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1. Museo del Tarot - Centro

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179 reviews
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Museo del Tarot
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Address: San Alberto, 1. Esq, C. de la Montera, 23, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 647 84 07 36

Business type: Novelty store

Museo del Tarot: what do users think?
Lisa Koenen
Lisa Koenen: I went there with my sister and it was amazing. The young, bearded guy (I sadly forget his name) helped us a lot, it was the best Tarot session ever in my and her life. We are planning to visit Museo del Tarot again! 100% recommendation!
Response: It`s a really pleasure that you have been satisfied with the Tarot Reading service, his name is Rubén, one of our tarot readers. When you come back, we will be happy to welcome you.
Nadiah Alattar
Nadiah Alattar: Very good really enjoyed the reading
Response: Thanks a lot
LaRissa U
LaRissa U: Lots of tarot decks to choose from. Ask to go upstairs to the museum where they have many rare decks not on view in the ground floor shop.
Response: Thanks a lot
Lory Luo
Lory Luo: Surprise visit to the upstairs museum led by the lovely lady who runs it. Despite not being to communicate (language) she was very nice, and I was so flattered that she took me up there, I wouldn’t have found it myself!
Richard Bolton
Richard Bolton: Nice, but too busy to move. Better off exploring the side streets.
Laura B
Laura B: This is for dear Ruben, the best tarot reader I have ever experienced! Thank you for the truth, I believe that when you get a reading one should be ready to hear whatever comes out. You are a talent like no other. You are truly gifted!
Response: Thank you very much for your review.
Mariana Gomez
Mariana Gomez: Today I went to a tarot consultation with Rubén Acevedo and I have been shocked, the best tarot reader I have consulted in my life, everything he told me was 100% real, I recommend him with closed eyes, I will return to him without a doubt.
Response: Thank you very much
Laura Gabriela Lopez
Laura Gabriela Lopez: To enter this store is to find yourself in the field of infinite possibilities... you have everything you want and much more!!! Excellent attention, kindness and permanent availability for advice. It was my priority when visiting Madrid. I am from Argentina and I return more than satisfied. Now to enjoy the purchase.
Response: Thanks a lot


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Address: C. de María Zayas, 13, 28039 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 70 99 55

Business type: Metaphysical supply store

SHOP ESOTERIC MYSTERIES: what do users think?
Eduardo Castro
Eduardo Castro: Very professional and dependable. Absolutely recommendable to buy online.
Response: Thanks, Eduardo, we will be happy to see you also in our store in Madrid
Beatriz Aguado Martín
Beatriz Aguado Martín: The experience has been wonderful. It is clear that Amado is a person who knows not only how to read the letters, but also how to transmit what they say with absolute empathy. As well as advise you. You leave with answers to most of the questions you come in with. I will come back for sure! Thank you very much
Response: Thank you for sharing this Tarot reading. I will be delighted to see you here again and see what the cards tell us, but above all to hear how well the next month has gone for you :)
Lucía Fortunato
Lucía Fortunato: Entering the store gives a good feeling and has a wide variety of products. The tarot was incredible, it was very successful with me and thanks to the man who did it I felt confident and calm. Without a doubt, a great experience and I will repeat it.
Response: Hello Lucia, thank you very much for your appreciation. I love that you feel good, I'm sure we'll see each other again and share another little bit of Magic and Tarot, I'm sure it will be a good time again.
Sonia Diaz Torres
Sonia Diaz Torres: A store with a lot of charm and a wide variety of products, the tarot is 100℅ recommended. Very professional and close treatment, I will definitely return.
Response: Thank you very much Sonia, it has been a pleasure having you here and being able to see with the Tarot the paths to follow.
Mi Peque Interior
Mi Peque Interior: It is a very nice and cozy shop. Just what I was looking for. It has a selected assortment of quite a few products, and the prices seemed affordable. The deal is professional and close; They inspired me a lot of confidence. I have visited this store twice and I will definitely return. Highly recommended. Thank you!
Response: Thank you very much, we hope to see you here again soon.
Jose Luis Cid
Jose Luis Cid: Great atmosphere, very relaxing and not at all dark or gloomy. Very good service and best price, highly recommended. Do not miss the Tarot consultation
Response: Thank you, I'm glad you like it and I agree with you regarding the tarot consultation 👍
Claudia Vera (claudiavera156)
Claudia Vera (claudiavera156): I was having a bad time in my life. They advised me very well. Buy a bracelet a necklace and a soap and the truth that I improved a lot internally. Also, with the tarot, many things happened and what would happen to me because they happened later. They advised me very well and they were very kind. I highly recommend it
Response: Thank you very much Claudia, you know where you have us, we hope to see you soon.
Lola k
Lola k: Store with very good prices and variety of products. The seller was very kind and advised me very well. I found most of the gifts for this Christmas. I am happy because I wanted to surprise with something different, and I have achieved it thanks to "Mysteries of the Future".
Response: Thank you for your visit to our esoteric store, we are glad that in the end you liked everything you took with you. We hope to see you again soon
Ana C. C
Ana C. C: It seemed to me a very successful tarot reading, despite not being very receptive. It is capable of both your interior and the letters and give very good advice. I recommend it 100%
Response: Thank you very much, Ana, we hope to see you soon. If you need another Tarot consultation at any time, you know where to find us. All the best.
jlc jlca
jlc jlca: The store is very interesting, as well as the chat with the person in charge. The great atmosphere, although the best of all was the Tarot session. It has been a great experience
Response: Thank you, you know you can drop by whenever you want, and let us know how it goes. And at any time you can stop by the store and make another tarot appointment, of course

