Barcelona or Madrid: socio-cultural integration


The key difference between Madrid e Barcelona, beyond the movida, of the ease of social relations, lies in the fact that Barcelona, ​​and other cities, force the encounter between the local culture and yours.

They force you to seek a balance between two realities: that is, I am Italian and you are French, Spanish or Norwegian, and each of us is the bearer of completely different cultures, mentalities, habits, traditions, logics, priorities, values, histories. They are not always compatible.

A great effort should therefore be made mainly of understanding, because you cannot get along with someone you do not know, and to do this you need to do a self-analysis to understand yourself

One must have an open mind and ultimately a culture of diversity and community (in the English sense of community) which is independent of nationality, race, religion, philosophy of life, but identifies two completely different people as bearers of a common interest which is living together.

Analyzing the Italians residing in Spain, I noticed that there are some in Madrid  real “little Italy”.

Italians are not culturally integrated, often speak Spanish poorly and do not understand its nuances, while in Catalunya I observed the opposite phenomenon, the level of social and cultural integration of Italians is greater.

And what are your thoughts?


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