of options, but it was just personally not really for me. + points: Lots of people, a jacuzzi & and a pool, a dry sauna, a steam room. The place accepts card payments. This is equally the first sauna I went to where I saw trans women and I appreciated the inclusiveness. - points: Gets a bit too crowded for my taste, many people on drugs (no judgment as I’m used to it, but seeing someone high as a kite passing out on a bench in the dry sauna was not super fun). Jacuzzi water kept getting cold. There were a couple people walking around with their phones and waving it in my face which I did not appreciate. I felt there were not enough amenities and also that almost everybody had the same body type. I was a bit overwhelmed by the place but to be objective, I think for Madrid this is quite a good sauna.
Response: Thank you
Seán Murphy
Seán Murphy: Wow just wowVery nice saunaCatacomb like vibe
Response: Thank you very much, we expect to see you soon

5. Sauna Gran Via - Centro

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32 reviews
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Sauna Gran Via
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Address: C. del Barco, 6, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: +34 914 94 58 39

Business type: Gay sauna

Sauna Gran Via: what do users think?
Joao Heitor
Joao Heitor: he have been here and the experience was... inovation... the massage boy is super sweet, and the sapce... well it could be better but it was fine and he have been respected the intire time.
Soren Ramsing
Soren Ramsing: It’s all about rent boys nothing else.
Samy Amir
Samy Amir: We booked a 69m apartment and ended up with a 30m apartment, unpleasant staff. They only had one word in their mouth "get out of your way with booking" booking on his side did nothing. Really do not choose as a hotel. Una banda de ladrones... Hemos reservado un appartemento de 69m y nos han dado uno de 30 no somos Los unicos hay que ver todos Los comments de otros clients
LucasFM: At rush hour there were three boys inside and the three hustlers. The facilities are disgusting even if you are not very apprehensive. Flees.
TOHME Chahine
TOHME Chahine: Yes for those who want it right away with a 30 € ticket you will find a "masseur" who will meet your muscular expectations for an hour ...

6. Sauna Center - Centro

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341 reviews
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Sauna Center
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Address: C. de Valverde, 32, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +34 919 40 54 96

Business type: Sauna

Sauna Center: what do users think?
Guillermo Umaña
Guillermo Umaña: Half the facilities were not working and they don’t let you know before you come in. It feels deceiving and the vibe is not worth it. I do not recommend.
Response: We are sorry for your bad experience. But yes! We have been warned that the basement is closed, also that we do not have a jacuzzi. Before entering any premises you have to document yourself. A 👋 Greeting!
element element
element element: I recommend bebe go here this place is disgusting the most smelling spa I ever been to why waste your money
juan marrero
juan marrero: Dirty dirty dirty ,, actually this please should be close , department of health should close it . It could be a nice space but the true is a dump
Stuart Jago
Stuart Jago: Probably one of the worst saunas I have visited. Old and small...when we visited most of the facilities were not working or closed for cleaning. 2 hot tubs were not working, dry sauna was cold and steam room was closed for clearing. Center beach and paradisio are much much better
Response: Good Trade Stuart We are very sorry for what happened to you today. We are sorry for the jacuzzis, they broke down just yesterday when they entered, In fact we have apologized for the jacuzzis and we have invited them to two drinks, "and they have accepted them" About the dry sauna, it was not cold, it is at a medium temperature so that people can endure it. If you wanted it hotter, we were going to raise it to 90 degrees (you just have to say) not everyone is the same, many people can't stand so much heat About Steam sauna,- you have been inside and everything was fine until someone dirty it, then that is when the cleaning proceeds (you have to be very dirty to mess with what was there at the moment, (we are not going to say what that there was, and we are very sorry that we have not let you in at that time) but it was only to wait 15 minutes until it was collected
Nick James
Nick James: The pricing is good for students, seeing that it is only 5€, however both times that I have gone, the place has been empty. Besides the emptiness it has one small sauna, and one small steam room. If considering going to this sauna I would definitely recommend travelling a little further to the others that Madrid offers.
Peter P-A-N
Peter P-A-N: Very bad experience. I stayed 15 minutes and I went away. The sauna was clean .... because there was nobody to soil it! I went there a friday night around 21:45 (it is closed at midnight). I paid 12 euros. And I visited all the house trying to find somebody. I only found two men. With me we were the only three visitors! I was angry so I decided to go away. I would have preferred to be warned in the entrance. I did not ask for my money back but I decided to write this review. Peter (from Switzerland)
Guille: Used to be good. Now sadly decayed. Nobody takes care of anything. Almost empty and some of the few "regulars" even smoke inside and nobody takes responsibility for it. Awful service.