3. Santeria Esoterica - Chamberí

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63 reviews
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Santeria Esoterica
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Address: C. de Bravo Murillo, 75, Local, 28003 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 33 66 55

Business type: Religious goods store

Santeria Esoterica: what do users think?
Roberta Alberti
Roberta Alberti: Best esoteric store in Madrid. Montse is an angel, she guides you and knows how to advise you with love and wisdom. Lourdes also very friendly and always available. I asked Montse for a lot of help and my dreams have always come true thanks to her. Any problem, of love, work, money, health, Montse knows how to help you. Thank you
Response: Hello Thank you very much for your review with all the love and devotion as you always deliver. Thank you for letting yourself be guided, learn and follow the advice. It is a joint work. You are unique and a love inside and out Blessings to you A 😘
Bella Mia
Bella Mia: The best esoteric stores that I have known, highly recommended, Lourdes and Montse are a love, you leave their renewed store ❤️ ..
Response: Very good Bella, we are delighted to have been able to help you and very grateful for your assessment of our attention. We just put all our hearts! We hope to see you very soon! THANK YOU!!
SUSAN FOMEN: A beautiful store with an aroma of incense that breathes peace. Montse and her partner are charming...
Response: Good morning Susan, we appreciate your visit and we love knowing you are so comfortable in our establishment. We hope to see you soon!
Javier Gustavo Ramírez Gonzales
Javier Gustavo Ramírez Gonzales: I highlight the excellent treatment and the feeling of tranquility thanks to the orientation in the tarot consultation.
Response: Thank you very much for the score! We hope to serve you soon.
Rosa Martinez
Rosa Martinez: A 100% recommended site, a charming girl attended us and Montse very nice and professional. 👌
Response: Thank you very much Rose! We are glad to know that you had such a good experience in your visit to the store. We hope to see you soon and, of course, we will be happy to assist you!
yuri coraguile
yuri coraguile: I appreciate the attention and help I received from the staff, they are very attentive and prepared girls. I got what I needed and more.
Response: Thank you very much Yuri! We look forward to continuing to help you. Bss
Carmen Garcia
Carmen Garcia: My experience is fantastic. I came to the store for a ritual and I go to the Montse tarot reader regularly, I emphasize her seriousness, professionalism, affection and continuous dedication. When I enter the store, I feel at home. I highly recommend it.
Response: Thank you very much!!! Any questions do not stop writing us !!! Greetings

4. Tienda Tarot Luz Marina - Usera

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8 reviews
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Tienda Tarot Luz Marina
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Address: C. del Amor Hermoso, 20, 28026 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 661 02 56 17

Business type: Organic shop

Tienda Tarot Luz Marina: what do users think?
Maria Ainhoa López Gómez
Maria Ainhoa López Gómez: It is the best all true. you have to want the truth
Azucena Palacios
Azucena Palacios: I did not like anything and bad attention by the people who attended
Oscar Moya Chacon
Oscar Moya Chacon: She is good at her job she guesses accurately
Juan José Zapata García
Juan José Zapata García: Very good people.

5. Tarot Boutique Matucha - Centro

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7 reviews
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Tarot Boutique Matucha
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Address: C. de Pelayo, 10, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 686 00 60 77

Business type: Boutique

Tarot Boutique Matucha: what do users think?
Janio Renwick
JOSE MORANTE: It is great how Matucha has succeeded in everything, in addition to finding a sensitivity and knowing how to be
Daniel Minguez Prado
Daniel Minguez Prado: I try very close, I recommend it.

