Spanish courses in Madrid

The capital of Spain is perfect for anyone who wants to follow gods Spanish courses in Madrid, as well as for people, students and non-students, who wish to have a first approach with Castilian, but do not know where to start.

Many Italian universities, through the program Erasmus, give their students the opportunity to take lessons in one of the Madrid universities with which they are affiliated, but if you are not a student or have said goodbye to the university for a long time but want to learn the language, here you will find some tips that can come in handy if you intend to hang out with gods Spanish courses in Madrid.

The linguistic varieties of Spain

Few people know, but Standard Spanish is not the only language spoken on the Iberian Peninsula: in Spain there are many languages, including Basque and Catalan, but Madrid it remains the ideal place to learn the basics of Spanish, deepen it or practice it, because all the inhabitants speak the standard version.

However, if you are on the spot or you happen to leave the borders of the Spanish capital, it may happen that you meet other Spaniards and hear them say that the Madrileans speak a very particular language, but this is because unlike many other populations of Spain, the their accent is very strong and definitely Latin!

Which are the schools in which to take Spanish courses in Madrid?

In Madrid there are numerous schools where you can learn Spanish and, among these, there are some that are well known internationally for the quality of their courses, such as Don Quixote, the IH-International House of Madrid Luis Vives, the InHispana and EEC Languages.

As in every part of the world, i Spanish courses in Madrid they have different costs and durations. Some are designed to allow attending students to reach a level of Spanish that allows them to work in Spain, while others, such as those offered by Don Quijote, give students the opportunity to prepare and take the Spanish exam of theCervantes Institute.

Before taking any step, we advise you to carefully choose the type of course you want to follow (whether for beginners, for professional purposes, to obtain a certificate, etc.) and, subsequently, to evaluate your budget, also because if you decide to stay in the Spanish capital, in addition to the cost of the course, you will have to provide for your overnight stay and all expenses.

If you are planning to stay for a short time in Spain and to also follow a specific course, there are several schools that offer the possibility of purchasing a package that includes both the language course and accommodation on site.

Free Spanish courses

If you can't count on a substantial budget, there are plenty non-profit associations in Madrid they organize free Spanish courses for foreigners, while if you are a student, some university of Madrid they organize Spanish courses for Erasmus or foreign students.

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