7. Sauna Lavapies - Centro

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161 reviews
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Sauna Lavapies
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Address: C. de Zurita, 3, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 39 72 94

Business type: Sauna

Sauna Lavapies: what do users think?
ComeFlyWithMe: This sauna is situated nearer the Anton Martin Metro Station rather than Lavapiés. The entrance to the sauna is not that obvious. Inside the reception is on the mezzanine floor up some steps from the entrance. The changing area is down a staircase beside the entrance. Off the changing area down some further steps there are labyrinthine passages leading to cubicles, video area and g.h’s and a sling. You can return to the main sauna area on mezzanine floor via the entrance hall or alternatively there is a steep staircase coming up from the basement. The mezzanine floor has a sauna, steam room and a smallish Jacuzzi as well as some cubicles and a bar area with videos. The action seems to take place mainly in the sauna and steam room as well as around the g.h. area in the basement. I visited on a Monday afternoon when there were probably 20-25 guys there, but this sauna seems to have a younger crowd than some of the others I visited in Madrid with ages ranging from 20’s-50’s A strange place!
Tom Mostafa
Tom Mostafa: huge place! very good turkish sauna, dry sauna, small but nice jacuzzi. A lot of small rooms for your entertainment. Very recommended, especially when the known world mega-problem disappears.
Response: thank you for the boost
Minh Long
Minh Long: Big venue. There are a lot of dark rooms in the basement with slings and chairs. However, there is only one small jacuzzi which is always full. The sauna is very cold and the steam room does not have enough steam. This is more like a dark room maze with sauna than an actual sauna.
A C: very nice! i was there in tuesday in july 2019 at 19. people middle-aged, mostly guys more than 40 years. 10-15 people.
Response: A C thanks for your assessment
Karl bugeja
Karl bugeja: Nice huge place shame that not very visited. Last time I was there around 6 ppl we where.
Response: Thank you for the imput, you are right, Madrid, August, covid, crisis, fear..... hope to see you againg
Gabriel Torjeman
Gabriel Torjeman: Empty not clean
Response: Thank you very much for your comment, we will try to improve and catch customers

8. Shower & Bar Madrid Gay Club - Centro

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38 reviews
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Shower & Bar Madrid Gay Club
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Address: C. de Pelayo, 25, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11PM Fri

Telephone: +34 678 10 77 19

Business type: Gay bar

Shower & Bar Madrid Gay Club: what do users think?
Jvp Gestion
Jvp Gestion: Fabulous, late night action crowd and all kinds, well organized gay place, cheap prices.
A. Chueca
A. Chueca: “Friendly staff, room to change, proper cloakroom. There are plenty of comfortable seats near the bar, a variety of darker areas at the back for mischief. The club is well looked after - always clean and kept clean through the night. You can meet almost anyone in there - very varied crowd, usually more friendly than an average Madrid venue. Well worth a visit.
Frank Taylor
Frank Taylor: The place is very nice, the people very cool and friendly, many are very hot; and was a very good option to wonderful gay night.“
Icaro1093: A clean place according to health regulations, very nice people and the waiter a real charm. If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere and wapa and educated people, this is the ideal place. The best days are Friday and Saturday from 1 in the morning.
Felipe C.
Felipe C.: It was the worst experience of my gay life. Tiny, cold and anti-dredge place. There were less than 10 people at 1:00 a.m.: old people, ugly people, fat people and a drunk. If you have 10 euros and time to spare, this is the place to be! The star is for the super friendly welcome from the bartender who is also very cute.