6. Carmen de Milenium - Centro

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13 reviews
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Carmen de Milenium
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Address: Costanilla de los Ángeles, Pl. de Santo Domingo, 15, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Fri

Telephone: +34 616 99 35 09

Business type: Gift shop

Carmen de Milenium: what do users think?
Mini Xuity
Mini Xuity: I have never visited her little shop but I love listening to her talk live on twitch. She looks like a good person. A cordial greeting.
Response: Thanks Mini Xuity my twitch is: carmendemilenium and I do free letters through it on Mondays.
mercedes calvo garcia
mercedes calvo garcia: She is a charming woman, the store is very well located in the heart of Madrid and is full of details and precious figures. Also since I found out that she has her twitch channel, I follow her every night.
Samuelako MP
Samuelako MP: Very small shop but full of beautiful things. My partner is a fan of his card spreads. In addition, he now follows her on Twitch almost daily on her channel.
Response: Thank you Samuelako
Francisco A. Martínez Martínez
Francisco A. Martínez Martínez: I have been a customer of this store for 10 years and the truth is that it is a wonder and a charming woman. She always gets everything right and I trust her fully.
Mireya Reyes
Mireya Reyes: I have gone twice and she has never hit me on anything, the opposite of what she said always happened to me, she even contradicted herself. In short, there is everything in the vineyard of the Lord.
marisa de Mingo Guerrero
marisa de Mingo Guerrero: Great, fantastic deal
Response: Thank you Marisa from Mingo Guerrero.
Andy Sanchez
Andy Sanchez: You get absolutely nothing right!

7. Santeria Milagrosa - Tetuán

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83 reviews
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Santeria Milagrosa
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Address: C. de Bravo Murillo, 168, 28020 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 24 01 42

Business type: Magic store

Santeria Milagrosa: what do users think?
Maya Blodgett
Maya Blodgett: Large metaphysical store with candles, herbs, tarot, crystals. Great range of products and prices.
Response: Thank you very much for your review and for trusting us!
Luisa Reyes
Luisa Reyes: Excellent place with a large assortment that allows you to take what you need. I loved the very friendly and effective customer service, the attitude is very contagious (especially the Colombian girl). Recommended to shop around and leave satisfied.
Response: Thanks a lot
ISABEL JIMENEZ CATALAN: The excellent products, I know Pepe and Daniela, I bought the roulette for consultation, the treatment was excellent, 1 ritualized bathroom that has been an excellent way for me to face the difficulties of life 💛 and the difficult moments that we are going through with the pandemic. I bought the candles today oshun and two-tone pyramid black ⚫️ and yellow with the third eye, I wish excellent results 👌 😉 because I have a lot of faith!! THANK YOU 🙂
Response: Thanks a lot
Tatiana Mora
Tatiana Mora: I loved it, and had a consultation with Maestro Pepe, super good, super professional, super attention, 100% recommended
Response: Thanks a lot
Lorena Lesme
Lorena Lesme: Very good attention, they read the tarot to me and I was right in everything, Daniela is wonderful. I will surely repeat.
Response: Thanks a lot
Ronny Lennin Cid Ysturdi
Ronny Lennin Cid Ysturdi: It is a place with a large stock of esoteric materials that allows me as a client to get carried away by what I like the most... As a santero I am pleased to get what I need there
Response: Thank you very much Ronny for your visit! See you soon in the store. Greetings.
Solangee Travascio
Solangee Travascio: Large store with a variety of products, I loved it and the attention of its staff is excellent, welcome to the neighborhood!
Response: Thank you very much Solangee for your review. We are waiting for you again in the store! Greetings.
Estefania Nany
Estefania Nany: They have a wide variety of things, they are super friendly and nice
Response: Thanks a lot
Ma DOLORES GUTIERREZ MORENO: They have been very professional. I bought a deck of cards and it was incomplete. I contacted them from my city and they did not hesitate to send me another new one by MRW and in perfect condition. Very good experience.
Response: Thank you very much hope to see you soon
Marísa Núñez
Marísa Núñez: Good attention. Varied assortment of products
Response: Thanks a lot

8. El Alquimista - Centro

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174 reviews
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El Alquimista
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Address: Calle de la Magdalena, 12, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Fri

