Stadio Santiago Bernabeu, the home of Real Madrid

Lo Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid it is so famous that even the most refractory to football has certainly heard of it, while for fans to call it an icon is not an exaggeration.

This temple of European football is there home of Real Madrid, historic team in the heart of many Spanish fans and beyond, and was the scene of legendary challenges such as final of the '82 World Cup between Italy and West Germany, won by our compatriots with a memorable 3 to 1.

You too can experience the emotions of great champions by participating in a Bernabéu Tower, an itinerary inside the stadium that will show you it from the perspective of the protagonists.

You can also learn about the history and curiosities of the legendary Real Madrid, the "galactic" team Zinedine Zidane e Cristiano Ronaldo (so called for the dizzying signings), as well as many other football legends.

During the tour, close your eyes for a moment: don't you seem to hear the starting whistle? A roar rising from the stands? A goalscorer cheering as he raises the cup that crowns him champion? You are not rambling, it is the magic of great football.

A tour for everyone

We recommend the visit to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium even to those who are not super football fans but simply curious.

The ultra-modern stadium is one of the Madrid's most visited tourist attractions: it is an imposing architectural construction that does not fail to impress its visitors; moreover, football is an important element in Spanish culture and this is the best place to understand its importance.

Real Madrid

The Bernabeu stadium is owned by the Real Madrid, one of the three professional football teams of the Spanish capital, together with theAtletico Madrid and the Rayo Vallecano. Among the three it is the one that can boast the most records and the greatest number of fans.

Founded in 1902, today it is the Spanish team that has won the most awards as well as the club that has won the most awards internationally; it is also one of the richest sports clubs in the world. More than 80 trophies to his credit, including 33 Spanish leagues (national record), 12 European Cups / Champions League and two UEFA cups.

A historic date for Real Madrid is 1945, the year in which the former footballer Santiago Bernabeu took over the management of the team: he will keep it until 1978.

Real Madrid fans

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