9. Saunas Avil SA - Centro

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23 reviews
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Saunas Avil SA
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Address: Ronda de Segovia, 3, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +34 919 93 02 09

Business type: Sauna

Saunas Avil SA: what do users think?
jesusanita: Some responsible and compliant professionals. It is the first sauna that we have set up at home and I have no words to say how happy I am with this company, very good quality of materials, when it comes to assembly they are super crafty and they did the assembly of the sauna very quickly, we set it up in a small bathroom at home and they put it to the millimeter, it fit perfectly in the hole that we left, it can be said that it was made to measure for that hole, for price, quality and service I would call them again without any doubt.
Robin John
Robin John: It is necessary to highlight the professionalism with which they have treated me. I have been very satisfied with the design, the installation and the quality of the materials. I would definitely repeat with them.
Tomas Madruga Cendal
Tomas Madruga Cendal: On April 9 they installed a sauna in my home, and I want to congratulate the company for its professional and familiar treatment as well as its formality both in the agreed installation time, and in the qualities, especially Mario Verdugo for his treatment and interest in adapting to the needs of the client and the assembly technician David Garcia for his professionalism and interest in leaving the installation taking care of every detail. We are testing the sauna and at the moment we are very happy with its operation, hoping everything will continue like this over time. Congratulations and congratulations AVILSA.
CARLOS ALBERTO SUÁREZ UTCHES: who invites me to this sauna? I have not gone because of what I read, it is a pleasant experience and it is beautiful and act .. I am new in the city
maria rosa sanchez barco
maria rosa sanchez barco: They installed a sauna at my house last week and after two days we saw a thin crack on the ceiling, we called and today they have renovated it, super professional, the fitter has disassembled it again and left it perfect, I am delighted, they are wonderful, very kind and They have solved it right away if you are thinking of putting a sauna I really recommend them 100+100 without hesitation to be perfect and it is beautiful.
Daniel Zapatero
Daniel Zapatero: They installed the sauna for me and I was super happy I chose it with ayus material, it is very beautiful and works very well, it shows that they are professionals 100% recommended
Rebeca santos
Rebeca santos: Very good professionals. It is a pleasure to work with them.
Inma Lopez
Inma Lopez: A good information, advice and after-sales service, something very important
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez: Of the worst. Very bad experience. Notice to boaters...

10. Thermas new Moratalaz - Moratalaz

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57 reviews
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Thermas new Moratalaz
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Address: C/ de José del Prado y Palacio, 5, 28030 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Fri

Telephone: +34 913 28 45 76

Business type: Gay sauna

Thermas new Moratalaz: what do users think?
eusebio lince
eusebio lince: For my taste the best sauna in Madrid. Very nice owners and healthy and friendly clientele. Mature people and some young people. Very healthy environment.
Response: Thank you and glad you liked it.
Fernando De Dios Magaña
Fernando De Dios Magaña: Hello. I am 58 years old and I want to go tomorrow Sunday afternoon. Can anyone join me? I am versatile super morbid.
pedro prieto
pedro prieto: I have been a regular in the sauna for many years. Go through Legazpi, then Altamirao, in addition to Camino de Canillas, and finally Moratalaz. Here I have really enjoyed my sexual condition as a crossdresser with my environment name of Teresacd53. Now I have been retired for a few months in a small town in Sora due to fear of the pandemic, assisted by my masters Pierre and Maria. At the end of the week I will go to Madrid and the visit to the sauna will be a must, to greet all my friends, especially Pepe, the soul of the sauna, and his daughter, who are excellent professionals in the sector. For me it is the best sauna in Madrid and its state of conservation is normal in these humid environments
Nina XX
Nina XX: We have visited this place a couple of times on days open to couples and we have not liked it. To say that it needs reform is an understatement. I guess the facility is exactly the same as it was when they opened it a gazillion years ago. Hygiene is poor, both in the premises and in part of the clients. But the worst thing is the unbearable heat, which takes you to the brink of fainting, except in the bar area where, apart from playing mus, which is already done, penguins could be raised... for tastes, colors.
Response: It is a sauna .. If you put the air conditioners complain how well you just did with the bar but there are fans in each room. The cleaning is constantly maintained but you can not be at the door of each room to clean as soon as you leave. It is cleaned behind closed doors every day and with customers. How many people were there today? So much right?

Madrid is one of the most popular destinations for gay tourists, and it's no surprise that the city has some of the best gay saunas in Europe. From traditional Turkish baths to modern spas, there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a relaxing massage or a steamy night out, Madrid's gay saunas offer a unique experience. With a variety of amenities, including bars, restaurants, and even a swimming pool, these saunas are the perfect place to unwind and have a great time. If you're looking for a unique way to explore Madrid, a gay tour of the city's saunas is a must. From the traditional to the modern, you'll find something to suit your needs. So, if you're looking for a fun and unique way to experience Madrid, a gay tour of the city's saunas is the perfect way to do it.

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