Telephone: +34 640 02 52 36

Business type: Psychic

El Alquimista: what do users think?
Urbangirl nLA
Urbangirl nLA: I enjoy coming to the store because they are knowledgeable, they help translate product names from English to Spanish, they have a good selection of crystals at affordable prices, and the store hours are convinient.
Response: Thank you very much Urban, we are waiting for you very soon. I tell this to the girls you are going to brighten their day, greetings Adel
Maria Neugebauer
Maria Neugebauer: They have big variety of products I think one of the best shops in the area. And the ladies are great and have big knowledge too
Response: Thank you very much for your comment, best regards Adel
Nicole Pizzurro
Nicole Pizzurro: I loved the site, it has a wide variety of interesting objects. The people who work there are very friendly and they solve all the doubts that you may have and they know how to guide you. Would definitely go back 10/10
Response: Thank you very much Nicole
carolina hernandez
carolina hernandez: When I write a review it is because the site was very bad or on the contrary it is excellent. On this occasion I can affirm that from the moment you enter you notice that it is a very nice and organized place. The person who attends you is very friendly. As for the one who reads the Tarot, since you see her you know that she has a spirituality of birth. In my consultation I was very happy and I know that she told me the truth, which I appreciate because I was very distressed, so I recommend her 1,000%. Pretty.
Response: Hi Carolina, thanks for rating us, and I agree with you too, or you scored very high, it's a complaint, see you soon, regards Adel
the swett toy's
the swett toy's: I loved the store, its products, price but above all the professionalism. I am almost 14 years old and they have been warning me that at my age I cannot do spells, rituals... Because I am too young for that, but I can investigate and work with stones. I will definitely go again
Response: Thank you very much, we always give our best, we hope to see you soon. Greetings Adele
Andrea Carrasquel
Andrea Carrasquel: This store is without a doubt one of my favorites in Madrid. Nina and Ady are a charm. They sell everything and at a good price. Tarot consultations are spectacular. 100% recommendable
Response: Hello Andrea, Thank you very much for your score and your comment, I tell the girls, greetings Adel
Rosangela safgom
Rosangela safgom: Very varied store, good prices and excellent service
miriam Luna
miriam Luna: Lousy customer service when buying online, you can see that there are so many customers that they let you lose discount coupons for not telling you the code, even if you spend almost 100 euros on an order that other stores already wanted.... In short, I will not buy again on this site.
Response: Hello Luna, I don't know what happened but, the coupons are for one use and you have to register first to make it effective and it is loaded just before paying, as in most web pages. We receive many queries daily, and I don't know why we haven't agreed, greetings Adel

9. Tienda Esotérica Shambhala - Villa de Vallecas

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111 reviews
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Tienda Esotérica Shambhala
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Address: C. Monte Aya, 4, 28031 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Fri

Telephone: +34 910 34 55 67

Business type: Metaphysical supply store

Tienda Esotérica Shambhala: what do users think?
Xu EbaNs
Xu EbaNs: Palo de santo a un precio increíble! Encima de buena calidad . Las dependientas son muy majas . Una gran tienda Magia esotérica os la recomiendo 100% Palo de santo at an incredible price! Above good quality. The saleswomen are very nice. A great esoteric magic shop I recommend it 100%
Response: Gracias 🙏 gracias 🙏 Gracias 🙏 Thank you 🙏 thank you 🙏 Thank you 🙏
Marta Sacristan
Marta Sacristan: Esta mañana estuve en ella y salí encantada, la chica q me atendió muy amable y dispuesta a resolver mis dudas por lo q de seguro volveré y la recomendaré, muchas gracias por tu atención y disposición aún volviéndote un poco loca por tanta duda. This morning I was in it and I left delighted, the girl who attended me was very kind and willing to answer my questions, so I will surely come back and recommend her, thank you very much for your attention and disposition even driving you a little crazy for so many doubts.
Response: Gracias a ti, siempre 😘 Thanks to you, always 😘
Pedro Sánchez
Pedro Sánchez: Una tienda muy especial ,y personal agradable y profesional A very special store, and pleasant and professional staff
Response: Muchas gracias ☺️ felices fiestas! Thank you very much ☺️ happy holidays!
Roser Estrada
Roser Estrada: Un sitio acogedor, personal muy agradable y servicial, y tienen varios productos interesantes. A cozy place, very nice and helpful staff, and they have several interesting products.
Response: Gracias, Roser 🙏 Thank you Roser 🙏
Mercedes Cuenca Garcia
Mercedes Cuenca Garcia: Hay muchas cosas de esoterismo y una atencion excepcional yo he comprado varias cosas ahy y lo repito la atencion fenomenal There are many esoteric things and exceptional attention. I have bought several things there and I repeat the phenomenal attention.
Response: Muchas gracias, Mercedes Thank you very much, Mercedes
BELEN C: Muchas cositas e ideas para regalar. Muy simpática la dueña. Recomiendo Many things and ideas to give away. The owner is very nice. I recommend
Response: ☺️😘 Muchas gracias!!! ☺️😘 Thank you very much!!!
Irene Bonacasa
Irene Bonacasa: Estuve 12 minutos esperando ante una tienda cerrada (dentro del horario establecido) porque la dependienta había salido a tomar café, sin poner ñu un cartel, y cuando se lo conté lo único que recibí fue un mal trato por su parte y encima se negó a cogerme el paquete que traía (cuando tiene un convenio con seur). Todos somos humanos y necesitamos descansos o tenemos malos días, pero como persona que ha trabajado años cara al público me parece que no es manera de tratar a un cliente potencial. I was waiting 12 minutes in front of a closed store (within the established hours) because the saleswoman had gone out for coffee, without putting up a sign, and when I told her about it, the only thing I received was a bad treatment on her part and on top of that she refused to take the package that I brought (when you have an agreement with seur). We are all human and need breaks or have bad days, but as a person who has worked with the public for years I think that is not the way to treat a potential client.
Response: Hola, buenas: Somos una tienda regentada por autónom@s, que nos turnamos, por tanto ninguno de nosotr@s es dependiente/a. La tienda estaba con la puerta cerrada y luces encendidas, lo que da a entender que en unos minutos llegamos. Simplemente, mi compañera se ha ausentado unos minutos para hacer lo que debiera en ese momento sin que nadie tenga el derecho a criticar por un descanso. Cuando mi compañera ha llegado, las malas formas han sido tuyas, reprochando el largo tiempo que has estado esperando. Incluso, te has permitido reprocharle a una señora que podría ser ampliamente tu madre que en el trabajo no se toma café. Evidentemente, como dueña de la tienda que es y el derecho de admisión que nos ampara, no te ha recogido el paquete, porque la buena educación debe ser bidireccional al igual que en este caso han sido tu malas formas. En nuestra tienda lo llamamos karma. Buen día! Hi there: We are a store run by freelancers, who take turns, therefore none of us is dependent. The store was with the door closed and lights on, which suggests that we arrived in a few minutes. Simply, my partner has been absent for a few minutes to do what she should at that time without anyone having the right to criticize for a break. When my companion has arrived, the bad manners have been yours, reproaching the long time you have been waiting. You have even allowed yourself to reproach a lady who could very well be your mother for not drinking coffee at work. Obviously, as the owner of the store that she is and the right of admission that protects us, she has not picked up the package for you, because good manners must be bidirectional, just as in this case your bad manners have been. In our store we call it karma. Good day!
Rocio Ruiz Verdugo
Rocio Ruiz Verdugo: Una tienda de diez, el trato espectacular siempre te aconsejan dependiendo tu necesidad. A store of ten, the spectacular treatment they always advise you depending on your need.
Response: Muchas Gracias, Rocio 😘 Thank you very much, Rocío 😘
Sylvia Lara
Sylvia Lara: He recibido un mal trato por parte de la señora que entonces estaba en este local , de vergüenza. Además que no tenía razón ninguna, me ha tratado desde el principio muy mal. Nunca había devuelto un paquete de Amazon tal y como ella lo describía, al decir esto de buenas maneras, ella me ha empezado a replicar y a tratarme francamente mal, ya para empezar le ha sabido malo que no precintara la caja , cosa que tampoco por esto he tenido nunca ningún problema. Se encabezadonaba en que no me podía leer la etiqueta que envía Amazon para hacer la devolución, cuando hace menos de un mes , ahí mismo y con otra chica , lo hice. De hecho he devuelto varias cosas en este establecimiento de la manera que le indicaba a esta señora, y nunca he tenido ni problemas ni quejas. Voy a hacerlo saber a Celeritas para que tomen nota ya que un trato así más la poca información sobre las devoluciones, no pueden creo que permitirse. I have received bad treatment from the lady who was in this place at the time, out of shame. Besides that he had no reason, he has treated me very badly from the beginning. I had never returned an Amazon package as she described it, by saying this in a good manner, she has begun to reply and treat me frankly badly, to begin with she has felt bad that I did not seal the box, which is not for this either I have never had any problem. It was headed that I could not read the label that Amazon sends to make the return, when less than a month ago, right there and with another girl, I did it. In fact I have returned several things in this establishment in the way that I indicated to this lady, and I have never had any problems or complaints. I am going to let Celeritas know so that they take note, since treatment like this, plus the little information about returns, they cannot, I think, afford.
Response: Hola, buenas. Para las devoluciones de Amazon, necesitamos un código QR, pero no es válida una etiqueta. Escaneamos el QR y nosotras lo asociamos a una doble etiqueta con código de barras, una copia para tí que es el número de seguimiento y otra que pegamos en el paquete. Veo que has contratado con CELERITAS y no con SEUR, la empresa con la que trabajamos. Si el móvil de SEUR no acepta la etiqueta que traes, porque es de CELERITAS, evidentemente SEUR no lo recoge. Nosotros hacemos las devoluciones a Amazon, a través de SEUR. Con lo cual si el móvil de SEUR no acepta el documento que nos traes, el paquete te lo tenemos que devolver, porque el mensajero no lo recogerá. Con respecto a precintar la caja, lógicamente las cajas han de enviarse cerradas y es así como se nos deben entregar. El problema del mal humor, es que si el documento que traéis no lo coge el sistema, por mucho que insistais, no podemos hacerlo y que os enfadeis por ello, no resuelve nada, si no que evidentemente nos cansemos de explicar que no podemos recoger vuestro paquete, que es lo que vuelvo ha explicarte ahora por escrito. Entended que viene mucha gente a depositar paquetes y no es la primera vez que pasa, pero insisto en que el mal humor nuestro es porque nos culpais de algo que no podemos hacer y luego basta con poner una mala reseña sin que os informéis bien de dónde depositar el paquete. Por último, sobre lo que nos podemos permitir es solo recoger paquetería de SEUR, somos autónomos que regentan una tienda y somos punto de entrega y recogida, pero realmente el mal humor nos lo permitimos también ante la insistencia injustificada de los clientes, que no siempre tienen razón. Hi there. For Amazon returns, we require a QR code, but a label is not valid. We scan the QR and we associate it with a double barcode label, a copy for you that is the tracking number and another that we paste on the package. I see that you have contracted with CELERITAS and not with SEUR, the company with which we work. If the SEUR mobile does not accept the tag you are carrying, because it is from CELERITAS, obviously SEUR does not pick it up. We make returns to Amazon, through SEUR. Therefore, if the SEUR mobile does not accept the document that you bring us, we will have to return the package to you, because the courier will not pick it up. With regard to sealing the box, logically the boxes have to be sent closed and this is how they should be delivered to us. The problem with bad humor is that if the document you bring is not picked up by the system, no matter how much you insist, we cannot do it and you get angry about it, it does not solve anything, but obviously we get tired of explaining that we cannot pick it up your package, which is what I am going to explain to you now in writing. Understand that many people come to deposit packages and it is not the first time that it happens, but I insist that our bad mood is because you blame us for something that we cannot do and then it is enough to put a bad review without being well informed of where deposit the package. Lastly, what we can allow ourselves to do is only pick up parcels from SEUR, we are self-employed who run a store and we are a delivery and collection point, but really we allow ourselves to be in a bad mood also due to the unjustified insistence of customers, who do not always they are right.
PAQUI LOZANO GARRIDO: Pepa la tarotista es estupenda , amable y con mucho tacto tiene una energía que gusta y tranquiliza .muchas gracias Pepa the tarot reader is great, kind and tactful, she has an energy that pleases and calms down. Thank you very much
Response: Me alegra que te haya gustado, gracias por tu reseña 😊 I'm glad you liked it, thanks for your review 😊

10. La Orden de Ayala - Salamanca

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68 reviews
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La Orden de Ayala
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Address: C. de Hermosilla, 95, 28006 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 77 61 45

Business type: Church supply store

La Orden de Ayala: what do users think?
Victoria Senaty
Victoria Senaty: A place with several sections. For any type of worship. As much as medals, candles or scapular for saints of many religions. Minerals Essential oils, incense sticks. Relaxation workshops, talks. Chakras alienation. Minerals and perfumes. Amulets Rare, antique and custom tarots. Laminated or laminated. Great oracles. Gypsy deck. Tarot of the Holy Grail, beautiful images, I love it. Pendulums gilt, amethyst. Dual density. Crystal ball. Cloths with velvet symbols. And to learn this art or perfect it, workshops. Anyway and things that I will forget for sure. Staff always ready to help you. And Victoria is also a great professional in this sector.
Maga Lys
Maga Lys: The order of Ayala is a unique place in Madrid because it has a museum of cards and Tarot with a large number of unique pieces in books and old historical decks. I was surprised! As an esoteric store, it has all kinds of materials for the art of magic and divination. A wide variety of esoteric literature, magical, alchemical products of its own creation with its Holly Rituals brand. The attention of professional Tarologists is very valuable due to the extensive experience and diversity of techniques they can offer. The clerks in general are friendly, discreet and very attentive. And finally, note that they are also an esoteric teaching school with the best courses in all the esoteric and divinatory arts. I recommend it to you! For its quality in its products and the seriousness of its personalized attention.
Alicia Barroso Esteban
Alicia Barroso Esteban: It is an incredible site for people who like magic, and the esoteric arts. It has many products, and the manager advises very well on what is appropriate according to the question or what is asked. In addition I have been lucky that there was room and I have read the letters, I was impressed. It has hit me with everything, and also in a very close way. Very attentive and very friendly person
Response: Thanks Alice. The connection is mutual. The order of Ayala is your house for when you need it.
jose antonio garcia piqueras
Elena Fuentes
Elena Fuentes: If you are looking for anything about the esoteric world this is your place. They also offer different services: tarot readings, regressions, workshops. Although I have not tried these, the store is highly recommended
Response: Thank you very much Elena. As always The order of Ayala is your house. We will wait for you
Carol Agro
Carol Agro: I personally loved it, and my experience with Gonzalo has always been good, very sincere, and pleasant treatment! RECOMMENDED the store in general.
E P: A place with excellent professionals in the field, Gonzalo standing out for his professionalism and above all his humanity, I congratulate you for the treatment I receive on each visit. Greetings. Eduardo
Response: Thanks. We work and continue to work to offer the best service in the sector. We will improve every day with the badge of having the best professionals like Gonzalo, a hallmark of the Order of Ayala.
Teresa Legido Bellido
Teresa Legido Bellido: Growth and awareness. Great support and help on a personal and spiritual level. Wonderful team captained by the expert, wise and magical Victoria.

11. Bohindra Librería - Centro

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554 reviews
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Bohindra Librería
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Address: C. de la Paz, 15, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 21 37 57

Business type: Book store

Bohindra Librería: what do users think?
Ana Mago
Ana Mago: The best option for new age publications in Spanish in all Madrid. A classic.
ABM: I will definitely return. They have a wide variety of books, stones, letters, oils, bowls... everything! I have gone with my daughter and she has left there delighted, and so am I. Energetically both they and the place of 10.
Mamen Parejo
Mamen Parejo: Very good energy, nothing to do with the others in the area. You can breathe light as soon as you enter, and they also have everything and every topic. A ten. It is worth going even if it catches you far away. In my case, from Extremadura.
Marta F
Marta F: Well stocked and wonderful specialty bookstore. They serve very kindly. Just by entering the store one already feels well-being. Congratulations on so many years of service to the public
Sergio Tobares Leguizamon
Sergio Tobares Leguizamon: They have books that are not found in many places, Gema is super friendly and nice. I love this bookstore. A greeting
Antonio Jover De Lope
Antonio Jover De Lope: A pleasure to return to this spiritual oasis every time I visit the Center for more than 30 years. Thank you for resisting and enduring all these years. It is to enter, and what a rush. Another management, other faces, but the same spirit, kindness and attention. Sat Nam, Namaste.
TITX Txu: I always find old books that are hard to find, out of print and second hand in very good condition. They have a website that works phenomenally and they provide very good after-sales service.
MINERVA TEJERO: Looking for a book to develop intuition without knowing exactly which one I have "intuited" the perfect book for what I was looking for. A great quality of care in a store where you can find everything for transcendent development, precious powerful items and much more. If you like this theme, do not forget to pay it a visit if you pass through Madrid.
Patricia: Many books, tarot cards, oracles, minerals... to choose from. Very friendly treatment.

12. Eleggua - Centro

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397 reviews
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Address: C. de la Paz, 6, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 915 31 81 40

Business type: Religious goods store

Eleggua: what do users think?
Amy Brady
Amy Brady: Really rude staff. Asked for help with an item and the girl working ignored me and did her hair in the mirror instead. Went to pay and staff members were laughing and calling us American when we weren’t. Only bad experience in Madrid!
Sowmya Poosapadi Subramania Raja
Sowmya Poosapadi Subramania Raja: Nice collections of religiosa stuffs. Intense sticks, astrological Stones, ganesha , shiva parvati, varieties of laughing Buddha.
Response: Thank you very much Sowmya, we are constantly renewing ourselves with new products. You can also find everything you need at
Cavin G.
Cavin G.: It’s good. The customer service people are nice but they won’t leave you alone. They ask fifteen times if you need help. If I need help, I’ll ask, but I do appreciate the attention. The prices are also a bit high and they will not divulge where they source products like crystals and cemetery dirt. That being said, it’s a nice store and I go from time to time. The owner seems like a nice lady.
Response: Thank you
Gorky Ludeña Zambrano
Gorky Ludeña Zambrano: Ok
Response: Thanks a lot
SoniaSue: In this store you can find everything you can imagine about religious, mystical, amulets and exotic items. She is cared for in detail. Prices of all kinds. Friendliness and good treatment both dependents and the cashier I loved.
Response: Sonia will be a pleasure to assist you when you visit us again. Thank you very much and greetings.
Juan Manuel Borraspardo
Juan Manuel Borraspardo: They are unpresentable. Talking bad they are unpleasant. Offenders. I advise you not to buy anything there... they mistreat you, they lie to you, they scam you... and when you complain they ignore you and ignore you. It is a shame that there is a store like this in the heart of Madrid and the saleswoman is a bad and rude woman. I hope no one buys anything from them.

13. Store Esoterica - MIL -Luna - Ciudad Lineal

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106 reviews
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Store Esoterica - MIL -Luna
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Address: C. San Juan de la Cuesta, 2, 28017 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +34 631 40 63 68

Business type: Store

Store Esoterica - MIL -Luna: what do users think?
Lucas Araujo
Lucas Araujo: Very kind :). Great customer service. I have loved everything.
Response: happy to help you always thanks for the confidence
Enna Martínez
Enna Martínez: I love this store. Alexandra is very good and hits everything in tarot readings and very good customer service.
Response: Always happy to help with all your questions.
Zurans: Excellent place, super good customer service! The only thing is the prices are a bit high, but there is an excellent variety of esoteric products.
Response: Thank you very much for your review, always in order.
Franco Eng Fo
Franco Eng Fo: I like it because I find all the esoteric products I needed, 100% recommended
Response: Thank you very much for sharing your experience, always in order.
mireya casa
mireya casa: I am very happy with the attention of the receptionist. I had doubts about the amulet, candle or stones and they solved it for me. Like they sell everything. Very good service ☺️
Response: thanks for your visit always welcome
Claudia López
Claudia López: Very good attention and above all knowledge. They have helped me a lot
Response: Always happy to help in all your doubts
Jennyfer Ferrufino
Jennyfer Ferrufino: Happy for what they have helped me. I recommend the store to visit
Response: happy to help you always thanks for the confidence
Ronaldo Medrano M.
Ronaldo Medrano M.: Very kind, every doubt or question is answered kindly, I like the attention
Response: Always in order 🙂🙂

14. LA ORDEN DE AYALA - Tetuán

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19 reviews
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Address: C. Fulgencio de Miguel, 5, 28039 Madrid, Spain

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Fri

Telephone: +34 914 50 18 24

Business type: Book store

LA ORDEN DE AYALA: what do users think?
Curro Castellanos
Curro Castellanos: Cool.
Response: Thank you for your comment. We are here to help you.
ESTEFANÍA DOS SANTOS GONZÁLEZ: They have reopened the shop, which I came to by chance looking for some stones. Magalis attended me, a very sweet and very professional person, and also taking advantage of the visit, we took the opportunity to ask the Tarot for advice and some cards created by herself. 🤗 Very good experience.
Oyasita: I thought it was open, but no. If you can update the schedule 👍🏻
Response: Hello Sandri, it is open. Perhaps the person was busy. The hours are from 10 to 2 and from 4 to 8 from Monday to Friday and Saturdays until 2.
Javier Alonso gutierrez
Javier Alonso gutierrez: The truth is that very bad, you ask and Ace rephrase the question completely to how she wants, not to right one and it seems that everything has scripted. And I have gone to three different ones and one of them has been the one that has most taken me out of doubts and has been successful in 90% of everything, but this has not even given a stick to the water. Frankly disappointing, I suggest that you do not go to throw the letters aki, there are much better places within a radius of 1 km from this store, and honestly the aunt I think that the things he said he said to the tuntun, he does not know how to read letters. I repeat frankly disappointing.
Response: Good morning Javier, we would like to look more closely at your case and be able to help you. We do not know exactly what are the conditions of your inquiry and because the tarologo decided to be reformulated otherwise, think that sometimes to get an answer with some specificity necessary. In any case you can contact us to give solution to 600796447, we will be happy to do so.
Moira Cornejo
Moira Cornejo: I went to buy my first Tarot deck and the saleswoman guided me very well, on how to choose my deck and which one made me feel comfortable. I felt very welcome.
Nieves Rodrigo
Nieves Rodrigo: They attend you very well and advise you on what you may need
ISA: Esoteric shop and bookstore, candles, books, magical things with a lot of charm, you have to make an appointment before going, if you like magic this is a special place
Response: Thanks for your comment. Ayala's order is your home and people like you add part of that charm to it. As it says for consultation, it is better to make an appointment so the consultation is ensured, although if the Person is unemployed without appointment can also attend.
Jose Gabriel Garcia Piqueras
Susana Fern
Susana Fern: Great professionals and delighted to have them when I need something.

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